Ladybug Program outline with charts


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Ladybug Program outline with charts

  1. 1. Siir Tecirlioglu 10A Program Outline With ChartsStart Display name of the program 2 Second Delay Display date it was created 2 Second Delay Turtle.Move(200) = Turtle moving across the screen. Display Turtle 2 Second Delay Display my name 4 Second Delay End 1
  2. 2. Start Display: user known? New user?User known User known? new user array New user?End (go to “what Enter firstwould you like to namedo now?”) First Name  Save in array Enter last name Last Name  Save in array Enter age Age  Save in array Enter nationality Nationality  Save in array 2
  3. 3. Enter birthday Birthday  Save in array Enter home address Home Address  Save in array Enter phone New phone number numberEnter Entermobile home Mobile Home  Save in array  Save in array Add new phone number? Done? Done End (go to “what would you like to do now?”) 3
  4. 4. Start What would you like to do now? a. Cook book b. Date and time c. Horoscopes d. Music e. Notes f. Paddle Game g. Paint h. Phonebook i. Pictures j. Reading k. Short Movie of the Turtle’s Life l. Simple Calculator m. Change User n. Quit Program Done Cook Book: “Choose type” Breakfast Lunch and dinner DessertNew recipe 4
  5. 5. Breakfast Cranberry Bliss Bars Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Muffins Homemade Pancakes Perfect Scrambled Eggs Cranberry Coffee CakeDisplay Display Display Display DisplayRecipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe(cranberry (cinnamon (homemade (perfect (cranberrybliss bars) chocolate pancakes) scrambled coffee chip muffins) eggs) cakes) New recipe New recipe? Done Done? Lunch and Dinner Hot Red Potato Salad Parmesan Chicken and Rice with Peas Broccoli and Four Cheese Calzones Tortilla Roll-Ups Macaroni’ and Cheese Bake Smoked Salmon Sushi Cucumber 5 1 avacado
  6. 6. Display Display Display Display Display DisplayRecipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe (Parmesan (Broccoli (Tortilla (Macaroni’ (Smoked(Hot Red and Four and Salmon Chicken Roll-Ups)Potato Cheese Cheese Sushi) and Rice Calzones)Salad) with Peas) Bake) New recipe New recipe? Done Done? Dessert Tiramisu Toffee Dessert Dark Chocolate Strawberry cheesecake Homemade Apple Pie Recipe With Fresh Apples Chocolate Soufflé Banana Split Display Recipe Display Display Display Display Recipe Recipe Recipe Recipe Tiramisu Toffee Dessert Dark Homemad Chocolate Banana Split Chocolate e Apple Pie Soufflé Strawberry Recipe cheesecake With Fresh Apples 6
  7. 7. New recipe New recipe? Done Done? Display date and time Done Click `done` to close. “What ıs your horoscope sıgn?”Another one Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Display Leo Virgo scorpio Libra Scorpio horoscope Sagitarrius Capricorn Display aries Display virgo Aquarius Pisces horoscope horoscope Display gemini horoscope Display cancer Display horoscope leo Display pisces Display horosco horoscope Display Display Display libra pe taurus aquarius sagitarrius Display Capricorn horoscope horoscope horosco 7 horoscope horoscope pe
  8. 8. Another one Another one? Done Done? Display: “What would you like to listen?” 1.Coldplay – Life in Technicolor 2.Lady Gaga – Bad Romance 3.David Guetta – One Love 4.Inna – Amazing 5.Metallica – Nothing Else Matters 6.Rihanna – Te Amo 7.Muse – Unintended 8.Linkin Park – New Divide 9.Green Day – 21 Gun 10.Killswitch Engage – My Curse 11.Guns N’ Roses – Catcher in the Rye 12.The Fray – Over My Head 13.Eminem – Beautiful 14.Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me 15.Black Eyes Peas – Boom Boom Pow 16.Beyoncé - Beautiful Nightmare 17.Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife 18.Shiny Toy Guns – Photograph 19.Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me 20.Three Doors Down – Kryptonite 21.The Veronicas – Untouched 22.The Beatles – Yesterday 23.Ke$ha – Tik Tok 24.Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication 25.Tom Boxer – Beautiful WorldPlay Play1 23 Play 3 Play Play 21 24 Play 2 Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play 4 6 8 10 12 16 20 22 25 14 18 Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 Another song? Another song Done Done? 8
  9. 9. Display: ``Paddle Game`` Start (wait until the game is over) Game Over Display: ``Paddle Game Game Over! - Play again? - Done?``Play Again Play again? Done Done? Display: ``Paınt`` Display:` “Edit” “Size of brush:” “Brush Color:” “Shape:” Size of brush Brush Color Shape? 9
  10. 10. Display: Display: Display:“Size of “Brush “Shaper:”brush 1-10:” Color:”1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 Rectangle (Any color can be Cırcle wrıtten by 1 the user and Text 2 ıt wıll be 3 accepted by the program) 4 Rectangle 5 6 Display: “Enter width” 7 8 Display: “Enter length” 9 Display: “Enter x-co-orddinate” 10 Display: “Enter y-co-orddinate” Circle Display: “Enter width” Display: “Enter length” Display: “Enter x-co-orddinate” Display: “Enter y-co-orddinate” Text Display: “Enter width” Display: “Enter length” Display: “Enter x-co-orddinate” 10 Display: “Enter y-co-orddinate”
  11. 11. Go to edit? Edit Go to the painting board? Graphics window painting board. If key ıs pressed... (Show message) Edit Done Go to edit Done Display: “Search:” New entry “New entry” Search the written inputNot found:search again Whether input is found or not? 11
  12. 12. Display the result of search New search New search? Done Done? New entry? Display: “Reading” Display: “Jokes? Short Stories?” “Hıstory of Programmıng and my Adventures ın Programmıng” Jokes? Short Stories?” “Hıstory of Programmıng and my Adventures ın Programmıng” History of Programming“Jokes: Short Stories:ImsomniaWhere you working Eleonora – Edgar Allan PoeBlonde Paint Job The Adventures of Alddin- The Brothers GrimState of the Art The Education vs. The StudentsWatch The Guarded SecretsFunny Quotes F’in’Fast 12
  13. 13. Imsomnia F’in’FastWhere you EleonoraworkingBlonde The Adventures of Alddin- ThePaint Job Brothers GrimState of the The Education vs. TheArt Watch StudentsWatch The GuardedFunny SecretsQuotes Another one Another one? Done Done? Display: Turtle’s Life` Display: Short Life Long Life Short Long 13
  14. 14. Turn Right Turn Right Move 100 Turn Right Turn Right Move 200Move 200 Turn RightTurn Left Move 150Move 400 Turn LeftTurn Left Move 100 in the shoppingMove 450 mallTurn Right Turn LeftMove 100 Move 200ProgramDelay 5 Turn Rightseconds Move 100Turn Left Turn RightMove 40 Move 450Turn Left Turn RightMove 100 Move 100Turn Left Turn Right 14Move 450
  15. 15. Turn Right Move 250 Move 400 Turn Left Turn Right Move 150 Move 500 Turn Left Turn Left Move 500 Move 400 Turn Left Program Move 100 Delay 5 seconds Program Delay 5 seconds Turn LeftMove 200 Turn LeftTurn Right Move 200Move 250 Turn LeftTurn Left Move 400Move 100 Turn RightTurn Right Move 150Move 40 McdonaldsProgramDelay 6 Programseconds Delay 5 secondsWrite: “Isıt deep? Turn LeftLet meswim..” Move 100 Turn Right Move 250 15
  16. 16. Add arectangle Turn Lefton top ofthat Move 50wrıtıng tohıde ıt Turn RightMove 40 Move 250Turn 30 Turn Rightdegrees Move 300Move 100 Turn LeftProgramdelay 6 Move 500seconds Program delay 6Wrıte: seconds“OH NO! IAM Wrıte:DROWNING!” “OH MANNN I AM TOOO DRUNK ANDAdd arectangle TOO HIIIIGHon top of TO LIVE!that wrıtıngto hıde ıt OUCH..HEAR TATTACK”Turtlespeed 10 Add a rectangle on top ofTurn 300 that wrıtıngdegress to hıde ıtMove 250 TurtleIn the speed 10cemetery Turn 180 degress 16
  17. 17. Move 1350 Turn right Move 100 ınto the cemetaryAnotherone Another Done one? Done? Display: `Simple Calculator` Display: ` Multiplication Divison Add Subtract Square Square Root Formulas” `Multiplication Divison Add Subtract Square Square Root 17 Formulas”
  18. 18. Square Square RootMultiplication Division Addıtıon Subtractıon Formula sEnter the Enter the Enter the Enter the Enter the Enter the Area twonumbes: number number:twonumbes: twonumbes: twonumbes: A (lalrgerA and B: A (lalrger A and B number) and Circumfer number) and B(smaller B(smaller num: ence number) number) number: A A Volume : : A num Polynomi A number A A : al : Identities A Square= A B num*num Squareroot Midpoint B : = √number Formula : B Distance B Square B B : Squareroot : Formula B Trigonom BProduct Additio etry= A*B n= A+B SUbtract Result= ion= A-BProduct A/B Addition Subtraction Result Area Circumference Volume Polynomial Identities Midpoint Formula Distance Formula Trigonometry 18
  19. 19. Area: Volume: Distance Trigonometry: Circumfere Polynomial Midpoint nce: Identities: Formula FormulaRectangle Cube Sin Rectangle Difference ofTriangle Rectangular Cos squares Triangle Prism Enter x1: Enter x1:Circle 2 Tan (a+b) Circle CylinderParallelogram =1 Sin Quadratic PyramidTrapezoid Formula MX1 DX1 Cos =1 ConeEllipse Tan =1 Rectangle Triangle Sphere Enter x2: Enter x2: Circle EllipsoidRectangle SinTriangle MX2 DX2 Cos Enter sideCircle Tan =1Parallelogram Sin VC =1Trapezoid Cos Enter y1: Enter y1: =1Ellipse Tan VolumeCube= VC*VC*VC st Enter 1 My1 Dy1 Enter angle side VolumeCube SAa AR1 Enter 1st Enter y2: Enter y2: side SAR= Sin(SAA) nd Enter 2 VRP1 MY2 DY2 side SAR Enter AR2 Enter 2 nd Xmidpoint= Distance=Sqrr angle (MX2+MX1)/2 oot[(DX2- side 2 DX1) +(DY2- CAA 2 AreaRectangl DY1) ] VRP2 e=AR1*AR2 Ymidpoint= CAR= (MY2+MY1)/2 Distance cos(CAA) Enter 3 rd is AreaRectangle side `distance CAR Midpoint is .` Enter (Xmidpoint, Enter base VRP3 Ymidpoint) angle VolumeRectPris TAA m=VRP1*VRP2* 19 VRP3
  20. 20. TAR= TB Differen tan(TAA) ce of VolumeRect Squares Prism TAR Enter Enter a: height Enter corres Enter pondi he’ght ng TH DOSa side length VCyHTriangleAre Enter b: OSSa=(TB*TH)/2 Enter OSSR= radius DOSb Sin- 1 (OSS) Triangle DOS=(a+b)( OSSR Area VCyR a-b) Enter corres Enter VolumeCylınd pondi DOS radius er=pi* ng side VCyR* =(a+b)( length VCyR*VCyH a-b) CR OCS Volume (a+b) 2 Cylinder OCSR=AreaCircle=pi Enter a: cos-*CR*CR 1 (OCS) Enter height OCSR AreaCircle SqA Enter VPyH corres Enter b: Enter pondi base ng side Enter SqB length PB base OTS SqAB=SqA VPyB 2 +2*SqA*S Enter qB+SqB 2 OTSR= height tan- 1 (OTS) VolumePyram id=(1/3)*VPyH DOS OTSR PH *VPyB (a+b)(a- b) Paralellogram Volume Area=b*h Pyramid 20 ParallelogramArea
  21. 21. Enter Quadratic height Formula 2 Enter ax +bx+c height Enter a: VCoH TrpH QFA Enter radius Enter b: Enter base 1 VCoR QFB TrpB1 Enter c: VolumeCon Enter e=(1/3)*pı* base 2 VcoH*VcoR QFC *VCoR TrpB2 Enter x: VolumeCone EnterAreaTrapezoi QFX radiusd=TrpH/[2*(TrpB1+TrpB2)] QFM=[- VSpR QFB- 2 (√(QFB - AreaTrapezoid 4*QFA*QF VolumeSphe C))]/2*QF re=(4/3)*pi* A Enter VSpR*VSpR vertical *VSpR QFP=[- radius QFB+(√(Q 2 FB - VolumeSphere 4*QFA*QF C))]/2*QF EVR Enter 1st A radius Enter QFP horizont VER1 QFM al radius nd Enter 2 EHR radiusAreaEllipse=pi* VER2EVR*EHR AreaEllipse 21
  22. 22. Enter 3rd radius VER3 VolumeEllips oid=(4/3)*pi* VER1*VER2* VER3 AreaEllipse st Enter 1 side CRe1 Enter2n d side CRe2CircRectangle=(2*Cre1)+(2*Cre2)CircRectangle Enter 1st side CTr1 Enter2n d side CTr2 Enter 3rd side CTr3 22
  23. 23. CircTriangle =CTr1+CTr2 +CTr3 CırcTrıangle Enter radius CCR CircCircle=pi *2*CCR CircCircle Another one? Done?Another one Another one? Done Done? 23
  24. 24. Change userChange user Quit Program Thank you! Goodbye! =)Program Delay5 secondsProgram End End 24