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Carolyn Carlson Company Brochure 2018-2019


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Find here our pieces on tour for the 2018-2019 season

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Carolyn Carlson Company Brochure 2018-2019

  2. 2. From Paris and Lyon to Palermo… the company traverses France and the world with its new offerings: Seeds (back to the land) The latest youth/general public creation, which delights both big and small, features 3 dancers and the little creature Elyx, drawn and animated by YAK, who offers us his tender and off-beat fix on reality. After Paris, Beijing and Moscow, on tour during Spring 18 in Opera Saint-Etienne, Maison de la danse Lyon, Elancourt, Argenteuil, Dinan… Short Stories An ensemble of short pieces offering the choice of the duos All That Falls and Li, and the solis Burning, Density 21.5, In the Night, Mandala and Wind Woman. On tour in Cayenne, Yzeure, Paris and Ascona (CH). A new solo, for a man this time, will be created in 2018! CREATING, RADIATING...
  3. 3. Our complete tour schedule at Poetry Event Within a context of improvisation, dance, readings, visual arts and music are intermingled with snapshots from Carolyn Carlson’s imagination. Conceived and experienced in consonance with the place where it is presented and the artists participating in it, each "occurence" constitutes a unique event, a special moment populated by a poetic expression of infinite liberty. To be seen this season in Grasse (Museum) in May 18. Crossroads to Synchronicity Performed by 6 of the company's leading figures, this work inspired by Carl Jung’s synchro- nicity, lays bare the vital aspirations that inspire us and explores these strange coincidences that resonate in us with such intensity. A journey into today’s and yesterday’s Ameri- ca at the crossroads of singular and universal memories. Premiere in November 17 in Theatre de Rungis, then on tour including in MAC Créteil (April 18), Opéra de Tours (June 18)…
  4. 4. Transmitting, perpetuating The Carolyn Carlson Company is a beehive, a place where creation and transmission are deeply mingled
  5. 5. Transmitting, perpetuating Masterclasses Throughout her career, Carolyn Carlson has taught all around the world, influencing generations of dancers. Performances are regularly accompanied by master classes conducted by the choreographer or workshops led by her dancers, faithful transmitters of her technique and her universe. Repertoire Carolyn Carlson continues to transmit her repertoire to the most prestigious corps de Ballets. If to leave is to remember will be undertaken in 2018 by the ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem (NL) then by the ballet of Teatro Massimo in Palermo (IT). And the Ballet of the National Opera of Helsinki will undertake Pneuma. Carolyn Carlson has also transmitted her solo work in homage to the painter Mark Rothko to the prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot. (Premiered in April 2017 in Houston, USA). From the BnF to Numeridanse In parallel with the mammoth task of archiving undertaken by the BnF (National Library of France) following Carolyn Carlson's gift of her notes and drawings, the digitization of her video archives has now been taken over by the company and has been made available to a large extent on
  6. 6. TRAVERSING, OPENING... Carolyn Carlson's ties to poetry and the visual arts traverse her 3 favorite countries: France, Italy and Finland
  7. 7. More information and videos at The dance of Carolyn Carlson has always been intimately related to the plastic arts, as much in terms of inspiration as by incorporation into her dance. With the ephemeral gesture lies the necessity of fixing the movement on paper. She has painted since the 1970s, and several exhibitions of her calligraphy and drawings will be mounted starting in 2017. After the Museum La Piscine in Roubaix (summer 17), the exhibition will travel to the Museum Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi from March to May 18, as a part of a “Carlson season” in the Tarn (perfor- mances, workshops, events…) Carolyn Carlson has staged the extraordinary voyage of a rebel confronted with the terrifying aspects of his own Self, which are what bring him, ultimately, to love. The first full-length film by the choreographer, co-written with the director Damian Pettigrew, The World is a Wildflower (working title) is a paradigm of the humanity of the artist, an exploration of the crisis at the heart of the human soul where myth and dreams can heal our wounded illusions… Interpreted by 40 dancers and actors. Coproduction Carolyn Carlson Company / Portrait & Cie. Shooting planned in 2018-19. Film Exhibition
  8. 8. Carolyn Carlson | Artistic director Bernard Faivre d’Arcier | President José Sasportes | Vice-president Martine Dionisio | Treasurer Catherine Nabokov | Secretary Dominique Szymusiak, Jean-Pierre Siméon, Christophe Girard | Board members Claire de Zorzi | General manager / Booking | +33 6 14 01 43 00 | Marie Greulich | Tour manager | +33 6 20 47 20 41 | Siham Lahkim | Production and communication manager | +33 7 81 98 97 48 | Guillaume Bonneau | Technical and light manager | +33 6 61 17 70 26 | Hélène de Talhouët | Exhibition project manager | +33 6 03 02 28 54 | Carolyn Carlson Company | | Mailing address | c/o Studio 28 - 28 rue des Champs 59100 Roubaix | +33 3 59 01 46 50 Carolyn Carlson Company thanks all its loyal collaborators, artists and technicians employed on creations, tours, events and projects. Photos credits: Frédéric Iovino, Ripari Young Group, Florent Drillon/ADAMI, Yoshi Omori Inks: Carolyn Carlson Communication Design: Katia Danhier P/O AGNODICE | Siham Lahkim Carolyn Carlson Company is funded by the French Ministry of Culture and receives the support of Tilder