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While we had a Podcasting presentation planned, the keynote was unexpectidly unable to attend. We therefore pivoted to an Open Space meetup.

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  • The “Get to know your members” segment. ~3min introductions by local tech companies.
  • Silicon Halton Meetup #43 Deck

    1. 1. www.siliconhalton.comlinkedin/siliconhalton@siliconhaltonMeetup 43: The Secrets of SuccessfulPodcasting OPEN SPACE MEETUP!
    2. 2. 7:00pm Welcome7:05pm Announcements7:15pm Keynote:The Secrets of Successful PodcastingOpen Space - Business Growth8:15pm #G2KYM and Open Floor9:00 pm Uber networkingThanks to O’Finn’s Irish TemperAgenda
    3. 3. Show of Hands
    4. 4. Announcements
    5. 5. Membership target for 20132,500
    6. 6. In the News, March 2013!Burlington Post, March 21, 2013: on:• Silicon Halton• Enable Education• yapAgame• 3PeaksThx to @HughBlack
    7. 7. In the News, May 2013!Oakville News, Building Hi-Tech Halton. May 2013:
    8. 8. TechArts P2PDiscuss the role of technology in the arts:• Audio / video production and distribution• Audio / video technologies(HTML5, .h264, streaming, WebAudio)• Audio / video programming (PureData, Max/MSP, Supercollider)• Photography and image processing• Digital design• Content creationFirst meetup date and location TBD.Contact:Tony Wallacetony@heuristicmedia.comBrian
    9. 9. When:Who:Register:May 27, 8am (3 hours)Delivered byMarguerite Zimmerman of E=MZ2 Opportunities to Dealsnew! Sales Workshop
    10. 10. UnMeetup
    11. 11. Open Space ThemeBusiness Growth:• Marketing• Sales• Business Development• Venture Capital
    12. 12. Open Space Format• Discussion ideas pitched: 3min max.• Vote! (10min)• Topics 1 & 2 Immediately begin (30min)• Someone in each group is takes notes• Members are free to move between sessions• Regroup at end to share
    13. 13. #G2KYM(Get to Know Your Member)
    14. 14. 14Profitable business since 1989!Currently serving 150+ satisfied clients!Invested millions in automated diagnostic and managementtools!Exponential Growth StrategyCombined technical experience of over 100 years!Serving our clients 7/24/365!Wade Weppler, CEO/CTONorrie Davidson, COO!Silicon Halton Meetup – May 14, 2013
    15. 15. Mark your Calendar
    16. 16. Meetup 44• June 11, 2013•
    17. 17. Meetup #45 - Pitch Night• When: July 9, 2013• Focus on “creative” presentations• Emphasis will be on “how” you say, not “what” you say• Vote for the best message delivery, not necessarily themessage.• Presenters will be allowed to do anything to spruce up thepresentation, e.g.:• Animation,• Build-up slides• Sound• Music• One condition: 90 second limit
    18. 18. Pitch Camp Breakfast #2• June 25th (Tentative)• Peer-led intimate forum to refineyour pitch.• Pitch Coaches volunteered theirtime• 10 seats max• Lead-in to Silicon Haltons Meetup45: Pitch Night• Details:“This helped, absolutely”“I learned we didnt have enough meat”“I don’t have 60sec on the phone”
    19. 19. Open Floor
    20. 20. www.siliconhalton.comlinkedin/siliconhalton@siliconhaltonMeetup 43: OPEN SPACE