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Twittersphere brochure


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The pharma twitter study series is Whydot’s research study and syndicated advisory service benchmarking how pharma companies engage via twitter. It is the most extensive study undertaken to date: a benchmark of 15 pharma twitter accounts and their over 50,000 followers! All accounts benchmarked were Global corporate communication accounts, except for AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and GSK, where also US accounts were included. Pharma Twittersphere. The study objectives are to analyze who follows pharma twitter accounts: segmenting followers by stakeholder, activity and therapeutic area interest.

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Twittersphere brochure

  1. 1. Pharma twittersphere is a data base of 53, 171 pharma followers with combined reach of 55.6 mio!Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 2
  2. 2. Twitter accounts from 15 pharma companies currently included US US USSource:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 3
  3. 3. Pharma twittersphere’s market studies available for sale online Overview Engagement Matrix Geography StakeholdersSource:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 4
  4. 4. Pharma Twittersphere Overview Study  Descrip@on In  this  report,  we  quan@fy  the  twi0er   opportunity  in  order  to  make  a  more  sound   case  for  twi0er  versus  other  tradi@onal   media  channels.  How  does  the  pharma   presence  on  twi0er  compare  to  other   industries?  To  overall  twi0er  followers?  To   what  degree  do  followers  overlap  between   pharma  companies?  What  is  the  reach  of   followers  and  what  engagement  can  we   expect? Overview Download  Table  of  Content Study  (pdf  only):  €  995 Study  +  exhibits  (pdf  +ppt):  €  1,450The twitter 101 guide to understanding the potential of twitter for pharma Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 5
  5. 5. Pharma Twittersphere Geography Study  Descrip@on This  report  focuses  on  the  geographical  make   up  of  pharma  twi0er  accounts,  as  well  as   how  pharma  twi0er  accounts  compare  to   one  another  in  terms  of  geography. Where  are  followers  located?  How  does  the   geographic  make  up  of  followers  compare  to   overall  twi0er  sta@s@cs  or  the  countries’   popula@on?  Amongst  pharma  accounts?   Where  does  localiza@on  of  twi0er  accounts   work? Geography Download  Table  of  Content Study  (pdf  only):  €  995 Study  +  exhibits  (pdf  +ppt):  €  1,450 Where are twitter followers from? Which languages tweet most?            Includes  geographical  benchmarking  data  for   * * * * * *  Special  benchmarking  analysis  comparing  US  with  corporate  twi0er  presence Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 6
  6. 6. Pharma Twittersphere Engagement Matrix Study  Descrip@on Engagement  is  a  rela@onship.  You  have  to   invest  in  it  constantly  and  engage   consistently  for  it  to  flourish  in  an   atmosphere  of  mutual  trust  and  respect.  This   made  us  wonder:  Does  it  really  make  a   difference  whether  or  not  pharma  is   following  back  or  how  frequently  companies   tweet?  Does  their  engagement  on  twi0er   impact  the  quality  of  their  followers?  And   how? Engagement Matrix Download  Table  of  Content Study  (pdf  only):  €  995 Study  +  exhibits  (pdf  +ppt):  €  1,450 Which pharma companies were the most engaged in 2011?                              Includes  benchmarking  data  for   * US *  Both  US  and  corporate  twi0er  account Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 7
  7. 7. Pharma Twittersphere Stakeholders Study  Descrip@on In  this  study,  we  will  see  that  healthcare   professionals  and  pa@ents  now  directly   follow  pharma  news  and  updates  on  twi0er.   Their  reach    is  much  less  relevant  than  the   fact  that  twi0er  provides  a  way  to  directly   engage  with  them.    How  can  stakeholders  on   twi0er  be  segmented?  Which  segments  are   over  or  underrepresented?  How  can  pharma   engage  with  them? Stakeholders Download  Table  of  Content Study  (pdf  only):  €  1,  650 Study  +  exhibits  (pdf  +ppt):  €  2,  100 Who follows pharma on twitter? Who should you engage with? Includes  top  twi0er  accounts  to  follow  by  stakeholder:                      Mass  media,  investor  rela@ons,  med/science  news,  journalists,  physicians,  healthcare  centers,  hospitals,  scien@sts,  advocacy      groups,  leading  oncology,  infec@ous  disease  and  diabetes  pa@ent  advocacy  groups,  epa@ents,  Mommy  bloggers  &  payors Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 8
  8. 8. Pharma Twittersphere Stakeholders Benchmark - Sign up now! Benchmark Description In this study, we benchmark companies participating in our syndication on all Pharma Twittersphere dimensions: by geography, stakeholder and therapeutic/disease category. Want your twitter account to be included and receive a detailed analysis of your followers? Contact us at For € 5,000, we will profile your followers and benchmark them against the other participating companies. Who follows you? Who follows your competitors? Already participating:Source:  Pharma  Twi0ersphere,  Sep  2011;  whdotpharma  analysis 9
  9. 9. Contact us!Silja  ChouquetCEOMobile:  +41  78  923  7566e-­‐mail:  silja@whydot.comblog:  www.whydotpharma.comtwi0er:  @whydotpharma Find more Pharma Twittersphere information on 10