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Silicon Halton Meetup #22: Creating high differentiation through evidence based selling


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Many IT companies believe that sales are won by having the coolest new technology. Not the case! Research proves customers don't buy logically, they buy emotionally. 70 to 80% of buying decisions are emotional. So how do we best tap into our customer's emotions? How do we create high differentiation?

After extensive research with top sales performers we discovered what sets them apart. Top sales performers have mastered core competencies from 6 fields of endeavour – skills not traditionally taught in sales. Extensive benchmarking, field testing and corroboration from leading authorities solidified our thinking.

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Silicon Halton Meetup #22: Creating high differentiation through evidence based selling

  1. 1. Creating High Differentiation Through Evidence Based Selling THE NEW EQUATION IN SELLING™
  2. 2. our storyIf you wanted to create a sales andlearning system that could guarantee whatis learned is retained and can beused….
  3. 3. What would itlook like?
  4. 4. our passion?changethebusinessofsales
  5. 5. today’s end goalOne idea that will create high impactCommit to use itKeep practicing it….perfect practice makes perfect
  6. 6. framework fortoday’s workshop creating high differentiation through evidence based• The “Cool” Trap selling• Creating Differentiation – logic versus emotion• The Oxymoron - Evidence based principles• Principles of Influencing• Building Your Sales Tool Kit• Perfect practice makes perfect
  7. 7. what is themodel ofexcellence?
  8. 8. nature vs. nurture How much change are we capable of ?
  9. 9. selling with integrity
  10. 10. surprise or delight ANXIETY & RISK BOREDOM & MONOTOMY
  11. 11. protocols of communication General Known Simple Specific Unknown Complex
  12. 12. imagine….1985If I want to sell change…What might I need to createor change for my prospect?
  13. 13. influencingselling with integrity From NLP to Cialdini to Brain Research What triggers someone to say yes?
  14. 14. principles of influencingRobert Cialdini’s Principles of Influencing• Likeability• Reciprocity• Authority• Social Proof• Consistency• Scarcity
  15. 15. the buying process Trust Need Help Hurry
  16. 16. facilitating the Buying Process
  17. 17. buying & selling process Trust Need Need Want Can Afford Help Timing Hurry Buying/Success Criteria
  18. 18. the principles of influenceTrigger - Likeability
  19. 19. the principles of influenceTrigger - Reciprocity
  20. 20. the principles of influenceTrigger - Authority
  21. 21. the principles of influenceTrigger – Social Proof
  22. 22. the principles of influenceTrigger – Consistency
  23. 23. the principles of influenceTrigger - Scarcity
  24. 24. developing your toolkit provocative questions What would you like to see happen instead?
  25. 25. advocacy Do you have a good story to tell? Once upon a time…. For example…..
  26. 26. objectionsWhen they present an objection to you – or a speed bump they speak to you from one of two perspectivesThey either tell you they are satisfiedOr they tell you they see no benefit in your product or service
  27. 27. no benefit When they tell you they see no benefit they object by saying a version of the following: Your price is way too high
  28. 28. satisfied When they tell you they are satisfied they say things like: We’re happy with our present supplier
  29. 29. satisfied The challenge? When I’m satisfied I of course see no benefit So….. If I’m satisfied? ….YES Then, there is NO benefit
  30. 30. desired outcome Competence leads to confidence Selling is the transfer of confidence
  31. 31. making it work for you
  32. 32. next steps…• Build your –• Initial call pre-call planner• Presentation pre-call planner• Recommendation pre-call planner• Closing – pre-call planner What’s your commitment for action?
  33. 33. Thank You.Marguerite Zimmerman E=mz² Inc.