Magpies Presentation (the Joy Luck Club)


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Presentation on one of the chapters in the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

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Magpies Presentation (the Joy Luck Club)

  1. 1. MagpiesNarrator: An-Mei Hsu Siir Tecirlioglu 11A
  2. 2. • An-Meicomplaining that her daughter is doing nothing to stop her marriage from ending• An-meiraised the chinese way. Wanted to raise Rose like that too but failed.• An-mei believes that daughters always follow their mothers.• An-mei tells her story (flashback)• An-mei’s disgraced mother returns home from Tienstin. That night her mother tells an-mei a story about a turtle• Turtle eats her tears and tells that he knows her sorrows. Magpies come out of his mouth which represent the ppl who feed on others’ sorrows to be happy and laugh.• An-mei chooses to leave with her mother. When she and her mother get close to Tienstin, both wear fancy foreign clothes• 2 weeks—they are happy. Then all the other concubnies and Wu Tsing arrive• An-mei finds out that her mother has the worst position in this family. She got raped—a plan of Wu Tsing and the 2nd wife• 2nd wife• 2nd wife had given an-mei a necklace. But after her mother commits suicide, an-mei stands up against the 2nd wife (1st one to do this) and crushes the pearl in front of her.• An-mei concludes by coming back to her present problem—her dauther’s marriage. And complains about a psychriatrist’s job.
  3. 3. MAGPIES IN CHINA• When they sing, it meansluck and happiness• Chinese people call it, “happy magpie”• Its history goes back to Manchu• Mnachu people considered magpies as a symbol of luck and happiness from generation to generation• A manchu became the leader of the Qing dynasty in mid 1600s.• Since then, this belief is shared amongst many chinese.
  4. 4. Conflicts In the Chapter– Man vs. man—an-mei’s mother vs. 2nd wife– Man vs. society—an-mei’s mother vs. the household in tienstine.– Man vs. society—an-mei’s mother vs. her real family– Internal—an-mei’s mother. An-mei
  7. 7. 3 Major Themes• Daughters follow their mothers. No matter what, they end up being the same. Connection between them.• Listening to the elders• !!!!People feed on other people’s sadness to be happy!!!!
  8. 8. “An-mei,” she whispered, “have you seen the little turtle that lives in the pond?” I nodded. This was a pond in our courtyard and I often poked a stick in the still water to make the turtle swim out from underneath the rocks.• She needs to whisper to talk to her daughter• Little turtleSYMBOL. Imagery. –Connection between the mother and the daughter. (one of the themes) –Wisdomlike an elder. Therefore, this gives us a hint that the mother does listen to her elders! ONE OF THE THEMES• They both know about the pond and the turtle. Again aconnection. (one of the themes)• This will connect to the mother’s storythey both playedwith the turtle. (one of the themes) foreshadowing.
  9. 9. “I also knew that turtle when I was a smallchild‟” said my mother. “I used to sit by thepond and watch him swimming to the surface,biting the air with his little beak. He is avery old turtle.• To make sure they are talking about the same turtle, both of them say, “thatturtle”again a connection and proof of it – An adjective to describe the turtle – It is the same turtle! So interesting.• Proof of the connection between the mother and the daughter with the use ofturtle. – Their childhood was the same! (one of the themes) – FORESHADOWINGmother and daughter will end up the sameashamed.• “biting the air”HOW??• “little”used in the description of the turtle very often (like in the previousparagraph)• Old and little? Paradox? Turtles are usually REALLY huge.• How are magpies and turtles related?
  10. 10. I could see that turtle in my mind and I knewmy mother was seeing the same one.•Again, “that turtle”adjective.•THEMEconnection•Imagerywhat her mother told An-meihas created an image in An-mei’s mind.
  11. 11. “This turtle feeds on our thoughts,” said mymother. “I learned this one day, when I was yourage, and Popo said I could no longer be a child.She said I could not shout, or run, or sit on theground to catch crickets. I could not cry if I wasdisappointed. I had to be silent and listen to myelders. And if I did not do this, Popo said shewould cut off my hair and send me to a placewhere her childhood isnuns taken away. WHAT IS THE POINT? What Again, Buddhist being lived. • Chinese cultureLISTEN TO ELDERS. One of the • •All of “this turtle”adjective. • HOW?! have does she Personification. Surprise. Confusion. Foreshadowing the rest of this story (not the themes. to do now? chapter) • •How is it possible