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Description of Buddhism. Very short. I was given the task to act like a Buddhist for a week. So, there are my own experiences written as well. No intention of offending anyone.

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  1. 1. Siir Tecirlioglu 1220 November 2011
  2. 2. B My experiences: My experiences:u My experiences: The The 4 3Rebirt Marks My experiences: Impermanence: I have always accepted this in ad Karm Noble way.Intention of harmlessness, honesty to My experiences: Many things affect our lives and changesd Noble Yoga and of I discussed what I couldtrying to have been What comes around, goes happen so easily. possibly can everyone, no craving, around.improve. I believe a Nirvanah Eightfol Meditatio Truths in anotherDO ALLin my previous life… life or OF THEM AT ONCE. HARDapply because nothing is perfect TO Couldn’tBut agree that understanding these Suffering: I not in the reincarnation part. and in it. experiences: Myh Existenc concepts is so hard. just like happiness, suffering is a part of our n d Path Hard to accept the to actingandthis way. my I was getting I make fun of in apply in But concept lives. did theifusedexercises on a youtubei e Many times yoga I something, it life. But time to apply them all flawlessly. I I am not completely rejecting it. it takes happens to I always Not-self: I tried avoiding didn’t see it “I” or Jealousy? Then I too  video but honestly, methe concepts feel anys needed more time. “mine” and thinking of a more general difference. this even be proven? Q: How cant Q: To what extent is this karma? Maybe, concept,but its just impossible to do it for everything. I make my expectationIhappen. my actions don’t believe in this. have control Each rebirthend of place within one of six Way to the takes suffering. 8 sections: over myself. 1. drsti: viewing reality as it is andor leads as Life as we know it ultimately is not justC 1. realms: http://www.youtub • toForce that those who livebe(cycle of 1. beings: drives samsara suffering it the all things • naraka Impermanence:cycle of one of many departure fromappears to in and 2. unhappiness and entry intofor freedom http://www.youtub experiences and rebirth an each suffering Suffering is caused by cravingoften Narakas (Hells) are inconstant, entirely 2. Samkalpa: intention of denial, unsteady and OApQ_iXvwn expressed modedeludedExistence a different as a sharing some space of existence. to being). clinging •Preta: sometimesharmlessness into is with and impermanent. spirit • certainmind, body and brings sense of existence • requires complete(speakingor totruth) Vac: invisible to most peoplethings honesty overcoming of the 3.dependent on external conditions. the H7u0fKCEc humans, but balance 3.2.Suffering ends exist,ayou have to have 4. Karman:of bringing non-harmfulReach Suffering:acting in and use ends. Action to when craving upon oneself •Animals: sharing space roots-- it tobut three unwholesome with humans way Transform state.e liberated the mind • ainevitable results, good or bad, either undisciplined-desire, hatred, and 5. suffering. Nothing life Ajvana: non-harmful livelihood considered another type of is perfect. explore itself and in a reincarnation the other phenomena. 4. Reaching the noor tryingstatefollow delusion lifettans, antigods etc. or in this liberated to improve 6. Vyayama:p •Asuras: demons, such things as “I” 3. Not-self: path laid out by the Buddha. • 7.“mine”. They consciousness. unconditioned areangels etc. •Devas: gods, awareness of presentby the Smrti: spirits, constructed realityt • pausing thewithout any craving activities of the mind in a mind.s state of consciousness. meditation. 8. Samadhi: correct
  3. 3. • Primarily vegetariangeneral Buddhist rule of ahmsa (non- violence)negative karma• Monks and nunseat whatever leftover foods that were given to them, even if there’s meat.• Avoidance of killing plant lifestrictly speakingno root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onion etc)• Some mahayana Buddhists avoid eating strong-smelling plants, such as garlic.• Beans or fruits are common
  4. 4. My experiences
  5. 5. Thankyou!  Sources