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Silicon Energy Minnesota Introduction Packet


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Silicon Energy Minnesota Introduction Packet

  1. 1.             • Minnesota receives about 4.5 sunlight hours per day. • The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) ranks Xcel Energy No. 7 in the nation for solar electric capacity. • Xcel Energy has been honored as one of the nation’s Top 10 electric utilities in the amount of solar power it added to its system per customer served in 2010. • Solar is an attractive investment NOW.  Federal and Utility incentives help offset the cost of your system. When combined with Xcels other solar incentives, customers are eligible for rebates of up to 60% of the installed cost of a solar- electric system.  A system increases the value of your real estate. Patio Cover - Champin, MN. The 2.3 kW system helps offset the homeowner’s energy needs,  A system helps protect you while allowing light to pass through the patio cover. from rising energy costs.  A system creates energy independence for you and your family. • Reliable and knowledgeable Did you know you can effectively Solar is gaining momentum in partners are available to help you design and install reduce your energy bill with solar in the community. your system. They can also Minnesota? Even in an area with help source locally produced With the support and commitment of solar modules and inverters. extreme winters, solar can work; utilities, policy makers, local that’s because Minnesota has the companies, and the community, solar solar resource comparable to some is becoming a viable energy • 200 kW to go! The City of southern states, and solar modules Minneapolis has a goal of production option for local residents. installing one megawatt work more effectively when (1 MW) of renewable energy If you’re ready to consider steps to by 2014. By 2011, the City receiving sunlight, and at cooler will have installed another offsetting your energy bill, decreasing ~800 kW. temperatures. While Minnesota is your carbon footprint, investing in • Minnesota output is about 3 just beginning to adopt solar, solar megawatts a year, enough your local community, and increasing electricity to supply about has an amazing potential to help the value of your home, consider 800 homes. California, the nations solar leader, lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, adding a PV system. produces 250 times as much while helping the local economy sun power as Minnesota,   more than 700 megawatts. through jobs and manufacturing. MN State Overview February 2012
  2. 2.       Federal, State and Utility incentives help make solar a financially savvy energy source today. Available Solar Incentives¹ Receive a one-time incentive payment of $2.25 per installed watt (W) for your residential and Commercial PV systems up to 40 kW or 120% of your use. Xcel Energy MN State Solar*Rewards Minnesota Made Bonus makes the rebate up to $2.75/watt ($2,750/kW) if the solar module in program your system is made in Minnesota. This provides a combined incentive of up to $5.00 per watt installed or 60% of system price. Receive credit for excess energy production on your bill. This is a State net-metering law and is also applicable outside of the Xcel Energy service area. MN State Utilities The DSIRE website features a comprehensive database of State renewable incentives. Incentive See URL below. MN State Tax Solar equipment is exempt from MN State sales tax. Incentives Your property tax basis will not be increased due to the addition of a solar energy system. Federal Incentive Take advantage of a 30% tax credit for systems placed in service before 12/31/2016. DSIRE – Includes a list of Minnesota incentives: Silicon Energy MN, LLC PO Pox 376 8787 Silicon Way Mountain Iron, MN 55768 ¹ The above incentive information is provided as an overview of incentives that may be (p) 218-789-1710 available to you. This information is not intended to provide tax, legal, or financial advice. Please consult with a CPA or a tax attorney to determine your eligibility and the impact on your specific financial situation. Silicon Energy, LLC 3506 124th Street NE Marysville, WA 98271 Copyright 2012 Silicon Energy, LLC. All rights reserved. (p) 360-618-6500
  3. 3. • Find a Silicon Energy representative at the local Minnesota Since its start, Silicon Energy has been Sourcing from the Local Renewable Energy pursuing the mission of providing Society meetings. For a Community listing of upcoming locally made PV modules to its Manufacturing in both Mountain Iron, MN meetings, visit: communities. The company enables and Marysville, WA, Silicon Energy aims residential, commercial, and utility calendar to source products, services and talent projects to be graced with its in their neighborhoods whenever• Join us at an upcoming aesthetically unique modules, while possible, adhering to a philosophy of event! Visit our event delivering unmatched performance in web page for more supporting the local economy through energy harvest, durability, safety, details: silicon- manufacturing, jobs, local suppliers and and longevity. site/events/ partnerships. The company follows The Silicon Energy module has a 40+ sustainable manufacturing practices, year usable life, while the industry helping to minimize environmental average is approximately 25 years. impact on the community. In conjunction This extended usability not only with local utilities, Silicon Energy has enables increased energy harvest, it been committed to helping make solar a increases and extends the financial mainstream energy resource for the return on a system. The Silicon Energy greater community. Federal, State and 30 year warranty is one of the utility incentives can help offset the initial strongest in the industry. investment required, resulting in an Like many small businesses, Silicon attractive return on investment. Energy started as a result of an Silicon Energy welcomes visitors, unexpected opportunity. Prior to 2007, opening its showroom to the community, solar module manufacturers did not allowing you to see and experience its exist in Washington State—Silicon story and unique products. We Energy decided they would become encourage you to stop by to see for the first and offer their community a yourself the Silicon Energy difference superior solar product. and personally meet a small, local Silicon Energy started production in business who is making a big difference 2009 in Washington State and in your community. expanded its manufacturing operations to Minnesota State in 2011, and Silicon Energy MN, LLC continues to prosper and grow. This PO Box 376 expansion has enabled more and more 8787 Silicon Way customers to benefit from a module Mountain Iron, MN 55768 (p) 218-789-1710 produced locally. Silicon Energy, LLC 3506 124th Street NE Marysville, WA 98271 (p) 360-618-6500 Copyright 2012 Silicon Energy, LLC. All rights reserved. MN Information Sheet February 2012
  4. 4. The Cascade Series is a unique • Custom Hardware: Options for photovoltaic (PV) module designed with custom mounting hardware an extended lifespan and maximum colors are available (architectural durability and safety in mind. The bronze is standard). ‘glass-on-glass’ architecture is also • Increased Safety: Module wiring is aesthetically different from other completely sealed and inaccessible, modules on the market, creating the removing electrical shock hazards. opportunity for innovative module applications such as carports and • Utility Grade Product: The building awnings. When you opt for product is utility-grade and is much Silicon Energy modules, you are more durable than standard choosing a long-lasting, unique product residential products. from a local partner. • Theft Resistant: The Silicon Energy mounting system design is Features theft resistant. • Unmatched Lifespan and Durability: With a 40+ year usable • Class-A Fire Rating: Silicon Energy life, and negligible performance modules have the highest fire degradation, our modules easily safety rating. prove their durability against the • Squirrel & Rodent Proof: Enclosed industry standard of 25 years. wiring prevents squirrels and The extended module life rodents from damaging wiring maximizes energy production after installation. and return on investment. • Functional in Extreme Weather: Adhering to a sustainable The Cascade design is frameless to philosophy and delivering the allow snow, water, ice and other highest quality modules debris to “cascade” off the module, Sustainable and locally made! Silicon enabling them to function even in Energy is committed to doing business extreme weather conditions, and in a sustainable way, making each providing greater energy harvest. decision with conscientious Silicon Energy works with local partners • Functional Beauty: Glass-on-glass whenever possible, finds local talent, module construction allows light to and has a clean manufacturing pass between cells, making the facility and processes designed toSilicon Energy MN, LLC modules usable not only on your roof, minimize impact to our community.PO Box 376 but also in non-traditional places, The environmental consideration in8787 Silicon Way such as patio covers, awnings,Mountain Iron, MN 55768 production, and the durability of this walkway covers, and carports.(p) 218-789-1710 product helps make your decision the Increased airflow behind the modules most sustainable one.Silicon Energy, LLC increases performance.3506 124th Street NEMarysville, WA 98271(p) 360-618-6500 Copyright 2012 Silicon Energy, LLC. All rights reserved. Product Overview February 2012
  5. 5.            Standard PV Module         Actual Photo  Electroluminescence Image  Thermal Image  Standard glass/plastic modules showed unequal power levels, hot spotting and dead zones. Images show modules after enduring 18 years (simulated) of NREL test-to-failure protocol testing. Silicon Energy Cascade PV Module Actual Photo  Electroluminescence Image  Thermal Image  Silicon Energy modules demonstrated stable performance and safety by being the most durable module in NREL’s advanced life cycle testing. Testing to 80 years (simulated) was conducted on Silicon Energy’s module with no measureable performance loss. Images from NREL “Test-To-Failure of Crystalline Silicon Modules” test report available at fy11osti/47755.pdf . Silicon Energy Cascade PV modules and Standard PV modules were subjected to the same testing. NREL is an independent testing laboratory that does not endorse commercial products. 3506 124th St. NE PO Box 376 Marysville, WA 98271 8787 Silicon Way 360-618-6500 Mt. Iron, MN SiE-NREL (rev02292012) 218-789-1710
  6. 6.      3506 124th St. NE PO Box 376Marysville, WA 98271 8787 Silicon Way360-618-6500 Mt. Iron, MN SiE-Residential (rev02292012) 218-789-1710
  7. 7. Cascade SeriesPV Module and Installation Systemsee the differenceSilicon Energy’s mission is to manufacture quality PVsystems specifically for the US market that advancedurability, longevity of performance and aesthetics.The Cascade Series PV Module and Installation Systemhas some unique features that differentiate it fromother PV systems presently on the market.PV Module Features: High efficiency crystalline silicon cells Strong and durable Double-glass module construction allows light to pass between cells Six bypass diodes per module provide improved performance in partial shading Highest fire rating - Class A 30-year limited power warranty, 5-year materials and workmanshipInstallation Systems Features: Cascade design allows water, snow and ice to easily flow off Increased air flow behind modules increases performance Mounting system conceals and protects wires for a clean wireless look Squirrel proof Installs on standard 4-foot centers - specifically designed for the US market Aesthetically pleasing modern appearance Customer colors available (architectural bronze standard) Made in USA Washington * Minnesota
  8. 8. Electrical Characteris cs Measured at STC* SiE160 SiE165 SiE170 SiE175 SiE180 SiE185 SiE190 SiE195 SiE200Rated Power (Pmax) Wa s  160  165  170  175  180  185  190  195  200 Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)  24.7 24.8 24.8 24.9 25.0 25.1 25.3 25.5 25.6Maximum Power Current (Imp)  6.5 6.7 6.9 7.0 7.2 7.4 7.5 7.7 7.8Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)  29.9 30.0 30.0 30.1 30.2 30.3 30.5 30.5 30.6Short Circuit Current (Isc)  7.6 7.7 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.9 7.9 8.2 8.4Maximum System Voltage (VDC)              600             Series Fuse Ra ng Amps (Amps‐DC)              15             Temperature Coefficients  Pmax: ‐0.566%/°C                        Voc: ‐0.389%/°C                          Isc: 0.109%/°C * Standard Test Condi ons (STC) at 1000w/m², AM 1.5 spectrum, 77°F/25°C cell temp. 3 3/4 2 1/2 48 CL (−) (−) 12 13/16 1/4-20 Mounting Studs 46 4 per Module 24 1/4-20 Module 46 1/8 Ground Studs 47 1/2 Module Width 2 per Module 3/4 in. Knockout 21 3/4 (+) (+) (+) (+) 1/4 in. Module Overlap Powder Coated Aluminum 1/2 in. Knockouts Mounting Foot (Protects Wire) 24 Fastener Slots 45 3/4 3/8 x 1 1/4 Module Connectors Tyco SolarLok 14AWG Solar Wire 10-32 Ground Stud 10 9/16 (−) (−) 51 5/8 3 3/4 48 CL 48 CL 1 7/8 in. Base of Mounting Foot *Not to Scale, Units in Inches Complies to UL1703, specifications subject to change without notice.Mechanical Specifica ons and Ra ngsWeight (module + mounts) 58 lbs. (~65 lbs. / ~4.1 lbs./ ²)  Front: 0.125 in. high transmissivity tempered glass                      Cells 49 crystalline silicon cells wired in series (7 x 7)  Construc on Back: 0.125 in. tempered glass                                                         Diodes 6 bypass diodes per module  Encapsulant: Advanced Encapsulant  Moun ng Foot 0.125 in. powder coated aluminum alloy 5052 H32  0.09 in. aluminum alloy 5052 H32                                                                                  Frame 1/4‐20 stainless steel studs with flange nuts  Slope of Module 1.85° (minimum moun ng surface angle 5°) Temperature Range ‐40 to 194°F (‐40 to 90°C)  Fire Ra ng Class A Design Load 125 psf  Connectors (Wire) Tyco SOLARLOK (14 AWG Solar Wire, Length ~32 in.)  Silicon Energy MN, LLC  Silicon Energy, LLC   PO Box: 376   3506 124th Street NE  8787 Silicon Way  Marysville, WA 98271 USA  Mt. Iron, MN 55768 USA  Tel: 360‐618‐6500 ● Fax: 360‐618‐6501  Tel: 218‐789‐1710 ● Fax: 218‐789-1021  www.silicon‐   V8.3 (Rev 021412)
  9. 9. Solar InverterMade in WashingtonSiE3840 and SiE5300Silicon Energy Solar Inverters are locallymanufactured, high efficiency, battery-less gridinteractive devices that are built to last.Inverters convert the DC power from solarmodules into AC power for use in bothresidential and commercial applicationsallowing you to feed excess electricity back tothe utility grid. Features: • High Efficiency Performance: Silicon Energy Inverters have some of the highest conversion efficiencies in their class at 96.7% (96% CEC). • Operating Range Flexibility: The MPP tracking solar input voltage ranges from 200 to 550VDC with outputs of 208VAC for commercial or 240VAC for residential applications. • Integrated AC/DC Disconnect: A lockable rotary AC/DC switch eliminates the need for an external disconnect reducing installation time and material costs. • Ease of serviceability: In the highly unlikely event the inverter needs servicing, the independently sealed inverter enclosure is detached while the wiring box remains on the wall. • LCD display: The system performance is easily monitored on the front of the unit. • Ground Fault Detection Interruption: GFDI fuse is easily replaced without removing the inverter covers. • Fire Safety - Fused Inputs: Four fused solar inputs accessed inside the wiring box help to protect the inverter and wiring. • Safe Operation: Complies with US safety standards (UL1741/IEEE1547) with a powder coated aluminum indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R enclosure. • Built-in Communications: RS-232 and RS-485 communications interface. • Made in Washington: Recognized as Made in Washington and qualifies for the solar production inventive. • Reliable: Years of proven reliability in domestic and international markets backed by a 10 year warranty. V1(Rev021512)
  10. 10. ModelsNegative Ground Inverters SiE3840 SiE5300Output Data (AC)Output* 240 V 208 V 240 V 208 VGrid Voltage, Operating Range** 211 ~ 264V AC 183 ~ 228V AC 211 ~ 264V AC 183 ~ 228V ACGrid Frequency, Nominal 60 HzGrid Frequency, Operating Range** 59.3 ~ 60.5 HzMaximum Output Power 3840 W 3300 W 5300W 4600 WMaximum Output Current 16 A 22.1 AOutput Over-Current Protection 20 A 30 AMaximum Output Fault Current 20 A 25 AStartup Current <2AMaximum Grid Backfeed Current 0AWaveform True SinePower Factor > 0.99Total Harmonic Distortion < 3%DC Component < 0.5%Phase Split Phase or Single Phase 240Input Data (DC)Input Voltage Range 200 ~ 550 V DCMaximum Input Voltage 600 V DCPV Start Voltage* 235 V DCMaximum Input Current 20 A 25 AMaximum Input Short Circuit Current 24 A 30 ANumber of Fused String Inputs 4EfficiencyMaximum Efficiency 96.7% 96.5% 96.4% 96.2%CEC Efficiency 96.0% 95.5% 96.0% 95.5%Night-time Tare Loss 0.5WEnvironmentOperating Temperature Range -13 ~ +131°F(-25 ~ +55°C )Storage Temperature Range -13 ~ +131°F (-25 ~ +55°C)Maximum Full Power Operating Temperature without 131°F (55°C) 127.4°F (53°C)DeratingRelative Humidity Maximum 95%MechanicalOutdoor Enclosure NEMA 3R, RainproofCooling Controlled Forced VentilationInput and Output Terminals Accepts wire size of 12 to 6 AWG (4 to 16 mm2)Inverter Weight 50.7 lb (23 kg) 61.7 lb (28 kg)Shipping Weight 59.5 lb (27 kg) 70.5 lb (32 kg)Dimensions (HxWxD) 28.8 x 17.9 x 6.9" (732 x 454 x 175 mm) 28.8 x 17.9 x 8.3" (732 x 454 x 210 mm)Shipping Dimensions (HxWxD) 33.1 x 21.3 x 10.8" (840 x 540 x 275 mm) 33.1 x 21.6 x 12" (840 x 548 x 305 mm)FeaturesCommunications RS232 and RS485Display LED/LCDCertifications UL1741, FCC part 15B, IEEE 1547, IEEE C62.41.2, IEEE C37.90.1Warranty 10 Years*Output settings (240 V or 208 V) are unique and made at the factory prior to shipment. **Factory Settings can be adjusted with the approval of the utility. Thisunit is provided with adjustable trip limits and may be aggregated above 30kW on a single Point of Common Coupling. 3506 124th Street NW PO Box 376 Marysville, WA 98271 8787 Silicon Way Office: 360-618-6500 Mt. Iron, MN 55768 Fax: 360-618-6501 Office: (218) 789-1710 Fax: (218) 789-1021 Specifications subject to change without notice. V1(Rev021512)