Ladybug presentation (Microsoft Small Basic Program)


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A presentation of my first computer program made on Microsoft Small Basic in 10th grade--a reflection. If anyone is particularly interesting on hearing more about the program, you can contact me.

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Ladybug presentation (Microsoft Small Basic Program)

  1. 1. LADYBUG!® Siir Tecirlioglu © 2010
  2. 2. Table of Contents• Introduction• Inspiration• Description of the Process & Production Steps• Research & Findings & Decisions Made• Resulting Product• Project’s Focus on the AIOs Chosen• Difficulties and Problems• Conclusion• Expansion of the Subject
  3. 3. My topic for Personal Project is Computer Sciences and how computers function. Iwanted to write a simple program with a programming language for beginners.
  4. 4. Introduction• The aim of my PP: o Teaching myself & creating something from that knowledge. o Taking responsibilty of my own time & tasks o Learning programming and achiving long-term aim.
  5. 5. Inspiration•• Want to be a programmer in the future the My inspiration was carried throughout• Lucky to find an easy programming language project• ITo never got bored people o More sucess, so inspiration didnt dissappear.• IT people really helped
  6. 6. Description of the Process and Production Steps• Created own timeline• Own production steps for the whole project• Own production steps for the program• Journal helped in organization
  7. 7. **Timeline1. Learn the tutorial of the programming language.2. Research on computer programming3. Decide what to do with the programming language4. Write this down (outline with charts etc)5. Create it on Microsoft Small Basic6. Fix the errors7. Write the reflection essay8. Present in fron of the judges9. Exhibiton
  8. 8. **Own Production Steps for Project
  9. 9. **Own Production Steps for Program
  10. 10. Research , Findings and Decisions Made• Before everything, I made research.• Trying to apply the useful information in my program – For example, “How to please a user?” • Efficiency/performance, reliability, rebustness, usabilty, portability, maintability.
  11. 11. Resulting Product • Program not in 3 languages. I think; • While writing the program, it improved more and • One of the hardest ones made this year more...went beyond my imagination of how it • No errors would be. • Most people like the• 6 weeks on learning it programming • Fixed all errors (a lot)no errors phonebook, • Can languagedo almost anything –games, • Burnt the program to a CD: painting, reading...• 8 weeks for writing the program • More people see it = more comments on how to improve it.
  12. 12. Project’s Focus on the AIOs Chosen•• Human Ingenuity = second first part of project: Approaches to Learning = part of the the • Created own program with own ideas project: • Relation to science and technologyimproves people’s –lives. myself a completely new language Taught • –Programming = solving problems Improved ; • • Every statement brings up a question which creates my learning techniques, • the next statement. self-responsibility , • organization
  13. 13. **Organization Examples
  14. 14. Difficulties and Problems•• Music (missed tasks a few times) Time part •• Files in different folder on each computer Caught up easily becuase of organized timeline • D drive program • Errors in theon one, E drive on other – 2 weeks to working • So, not fix all •–Solution: adding more folderthem becuase; Computer not noticing some of destinations • for Correct song each in computer language • Doesnt make sense to humans when used
  15. 15. **Music Part Solution Example• Sound.Stop ("d:siirschoolpersonal projectmusicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("c:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("e:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("f:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("g:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("h:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("i:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("j:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("k:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")• Sound.Stop("l:musicThe Beatles - Yesterday.mp3")
  16. 16. Conclusion• Beyond initial objectives• Change in intial objective during process• – Not simple program (wanted only Ingenuity Meet all expectations of Human greeting)• If projectexpectations Iof Approaches to Meet all done again, would use a harder programming language to challange myself. learning• Too free – Few official meetings with supervisor
  17. 17. Expansion of the Subject• Could I write a program with a more complicated programming language?• How are Mac, Windows, Linux written with programming languages?• Future of computers• Is programming an art, or and engineering discipline?
  18. 18. THANK YOU! =)