Enemy at the Gates - Silicon Halton Meetup 53


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Enemy at the Gates (Cyber Security)
Meetup 53 on March 18, 2014


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  • The “Get to know your members” segment. ~3min introductions by local tech companies.
  • Enemy at the Gates - Silicon Halton Meetup 53

    1. 1. www.siliconhalton.com linkedin/siliconhalton @siliconhalton Meetup #53: Enemy at the Gate (Cyber Security) March 18, 2014
    2. 2. • 7:15 pm Welcome • 7:20 pm Announcements • 7:30 pm Panel Keynote: Enemy at the Gate • 8:15 pm Mark Your Calendars • 8:20 pm Get To Know Your Members • 8:30 pm Open Floor • 8:35 pm Networking Agenda
    3. 3. Show of Hands • 986+ members • 52 meetups • 8 peer2peer groups • Hundreds of LinkedIn discussions
    4. 4. Agenda
    5. 5. Tech Conference and Expo When: Fall 2014 When: Fall 2014 Status: Forming “circle” (group). Lot’s of interest! Tonight: Come and see me if you want to help, participate or have ideas!
    6. 6. Panel Keynote
    7. 7. Meetup 53: Enemy at the Gate • Paul Lewis, Ethtelligent Consulting Inc. • Genaro Liriano, Teranet Inc.
    8. 8. Genaro Liriano, EWSCP, CISSP Linkedin: http://linkd.in/1g2IeAs
    9. 9. Agenda  What is Social Engineering?  Most Common “Social Engineering Attacks”  Defense against Social Engineering Attacks  Q & A
    10. 10. What is Social Engineering? Social Engineering; is the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. “It is an act of psychological manipulation ” It is typically trickery or deception for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or computer system access. In most cases the attacker never comes face to face with the victim or victims.
    11. 11. Most Common “Social Engineering Attacks” The technical way on breaking into computer systems by brute-forcing the user logins or ports have been replaced by sophisticated methods that are easier and yield better and faster results based on human psychology. These attacks can help the “attackersocial engineer” get access to any system irrespective of the platform, software or hardware involved. Here are some of the most common Social Engineering Attacks:
    12. 12. Defense against Social Engineering Attacks There is not any effective way to defend against Social Engineering attacks. However, implementing a layer protection approach would help us defend against the many different types of Social Engineering attacks. Some of these layers or steps would help you against “Social Engineering Attacks”:  Security Awareness Training  Background Verification  Physical Security  Mock Social Engineering Drills  Data Classification policy
    13. 13. Defense against Social Engineering Attacks continued … To reduce the success of Social Engineering attacks the following controls must be taken care of:  Ensure your Firewalls, Antivirus, Anti-Malware and email filters are receiving periodical update.  Never Allow people to tailgate with you.  Report any security threat.  Do not use your corporate domain IDs on Social Media or public domains.  Pay attention to the URL of suspicious Web-sites.  Do not access or read any confidential information in Public (Train, Bus, Park).  Do not send sensitive information over the internet before checking a web site security.  Ensure you shred any documents that is discarded that contains sensitive data.
    14. 14. Ethtelligent Consulting Inc. LinkedIn http://tinyurl.com/mnkztxc
    15. 15. Security as a small business  What do you care about?  What do your clients care about?  What threats apply to you?  Home working to small office/enterprise  Policies, procedures, and paper  Backups, mobile stuff and clouds  Privacy is cheap except when it bites someone  Strange but real threats
    16. 16. Security Panel – Q&A Paul Lewis Ethtelligent Consulting Inc. Genaro Liriano Teranet Inc.
    17. 17. Mark Your Calendars
    18. 18. SoloPreneur Peer2Peer #32 • March 20, 2014, 8:30 - 10am • Hampton Restaurant at the Quality Suites Hotel, Oakville
    19. 19. Silicon Halton Workshop Day @ Burlington HiVE • Mar 26, 2014. Open 8am – 6pm • 10 workshops: 1pm – 4pm • Free for Silicon Halton members • Not an 8-hr business social event, do your work, attend as many or as few workshops as you wish • Learn more: http://bit.ly/LDi6ou • Help share the flyer 1pm - 2pm Think You're Ready for Investors? Shifting Gears Startup Sales Tactics 2pm - 3pm Leveraging Government Funding Patents and Startups Using Social Media to Prospect 3pm - 4pm Taking a Byte out of Taxes First or Early Hires Relationship Selling #shlearn
    20. 20. Ten Workshops to Accelerate your Business! Bring your laptop. #shlearn • Think You're Ready for Outside Investor Funding? • Leveraging Government Funding to Grow Your Business • Taking a Byte out of Taxes • Shifting Gears: Five Steps to Accelerate Business Success • Patents and Startups • First or Early Hires - Getting it right & avoiding the pitfalls • Startup Sales Tactics • Using Social Media to Prospect & Build Your Network • Relationship Selling – Uncover Opportunities, Close Sales and Build Loyalty • 3 ways to turbo-charge innovation
    21. 21. Give us your business card for flyer
    22. 22. New Tech Meetup, Meetup 54 • April 8, 2014. 7pm • QE Park, Oakville • Learn more: http://bit.ly/shmeetup54 Thanks to #Oakville EcDev for space!
    23. 23. Oakville's 1st Open Data Community Meetup • March 27, 2014. 1-3pm • April 2, 2014. 7-9pm Details: http://bit.ly/1idqtCZ Registration: http://bit.ly/NoSCeW
    24. 24. #G2KYM Owner: Brett Johnston Landslide Marketing @LandslideMktg
    25. 25. Allison J. Speigal
    26. 26. www.linkedin.com/in/allisonspeigel
    27. 27. Val Sanna
    29. 29. Brian Hickey
    30. 30. • •
    31. 31. Open Floor