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HR Off The Leash: The State of HR and Technology


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The first in a series, this presentation takes a look at the relationship between Human Resources and Technology. Based on SilkRoad's The State of Talent Management, "HR Off The Leash" provides highlights and key take aways from more than 3,700 survey results. Stay tuned for more in The State of Talent Management series!

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HR Off The Leash: The State of HR and Technology

  1. 1. HR off the leash Heading for the stars The State of Talent Management: Technology & Human Resources
  2. 2. About The State of Talent Management The State of Talent Management report draws from nearly 4,000 responses from HR professionals in organizations of all sizes and addresses topics ranging from talent acquisition and performance to Big Data and integration.
  3. 3. Technology and HR TOP INSIGHTS
  4. 4. Functions only partially automated and integrated 3
  5. 5. A goldmine of data, but need better access 4
  6. 6. Big Data is hot, but more of a big company strategy 5
  7. 7. Only 25% are using mobile technologies 6
  8. 8. Social has more attention in 2014 7
  9. 9. Technology and HR TECHNOLOGY CONCERNS
  10. 10. Disruptive HR TECH Mobile technology: Social: Only 27% access HR data via mobile. 57% incorporating it into HR strategy in 2014. Big Data: Still a big company strategy. 13% of small firms 24% of large firms (5,000+ employees) 9
  11. 11. Countdown on HR Technology Concerns 5. Better Integration 4. Offering better tools to employees 3. Social technologies 2. Convincing C-Suite for budgets 5 10
  12. 12. Countdown on HR Technology Concerns Number 1 Concern: Data and Integration 11
  13. 13. What happens when HR functions aren’t integrated? 59% say “Lack of consistent workflow, processes, data, and analytics are the biggest problems that result.” 12
  14. 14. Want more? Get the State of Talent Management Infographic and Report Download the Infographic Download the Report
  15. 15. Thank You! 14