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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. To My Presentation About
  3. 3. Hunger & Poverty
  4. 4. Poverty and hunger is as deep wound which found in many cultures and societies. It is increasing around the world while the world appears to globalize.
  5. 5. Who can imagine that in our developed world which is full of advanced technology, there are lots of people can not even find the necessary food and clean water to help them to stay alive!!! other people throw huge amount of food in the wastebasket everyday!!!
  6. 6. This world hides lots of horrible things behind its beautiful an d innocent mask!!!
  7. 7. The CAUSES
  8. 8. The MAIN factors of Hunger and Poverty
  10. 10. FOOOOOOD!!! give me anything to eat even it was a single piece of bread!
  11. 11. The SECONDARY factors of Hunger and Poverty
  12. 12. dishonesty dependency ignorance apathy disease
  13. 13. Let's watcc Video about Hunger and Poverty
  14. 14. The EFFECTS of poverty and hunger
  15. 15. DEATH diseases life expectancy
  16. 16. Diseases of poverty and hunger reflect the full energy relations between poverty and poor health. Moreover, they are the result of infections diseases which these they are so dangerous, because they will effect to exhaust people's energy. That is the result of reduction of production industrial. diseases
  17. 17. life expectancy is another effect of poverty and hunger. There are a lot of children, especially in poor countries, who die before their fifth birthday. life expectancy
  18. 19. DEATH is one of the terrible results of poverty and hunger. Every year the number of deaths is increasing with real problems, such as the fact that those poor do not have good nutrition, because they do not have enough money to buy good food to be healthy and the prices of food are still rising in their countries. DEATH
  19. 20. The SOLUTION
  20. 21. STOP WAR charity good education food production good projects
  21. 22. All problems can be solved with cooperation in societies. 1- Islam has given people lots of values and solutions to avoid poverty and hunger. For example, the prophet Mohammed ordered people to donate anything and even with a single piece of dates for poor people .
  22. 23. 2- The communities will have to identify the factors of poverty, and take the right action to remove them as the way to eradicate poverty from its root.
  23. 24. The UN has done many things to reduce these problems: 1- war conflict and disagreements between countries, should stop. 2- rich countries should supply and provide poor countries with money and necessary foods and medicine. 3- poor countries should refresh their economy and use their resources, so they will gain great benefits of using their simple resources as food production.
  24. 25. 4- rich companies should establish big projects and factories in poor countries in order to employ people because employment reduces poverty in the world.
  25. 26. 5- the poor countries should encourage people to learn according to the book of global development. Good education and health care are essential for putting people in a proper starting position to take part in the economy.
  26. 27. My perspective about this subject
  27. 28. The destiny is very dangerous and unsafe and nobody can know what will happen to him or her in their life. So, we should do good things and help people who have difficulties, as possible as we can because, one good turn deserve another. As I believe, money is the root of all evil, if we did not use it in a right way.
  28. 29. Group:4 second Year Done By: Siham AL-Aamri