that a person this connects themexperienced the similar Flashback to her childhood. And again, is not allowed to cry? • Foreshadowing FORESHADOWING to the rest ofwith the turtle; she actually learnt something from it. events. But mother’s is not just playing the story. •An-mei says that she She says, “when I wasanything because she bea theherbefore this excerpt, •–There was a connection between her motherachild. So, why didn’t An-Mei stop What about the turtle? age…no longer is and But and the Situational irony? cannot comment on your It will tell child”. same turtle also. We will see that later when she ends up telling the entire being a child? lesson asbe a childmother. Foreshadowing. need to start acting story. cant she the anymore? Is this a Chinese thing (at that age, they – Why • •Chinese anyone remember who she was? cares about her daughter’s more mature?) Popodoes culture? Mother threatening the daughter. • Teaching how to be strong. Popo strength mother-daughter relationship THREATS!!! Buddhism? than with An-Mei. – A different
  12. 12. “That night, after Popo told me this, I sat by thepond, looking into the water. And because I wasweak, I began to cry. Then I saw this turtleswimming to the top and his beak was eating mytears as soon as they touched the water. He atethem quickly, five, six, seven tears, and climbedout of the pond, crawled onto a smooth rock andbegan to speak. a lesson at night just like An-Mei. (connection between • An-Mei’s mother learnt them) • ForeshadowingMOTHER IS WEAK!!! Is this a connection between them—is an-mei weak as well? – She cried. Went against her elders. • When the tears touch the water, the water is not still anymore. This is sort of what An-Mei tried to do as well but with a stickpoking the still water. • Tearssymbolpeople’s thoughts (remember the previous paragraph?) • 5,6,7repetition of these numbers later. Why? • Personificationhow can a turtle talk? Maybe a sign of elders? Turtle is so old that it learned how to talk—toooo many experiences.
  13. 13. “The turtle said, „I have eaten your tears, and thisis why I know your misery. But I must warn you.If you cry, your life will always be sad.‟ • TEARSsymbolMISERY. • Proof of turtle being elderly. • Foreshadowingshe should not cry. She goes against the turtle (elder) and cries. Her life is a misery –Foreshadows both going against elders and her life (misery) –Also one of the themes os foreshadowed (ppl feed on your misery to be happy.)
  14. 14. “Then the turtle opened his beak and out pouredfive, six, seven pearly eggs. The eggs broke openand from them emerged seven birds, whoimmediately began to chatter and sing. I knewfrom their snow-white bellies and pretty voicesthat they were magpies, birds of joy. These birdsbent their beaks to the pond to capture one, theyall rose up, beat their black wings in my face, andflew up into the air, laughing.• 5,6,7repetition. Why are these important?• Pearlforeshadowing. 2nd wife gives An-Mei a fake pearl necklace.And her mother crushed it. Here, these break open easily. NO VALUE• 7 birds. Why 7? Chinese culture?• Signs of joy.• Magpiesbirds of joy. SYMBOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!• Foreshadowing to the major theme. They hurt her but they arehappy.
  15. 15. “ „Now you see,‟ said the turtle, drifting backinto the pond, “why it is useless to cry. Yourtears do not wash away your sorrows. Theyfeed someone else‟s joy. And that is why youmust learn to swallow your own tears.‟”• THEMEMagpiessymbolpeople who laugh at others whohave sorrow and pain. – Foreshadowing to the events that will happen. This will help us decide who is in sorrow and who is laughing. – Mother will die, because she has so many tears.• THEMEThis is why Popo told her to STOP crying. She did notwant her to be humiliated. – Foreshadowing. Will she do it? She will keep remembering this lesson. – A chinese lesson? – Swallowing your tearssymbol of strength.
  16. 16. But after my mother finished her story, I looked at her and saw she was crying. And I also began to cry again, that this was our fate, to live like two turtles seeing the watery world together from the bottom of the little pond.• THEMEconnection between them. Both are weak.Foreshadowing their futureboth will be crying and upset.Others will feed on their sorrows.• “fate”key wordproves the foreshadowing.• An-mei and her mothersymbolturtles. –Maybe they know so many thingsthey will be the elders in the future? –Watery worldlike the turtle, they will be the ones who know lessons and try to teach others. An-mei and her daughter (trying to teach or something!)• Littlerelated to the turtle again.
  17. 17. 7 WORDS Word DefinitionRickshawPeddlersPiteouslyImpertinentQuinceTiersaisle