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  1. 1. CURRTCULUM VTTAE OF NKI]SENYE MAXIIJELL NKIlMtl PERSONAL DETAILS Surname Full Name (s) Date of Birth ldentity Number Gender Marital Status Nationality Residential Address Nkomo Nkosenye Maxwell 04 September 1982 820904 5349 080 Male Single South African 296 Duze Place Savannah Park Pinetown 3600 083 210 2+26 / 079725 6759 lsiZulu English Good Code 14 EC (DGP Christian Contact Number Home Language Other Language Health Status Driver's Licence Religion EDUCATIONAT QUATIFICATION Last School Attended : Escourt Senior Secondary Last Grade Completed : Grade L2 (Matric) Subjects Done : English lsiZulu Afrikaans Biology Geography . Agricultural Science Business Economics
  2. 2. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES o o a o a Represented School in Soccer Participate in school choir School athletics Fundraising Environmental cleaning EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Name of Company Position Held Duration Reason for Leaving Contact Person Contact Number Name of Company Position Held Duration Reason for Leaving Contact Person Contact Number Contact Person Contact Number Name of Company Position Held Duration Contact Person Contact Number Transformer Treand TechnologY Driver 2004 -20LO Liquidation Stuart Cunningham o79 69s7379 Free State Transformers Driver & Plant Operator 20LO -20Lt Company Retrenched Westly Pelser o82 467 2444 Nico Pelser 084 208 3091 DanielCompass Driver Code 14 16 - 05 -2O!4 to date John 071 680 9218 STRENGTH a a o a a I love to accomplish whatever I set out to do I am people's person Service orientated Optimistic and positive Challenges
  3. 3. 6eneru[ un! furttl @lucntton un! @rutning @uulttl A ruo @oundl SENIOR CERTIFICATE Awarded to NKOSENYE MAXWELL NKOMO tdentitY number 8209045349080 Subjects Passed TuLu : Fitttt l-atgua'ge A{nihaand : Seeond LatEu'ge E;gI-Lah : Seeond Language Bio;I.ogtl GeoqnLaphLl AqrAeil-tura.L Scienee {tilteu Eeononic's Aggnzgatz ***r*r** HGC HGF HGE SGF scE SGD SGF s ******** 60e"- 692 33,3e,-392 . 402-4gz 33,32-39e, 40eo- 49eo 502-592 33,32-392 7 20-949 QERTIFIEDA TRUE COFY SIGNATURE OF OFFICIAI With effect from n Decemben 2oO3 // chief Executive off icer l'/ilZ-e*'e/ This csrtificlto is issusd in south Atrica bv tho Gonorsl rnd Further Education rnd Tt€ining oualitv Assurlnco council' sstsbtishod UV """tio" n oil.i 58 ot 2(81, olsr.ting .5 " UMALUSI "' ETI'DORSEMENT None l CHARGE OFFICE 040 6730 7403 K
  4. 4. TETA Accreclitation Number: TETA o4-rr7 DOTI PRDP (D) zooS/u Cl/tSg/9,/rzlt Gertificate of Gompetence Awarded to Nkosenye Maxwell Nkomo ID Number: Bzog 04 Sg49 o8o Has bgen declared competent in aChieving the outcomes of Co nvey Hazardous / D angerous Goods ByRoad In cornpliance with Chapter 8 of the National Road Traffic Act of 1996 sAeA tri rzgzgg NQF 3 4 Credits zr April zor5 Issue Date zo April zo16 Expiry Date $ean Gray QUALITYASSURER (rilrlFFG!'t oapffied TEnftql REPI'BL}C OF sOIJIfl AFRICA Certificate Number: labour Detwlnrsl Latt!r REPUAUC OF 3OUIX AFRICA QERTIFIED A TRUE COPY DURBAI'I METR0F0LITAN POUCE $ERVIEE 2015 -G0- 3 3 Education lraininE Authoritv HAZ2015-5850