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Silcon halton meetup 13 pres from alpha starr


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Title: How Security, A/V and Phone companies approach new technologies and the new capabilities technology can provide

Bob Minhas of Alphastarr will overview how businesses are approaching IP telephony and how to better prepare you, the IT professional, for the new technologies coming down the pipe. The goal is to make you aware of the increasing opportunities to include into their portfolio.

Presented Nov 16, 2010 at Silicon Halton meetup 13.

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Silcon halton meetup 13 pres from alpha starr

  1. 1. AlphaStarr Silicon Halton Presentation
  2. 2. About AlphaStarr  In operation since 2003.  Change in operation from just IT cabling to All Low Voltage Services – Technical Concierge (end to end solution)  Current clients include Bell Canada, Cogeco Cable and New Construction Companies  Completed work for Holmes on Homes and Income Properties
  3. 3.  IT Technology is doing more than a changing. It’s growing. Companies are forever trying to maximize existing infrastructure to minimize cost and maintain control when integrating other technologies into their corporate environment. This includes Telephone/Communication, Security and Audio/Video. However, these additions often do not meet client expectations and can fall flat due to poor integration arising from a disconnect between existing IT personnel or infrastructure and the New System Integrator. There are methods to all this madness that can allow you as an IT Professional better prepare for such changes and even consider offering these new potential services to your line-up. The Changing World of IT Technology
  4. 4. Communication  VoIP  Make sure enough Bandwidth for Quality of Service (Upload Speed important)  Use Talkswitch as example  Hosted PBX or IP Based Phone System used to Join Multiple Satellite Offices  Paging Systems over Multiple Offices
  5. 5. Audio/Video  Digital Signage - Communicate with multiple TV’s  Use Cat5e Baluns  More Hardware in your Hub Room – More People Accessing it  Video Conferences/Hardware  IPTV
  6. 6. Security  IP Cameras and "NVR's"  Made the most stride with MPEG4 improves compression creating less demand on network bandwidth  Upload Speed important to View Offsite  New Technology to Remotely Access Security Systems – More People Accessing your Network  Alarm Panels communicate over IP – Take DVAC or Dedicated Lines out of Service
  7. 7. Need to Adjust our Roles and IT Professionals  Industry example: Cancom. Techs were hired with an Electronics Background. As technology progressed, these techs were forced to learn IT techniques and newer technicians were sought out who fit that experience.  When integrating solutions, ensure your staff are educated on the technology and ensure services are separated as much as possible.  Different switches/hubs or subnets offer one solution.  Multiple ISP's to drive each service (and offer redundant backup).  For single ISP backbones, ensure they are bandwidth capable.  Prioritize IP and QOS by using multiple DHCP IP's or assigning individual Static IP's to each service gateway.