Mobile marketing trends 2013


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Mobile marketing trends 2013

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Trends 2013
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing Trends 2013 Few years ago when B2C companies were scrambling to make sense of mobile marketing to reach their customers, B2B marketers never imagined that they would be doing the same soon. With a surge in the utilization of mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets and eReaders, B2B marketers must face the fact that the shift in consumer behavior which drastically affected B2C marketing, has now also impacted B2B marketing in a big way. When someone uses their mobile phone to perform every task from search to purchase, it can be assumed that they will do the same for making business decisions as well. It is forecasted by IDC, that within four years, more consumers will access Internet content via mobile devices than PCs. This is not surprising given the consumption and dependency on mobile devices. For a B2B company, not having a mobile presence would mean squandering away crucial opportunities to connect with these prospective customers. This report analyzes the shift in content consumption and provides marketers actionable tips for creating successful mobile marketing programs. The report also provides insights into trends in mobile marketing, including, budget allocations, leading metrics used by marketers, challenges faced by them, and more. This data will help CMOs re-evaluate their investments in mobile marketing and help in the creation of effective execution strategies. Marketing to today’s on-the-go customer Survey Report Unveiling Mobile marketing strategies in the B2B landscape By Nimish Vohra and Aditi Narayanan Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 01
  3. 3. Key takeaways 80% marketers indicated mobile as an important part of their marketing mix 66% of B2B marketers indicated that mobile marketing amplifies brand reach 72% of B2B marketers surveyed consider website traffic as the leading metric for measuring mobile marketing success 51% marketers use mobile websites and mobile applications as a part of their mobile marketing program Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 02
  4. 4. 64 percent marketers feel that there is an obvious shift in the manner in which their customers consume content. The B2B marketers we surveyed, indicated that their customers use both mobile devices and PCs to consume content wherein the consumption of content starts from one device and is carried forward via other devices. Consumers increasingly access high-level messaging from a mobile device and then use a PC for details. This means that companies that don’t have targeted mobile marketing programs lose the opportunity to reach out to prospects who use multiple devices for accessing content. It’s a multi-screen world Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 03 Source: Silicon Valley Voices, May 2013 40 percent of the marketers surveyed said that visits to websites through mobile are a true measure of how their customers are adopting mobile. Organizations who have been able to witness ROI through their initial mobile investments are also investing in advanced analytics suites that help them evaluate usage patterns. While over 64% of mobile marketing efforts are focused on attracting and engaging new customers, other players such as distributors, re-sellers and partners are rarely targeted by marketers in their mobile marketing programs. 25% - 50% of traffic to the website is through mobile devices, say B2B marketers ? 15% 15% 63% 7% Laptop/Desktop Via a mobile device (Smart phone, Tablet/e-reader) Both Not Sure
  5. 5. Mobile Traffic Contribution Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 04 Source: Silicon Valley Voices, May 2013 % Respondents (Range of values is 10-30%) (Range of values is 10-100%) % Website visits from Mobile Devices 10% <10% 24% 10-25% 29% 25-50% 5% 50-75% 3% >75% 29% Not Sure
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing as a channel helps marketers meet many of their objectives. However, it is important for marketers to understand the objective best served by this medium so as to dedicate their efforts accordingly. Our survey found that mobile marketing was found to be more beneficial in the earlier stages of the buying cycle (lead generation) as opposed to the later stages of the post-sales cycle (retention of existing customers). This can be seen in the benefits cited by marketers, 66% claimed that broadening brand reach is the topmost benefit from running a mobile marketing campaign. This is followed by lead generation as claimed by 59% of the respondents. Mobile marketing - most effective in the early stages of buying cycle Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 05 Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing Campaigns 59% 66% 48% 35% 41% 41% 28% Generating Leads Broadening Brand Reach Acquring New Customers Increasing Loyalty and Retention Bolstering Customer Service Inscreasing Customer Satisfaction Extending Customer Engagement (Anytime/ Anywhere Access) Others 7% Source: Silicon Valley Voices, May 2013
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Tactics Employed by B2B Marketers Mobile websites are the most preferred tactic by B2B marketers, as indicated by 70% of the respondents. This is no surprise, as 40% of marketers responded that 25-50% of traffic to the website is through mobile devices. Mobile applications follow closely as the preferred mobile marketing tactic used by 60% of B2B marketers. Mobile applications are the preferred tactic by marketers owing to the engagement opportunities presented by the platform. Other tactics such as development of mobile products, mobile advertising, mobile search and QR codes do not see high degree of investments from B2B marketers. Marketer’s focus on building mobile web experiences seems to be measurably higher than the focus on developing purpose-built mobile applications. Organizations are shifting their mobile strategy away from creating specific apps, typically developed to support more specific tasks or functions, to alternate web development techniques, such as responsive web design. Mobile Websites and Apps - Key tactics for meeting marketing objectives Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 06 70% 60% 20% 20% 10% 30% Mobile Application Mobile Website Mobile Search Mobile Advertising QR Codes Mobile Product Source: Silicon Valley Voices, May 2013
