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Buddhism and User Experience. It's not about religion


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My five minutes lightning talk I gave at EuroIA in Edinburgh on 27 September 2013. It’s about the link I have found between Buddhism and user experience or broadly speaking the management of websites. More information about the talk on my website:

Published in: Design, Spiritual, Technology

Buddhism and User Experience. It's not about religion

  1. Buddhism and UX - it’s not about religion EuroIA 2013 Lightning Talk Sigurjón Ólafsson / @sigurjono
  2. 80% of pages 3/4 of words Follow the leaders? Gerry McGovern remove... Steve Krug remove
  3. Screenshot from Tintin movie Dealing with stakeholders
  4. These books can help but... My own bookshelf
  5. Tintin: The Blue Lotus So opium is the solution?
  6. We don’t need more of this Photo: Ólafur Eggertsson Þorvaldseyri
  7. Religion or philosophy? Photo:
  8. Common sense... practical Empathy Calmness Focus Mindfulness Simplicity Knowledge Understanding Practise Photo:
  9. Good Luck and Thanks! More about this talk @sigurjono funksjon.netPhoto Slide 1: