Silicon Halton Meetup 51 Deck


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Deck from Silicon Halton Meetup 51
January 14, 2014
Halton Region, Ontario, Canada

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  • First revenue generated used to buy a projector
  • Lean Startup has been around for a number of years now and it's helped people learn how to run a smarter business that can keep up with the pace of information and technology. At this talk you'll learn what's new and how you can combine Lean Startup with visualization techniques to run a smarter business.  This Lunch & Learn is being delivered by Jason Little, Agile Coach [@JasonLittle]. Free. Bring your own lunch.
  • The “Get to know your members” segment. ~3min introductions by local tech companies.
  • Tell us about...What the members are hopefully thinkingWho you are and your roleCool jobYour company nameCool nameYour Product(s) and/or Service(s)Hm, that’s interestingWhat makes you unique?Wow, that’s really interestingYour target client?I know someone in those companiesWhat would you like from Silicon Halton’s members?    I should give him a connection...What can you give back to Silicon Halton?I want to be his/her new best friendLastly,Make your intro non-promotional, no special time-limited offers - you’re not selling to the audienceWe like to have displayed one slide with your company, logo, etc., while you're giving your intro.  Include you Twitter handle on your slidedeck - people will Tweet about you during your intro.Starting in April 2012, we video your intro and post to Youtube and link back to the post event blog, if you're ok with that.  This will make you intro last and last and last...
  • Silicon Halton Meetup 51 Deck

    1. 1. Meetup #51: The Independent Contractor Shuffle January 14, 2014 linkedin/siliconhalton @siliconhalton
    2. 2. Agenda • 7:15 pm Welcome • 7:20 pm Announcements • 7:30 pm Keynote: The Independent Contractor Shuffle • • • • 8:15 8:20 8:30 8:35 pm pm pm pm Mark Your Calendars Get To Know Your Members Open Floor Networking
    3. 3. Show of Hands • • • • 960+ members 51 meetups 8 peer2peer groups Hundreds of LinkedIn discussions
    4. 4. 2013 Highlights! • • • • • • 51 Meetups and counting 2 Pitch Nights New P2P - Technology Product Commercialization 4 Workshops Sponsorship - SB Partners Silicon Halton Days @ Burlington HiVE
    5. 5. 2013 Highlights! Burlington Post, March 21, 2013: Focused on: • Silicon Halton • Enable Education • yapAgame • 3Peaks Thx to @HughBlack
    6. 6. 2013 Highlights! Oakville News, Building Hi-Tech Halton. May 2013:
    7. 7. 2013 Highlights! Sponsorship:
    8. 8. Agenda
    9. 9. Keynote
    10. 10. Meetup 51: The Independent Contractor Shuffle Presenters: • Richard Weber, CA • Grant Buchan-Terrell, JD
    11. 11. Playing the IC Shuffle with CRA and ESA
    12. 12. Why are we doing this topic? • Becuz: – It affects almost ALL SH Members – who here is an employee,an employer or an IC? Everyone? – From our experiences, it seems there are lots of misconceptions (Dennis Rodman) – Tax/financial and legal aspects are interwoven
    13. 13. This is the Plan: • A. Richard will describe tax/financial aspects • B. I’ll talk about legal factors: contract, HR • D. Richard and I will have chat about issues • E. We’ll suggest some practical tips • F. Q&A
    14. 14. Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Tax considerations January 14, 2014 Richard Weber, CPA, CA Weber, CA, Tax and Accounting
    15. 15. Why does it matter whether employee or independent contractor (“IC”)? 1. Generally more tax deductions available to ICs than employees 2. ICs may be required to register for and charge HST 3. Employer relieved of payroll source deductions, remittances and reporting for ICs 4. ICs save employers their share of CPP and EI 5. Potential increased responsibility for ICs to remit tax instalments than employees 6. “Personal Services Business” (PSB) considerations for incorporated ICs
    16. 16. Why does it matter whether employee or independent contractor (“IC”)? (continued) Therefore … the CRA cares about this! It is common for the parties to characterize as an IC an individual who really is an employee
    17. 17. Distinguishing an Employee and an IC 1. Having an Independent Contractor Agreement does not necessarily make one an IC; the actual work relationship is determinative 2. Consider intention of the parties – contract of service (employee) vs. contract for service (IC) 3. Classic common law factors: - degree of control over individual - does individual own tools, supplies or equipment? - does individual have a chance for profit or risk of loss?
    18. 18. Harmful factors to classification as IC 1. Occupies a permanent position 2. Does not provide services for any other entity 3. Works at times and a location directed by the organization 4. Attends “in-house” meetings with employees of the organization 5. Receives a fixed and regular amount of remuneration 6. Receives group insurance benefits 7. Is not permitted to work for any competitive entities
    19. 19. Tax consequences if an IC is really an employee 1. Employer liable to pay tax that should have been withheld at source plus a 10% or 20% penalty thereon, plus arrears interest . 2. If a criminal offence, possible fines and imprisonment 3. Liability of directors 4. May impact employer’s ability to claim input tax credit for GST / HST charged by former IC . 5. Employer liable to pay the individual’s and employer’s share of CPP and EI plus penalties and interest .
    20. 20. @OntBizAttorney
    21. 21. Let’s Play Match Game! Drugs, disability insurance, dental plan, health club & car benefits Employee Work at home in jammies, while watching The View, if you want to Employee Eligible for EI,WSIB, ESA Employee Deduct car, computers, rent to spouse, wages to kids, biz dev exp Independent Contractor No liability for snafus, no credit risk, get severance, no upside though Independent Contractor
    22. 22. How do you fire an IC?
    23. 23. Can you be an IC without a written agreement?
    24. 24. Do employees have any duties to employer?
    25. 25. What if boss says you must sign IC contract?
    26. 26. What are biggest IC Agreement issues?
    27. 27. Top Tips for ICs:
    28. 28. Mark Your Calendars
    29. 29. Silicon Halton Day @ Burlington HiVE • • • • • • Jan. 24, 2014 Open 8 am – 6pm Free for Silicon Halton members Lunch & Learn Not an 8-hr business social event Do your work Collide, in a good way
    30. 30. Learn Startup Lunch & Learn • Jan. 24, 2014, 12 noon • Bring your lunch • Part of Silicon Halton Day @ Burlington HiVE • Free
    31. 31. Silicon Halton “Special” Day @ Burlington HiVE • March 26, 2014 • 9 x 45-min workshops from 1 pm – 4 pm 1pm - 2pm Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 2pm - 3pm Workshop 4 Workshop 5 Workshop 6 3pm - 4pm Workshop 7 Workshop 8 Workshop 9
    32. 32. SoloPreneur Peer2Peer #31 • Leveraging members’ content • Jan. 16, 2014, @ 8:30 am • Hampton Restaurant at the Quality Suites Hotel, Oakville
    33. 33. Meetup 52: Secrets to Podcasting Success, Donna Papacosta • Feb. 11, 2014 • New Milton Education Village Innovation Centre
    34. 34. #G2KYM (Get to Know Your Member)
    35. 35. Aaron Lalvani
    36. 36. NEED NEW SLIDE @LalvaniGroup
    37. 37. Dmytro Marushkevych
    38. 38. Search for better marketing results… Who Product Helping Need Give Lover of data | Driver of business Use your data to acquire and retain Agencies and any business that has data Partners and introductions Referrals and friendly advice @DataCRMarketing
    39. 39. Carlos Paz-Soldan
    40. 40. GreenRack is a cloud-based publishing service that lets you take advantage of the latest mobile technologies to reach and understand your audience, implement your mobility strategy, and fulfill your sustainability goals. Carlos Paz-Soldan Markets: • Trade Shows • Associations • Conferences • Retail & Commercial • Tourism Promo • Infocentres
    41. 41. Open Floor