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Information about Posters


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A short powerpoint to give basic information about Posters

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Information about Posters

  1. 1. By: Siir Tecirlioglu
  2. 2. History Of Posters A poster is a piece of paper which is used for advertising. Include texts and pictures. First posters were created in France in the mid 19th century.
  3. 3.  Political posters (can be used for propaganda purposes, national consciousness etc.) Educational posters (research posters, classroom posters etc.) Vintage Posters (cheesecake posters, fan posters, band/music posters etc.) Political Poster
  4. 4.  Advertising posters (can be film posters, comic book posters, event posters etc)
  5. 5. Educational Poster Band/Music Poster (Vintage posters) Cheesecake poster (vintage posters)
  6. 6. Appeal Unity Get a proof Movement Go large for more impact Balance Emphasis Correct colors and layout Print in volume Choose the right paper
  7. 7.  First American poster was an advertisement of a circus made by Matt Morgan (1890).
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