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Silicon halton meetup 21, part 2


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Hugh Black provides real evidence on how public relations creates international exposure and leads.

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Silicon halton meetup 21, part 2

  1. 1. Is Social Networking Good for Business? July 12, 2011 HMB Communications Group
  2. 2. Boost Your Networking • Networking takes time • Just like it takes time to build your company, it takes time to build your network • Earlier, Chris defined social networking as creating an organized connected group where people feel compelled to stay together because they see mutual interest and value • Are there ways to spur on the process?2 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  3. 3. Thought of Setting Up an Advisory Board? • Bring independent thinking, strategic counsel • Key established executives, often from a range of disciplines, who can add value and provide advice and counsel to your business • Secondarily, they may bring in their own network of contacts to help you build your company3 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  4. 4. Boost Your Networking • In addition to face-to-face networking, leverage traditional and social media together – a co-ordinated effort – to take out your story • It can accelerate the building of your network, help to tell your story, and attract business4 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  5. 5. Boost Your Networking • While it’s great to be telling your own story, there can be an incredible sense of momentum built up if others start talking about your company, too • You don’t need to be a large multinational to make this happen ...5 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  6. 6. Who are the Influencers? • Who influences your customers and prospects or who has tremendous reach to get the word out? – Celebrities – Trendsetters – High profile corporate leaders/customers in a specific sector – Your own customer base – Angel Investors/Venture Capitalists – Industry analysts – Financial analysts – The media • How can you reach them?6 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  7. 7. Think About Telling A Story • Think about what you’re saying from the listener’s perspective • Is what you’re saying compelling? • Stories have a way of capturing people’s attention • Can be done at events, digitally (e.g., through blogs, Twitter, YouTube), at meetings, through traditional media7 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  8. 8. Put The Elements in Place to Tell The Story Put The Elements in Place to Tell The Story • What’s your story? • Do you have a 30-second elevator ride summary of your business? • Is it compelling? • What partners, customers or advisors do you have who will reinforce your messages?8 of 10 16 HMB Communications Group
  9. 9. Traditional Media – Part of Your Strategy? • Reach multiple stakeholders to tell your story and communicate your point of view • Opportunity to develop reputation as a leader • Increase awareness and build momentum • Build your brand • Build your business – penetrate new markets • Educate the market • Drive sales • Demonstrate customer momentum • Maximize marketing investments9 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  10. 10. E=mz2, Building Sales Leaders • Marguerite Zimmerman, CEO,E=mz2, an emerging Burlington-based company that offers game-based training • How many times have you heard “Sales are the lifeblood of a company”? • But it’s often very difficult to find training that teaches and nurtures sales talent10 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  11. 11. E=mz2’s Momentium Game-based Training • E=mz2 has leveraged the power, fun and interactivity of gaming and developed a highly effective sales and learning system called Momentium™ • An innovative Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) with a recurring revenue model • Addresses a need in a global $2 trillion education and corporate learning market11 of 1311 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  12. 12. How Did We Connect? Networking12 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  13. 13. The Media Pick Up E=mz2’s Story ‘Mr. Malik says the future of corporate training is game-based online training ...’ “Stany Hupperetz, a Montreal-based sales representative ... said learning through a video game improved his ability to remember and apply new skills.... ‘my bookings went up 40 per cent as I learned the program’.”13 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  14. 14. Story Goes Cross Country/Bloggers Engage “Virtual training: For many small businesses traditional training models are ineffective and expensive. Video games could be the answer”14 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  15. 15. Boost Your Networking • Each news story generated a number of key new business leads • For example, a VC Incubator Group overseas saw a blog about the National Post story and contacted E=mz2 • Resulted in a trip and meetings with more than 20 companies • Already several MOUs signed and others expressing interest • Coverage raised visibility of E=mz2, expanded its network, and led to opportunities15 of 16 HMB Communications Group
  16. 16. Hear More from E=mz2 in August • Marguerite Zimmerman presenting at next Silicon Halton meet-up • Creating High Differentiation Through Evidence Based Selling • Tuesday, August 9 at 7:00 pm at Ned Devine’s in Milton16 of 16 HMB Communications Group