Emotion As A Way of Knowing


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One of the ways of knowing: emotion.

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Emotion As A Way of Knowing

  1. 1. What is it?• A way of knowing• A physiological experience that each and every person has.• can be expressed and seen through a certain behaviour• affects our mood, our reasoning, and our behaviour.• Everyone has a unique way of expressing their emotions• love for one self is what we all have in us• love for family, friends, partners, and animals
  2. 2. How do we use it?• For example, LOVE!• Love is used to express our feelings for somebody.• It can be romantic love, parental love, and friendly one.
  3. 3. • Emotions can be trained and controlled. What about love?YES! You choose who youwant to love! So, it helps indecision making.• SELF INJURY!  one of the reasons ofthis is “to feel emotions more intensely”and it is a way of handling emotionalproblems.
  4. 4. When is it helpful?• EMPATHY – “Empathy is the ability to not only detect what others feel but also to experience that emotion yourself”• Signposts.• Directions.• Alarm Bells.• Pinch.• THEY WARN US. (people with a reliable 6th sense are LUCKY)
  5. 5. When does it deceive us?• when it prevents us from being objective, or it makes us too sensitive.• Can become an OBSTACLE in human relations if it is not mutual.• For example, if a person cares for somebody and that somebody doesn’t feel the same way, that can be a big problem, because this situation can lead to JEALOUSY, misunderstandings and even HATE.
  6. 6. • Strong emotions limit the use of the other ways of knowing – Perception: we might end up judging differently. – Reason: if you are attached to your beliefs too strong, then it can cause lack of open- mindedness. – Language: emotive language.• Appeal to emotion!!!! A FALLACY! • X makes me feel good. Therefore X is true. • Sometimes people go further  EMOTIONAL ABUSE • Ignoring, rejecting, isolating, exploiting, insulting, terrorizing • We might end up being depressed as a result of our intense emotions.
  8. 8. Can we know everything with just the use of emotion? NO!!!• It can provoke the absence of criticism• It can make us too harsh towards a person we don’t like.• we cannot know the truth.• On the other hand, emotions can help us in a situation where we feel that somebody likes or doesn’t like us, therefore we know what that person feels for us.
  9. 9. EMOTIONS LIMIT OTHER FACTORS OFKNOWLEDGE!• For example, I might be so focused on hating something that I see only the negatives but not positives.• It is biased! Changes from person to person. Cannot be used as facts.• We cannot think clearlyNot all emotions can be explained with the useof language. It has wider content.Studies show that without emotions, your lifewould fall apart. For example, you can narrow downyour choices with the use of emotions!
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