  8. 8. Although 80% of respondents to the survey concurred that it is important for marketers to include a mobile strategy in their marketing plan, only 42% have integrated mobile into their marketing mix. This is because marketers are faced with several challenges while designing a mobile strategy – from limited budgets to lack of expertise to complicated delivery mechanisms. 54 percent of B2B marketers indicated that the biggest challenge for them is defining the user experience (factors such as screen size), followed by lack of resources as indicated by 38% of marketers surveyed. It is important for marketers who are about to embark on the journey to effective mobile marketing to identify these challenges before-hand so as to devise solutions accordingly. Pressing issues surrounding Mobile marketing Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 07 31% 54% 39% 23% 15% 15% 12% Choose the delivery mechanism (including type of devices targeted) Defining the user experience (factors such as screen size) Cost of content management systems Lack of resources Lack of experiences Inadequate financial resources Others Source: Silicon Valley Voices, May 2013
  9. 9. Respondents of our survey indicated that currently around 10% to 25% of their marketing budget is allocated to mobile marketing. 40 percent B2B marketers expect this figure to increase in the coming 12 months. According to Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing expenditures in the US alone this year will reach $10.46 billion. By 2015, spending on the channel is expected to approach $20 billion, with Mobile advertising accounting for the biggest share of total mobile marketing spend, at just under 50% of expenditures this year, or $4.87 billion—a share that is relatively expected to hold steady through 2015. Increasing budget allocation to Mobile You can't deny it – mobile adoption is only growing as ratified by 88% of respondents. Fueled by this surge in the usage of mobile devices, the role of mobile in connecting businesses with customers has only been growing. 80 percent of B2B marketers surveyed indicated that mobile strategy is already an important part of their marketing mix, and another 82% respondents believe that mobile is not a fad, but is here to stay. However, marketers are focusing on mobile as another messaging channel, and mostly ignoring the potential and unique possibilities offered by the platform, mainly due to immature strategies, scarcity of talent and lack of integration. Ready or not, Mobile is here to stay Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 08 10 - 25 percent of marketing budgets are currently allocated to mobile marketing initiatives with 40% of marketers expecting an increase in spends over the next twelve months. However, despite the high confidence in the effectiveness of mobile marketing as a discipline, only 25% survey respondents have been successful in proving the ROI of their mobile marketing program. An alarming 46% of respondents are unsure of the ROI from mobile marketing programs. While marketers believe that mobile marketing allows them to reach out to a greater audience, they are still unable to quantify the return and demonstrate a direct correlation between mobile marketing and their business goals. Curious case of the ever-evasive ROI
  10. 10. The true power of mobile marketing can only be witnessed once any or all of the following take form: B2B marketers need to act fast and leap-frog competition by harnessing the true potential of mobile, incorporate innovative mobile marketing programs and use advanced metrics to measure the value derived from mobile in their marketing efforts. Marketers launch mobile as a platform and not just a media vehicle to distribute content, which will be preceded by the maturation of M2M communication. Marketers adopt sophisticated metrics to measure the impact of their mobile campaigns and are not limited by website traffic. Mobile marketing tactics evolve to include more segmented mobile apps that target the entire B2B marketer’s ecosystem. Mobile Marketing Trends 2013Silicon Valley Voices © 07/2013 09 About the analyst’s Nimish is Vice President and General Manager works with CMO's and senior marketing professionals. His research focuses on predictive analytics, customer experience management , mobile enablement and other emerging trends that help customers leverage technology as an enabler of marketing and business outcomes Aditi Narayanan Research Associate Aditi’s research is focused on B2B content creation and distribution practices that enable product marketing professionals deliver targeted sales enablement material. Her research combines creative with scientific measurement that creates real digital marketing leverage. Nimish Vohra VP, Principal Analyst
  11. 11. About Silicon Valley Voices For more information Silicon Valley Voices Silicon Valley Voices is the research unit of Regalix Inc. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we help the CMO organization leverage emerging digital practices for creating marketing leverage as they bring new products and innovation to market. Silicon Valley Voices helps marketers through research-based insights, consulting and peer-to-peer programs that guide marketing strategy development and execution. Our focus is helping Technology companies leverage innovation and best practices to create real differentiation. Our analysts are practitioners with a successful track record of delivering real marketing results for both leading Fortune 500 companies as well as venture backed firms. Regalix is an award-winning Global Innovation company that leverages technology and marketing to help companies grow. We create successful ventures with our clients through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think different. We bring ideas to life by envisioning new companies, developing brands, engineering products, and designing technology platforms. Founded in 1998, Regalix is based in Palo Alto. Our Silicon Valley setting has enabled us to stay ahead of emerging trends in digital technology and marketing. For over a decade, we have provided complete marketing services – Social, Mobile, Content, Multi-channel Campaigns, Technology Development, and Analytics – to companies such as CA Technologies, Citi, Apple, eBay, Cisco, VMWare, NetApp, Cypress, LSI, Keynote, and MetricStream. To find out how Silicon Valley Voices can help you, please contact our office, or visit us at 1121 San Antonio Road, Suite # B200 Palo Alto, CA 9 4303 Phone: 650 - 331 - 1167 Email: