Silicon energy announces next generation cascade solar photovoltaic module


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Silicon energy announces next generation cascade solar photovoltaic module

  1. 1. For Immediate Release Silicon Energy Announces Next Generation Solar PhotovoltaicsSEATTLE, WA. – November 15, 2012 – Silicon Energy, an innovative manufacturer of world-class solarphotovoltaic (PV) modules, headquartered in Marysville, Washington is announcing the release of itsNext Generation Cascade Series PV module at the Future Energy Conference. In 2007, Silicon Energy combined sustainable manufacturing practices and materials sciences inbuilding the first generation of the Cascade Series PV module and integrated mounting system. TheCascade Series challenged the solar photovoltaic industry by offering customers a safer, more attractiveand more durable PV system, and in 2011 offered an industry-leading 30-year power warranty. Silicon Energy now continues its history of innovative design with the Next Generation CascadeSeries PV module which uses less embedded material without sacrificing strength, durability, oraesthetics. These innovations result in increased performance and power output. The Next Generation Cascade Series module highlights: • Anti-reflective coating on the front glass • Next Generation advanced encapsulant • Lighter weight mounting hardware without sacrificing system strength • Up to 1/3 less roof penetrations to reduce material costs and increasing speed of installs • 12 AWG wire for reduced voltage drop • Amphenol connectors with a higher current rating and increased reliability • American Fittings Raintight conduit connectors provide redundancy in grounding and improved mechanical and electrical bonding • UL listed tin coated ground lugs with stainless set screw
  2. 2. Gary Shaver, president of Silicon Energy said, “Our relationships with suppliers and researchlaboratories allows our engineering team to integrate innovative concepts and advanced materialsciences into our products. We’re excited to see how architects and building designers integrate ournew, even more attractive Cascade Series PV modules into the building envelope and overheadstructures to achieve contemporary and functional designs. Our customers know Silicon Energy istrusted, committed and sustainable and will appreciate these improvements – and we’re not done yet!” The Cascade Series PV module and mounting system retains the innovative double-glass, open-frame design that promotes shedding of water, dirt and snow. The cascading modules allow airflowbehind the module and keep the system cooler. Both features increase system performance and energyharvest. The Cascade’s enclosed wiring system and pass-through lighting features make it ideal forcreative building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installations such as window awnings, carports, sheltersand electric vehicle charging stations – in addition to traditional rooftop and ground-mount installations.Custom mounting hardware colors are available giving integrators, designers and architects even greatercontrol over the look and feel of their PV installations. Silicon Energy is shipping the Next Generation Cascade Series PV module to Washingtoncustomers starting next week and will be introduced in other markets in early 2013.About Silicon EnergyFounded in 2007, Silicon Energy delivers the highest quality and most durable photovoltaic (PV) modules on themarket today, backed by one of the best warranties in the world. Located in Washington and Minnesota, SiliconEnergy’s sustainable approach to doing business offers customers a world-class, locally manufactured andenvironmentally-friendly solar PV product. The company’s philosophy of supporting the local and US economy andits commitment to creating long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing PV allows customers to be confident that while theyare reducing their carbon footprint they are also contributing to their local economy. Silicon Energy PV Systemsare available through select partners for home, commercial, government, and utility installations. For moreinformation about Silicon Energy, please visit or call (360) 618-6500.Media InquiriesRevolution PR for Silicon EnergyJennifer Karkar Ritchie, 206-354-8049, jennifer@revolutionpr.comAaron Hilst, 206-355-3506,