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Zoo Observation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Zoo Observation

  1. 1. Sigrid Hernandez Physical Anthropology Zoo Observation Pictures
  2. 2. Chimpanzees have ischial callosities.
  3. 3. Chimpanzees living together in a multi group of females, males, and infants or a fission fusion society
  4. 4. Orangutan covering his face with a trash can lid
  5. 5. A red Uakari male whose face is a brighter red than the rest is more successful when mating.
  6. 6. Gorilla knuckle walking.
  7. 7. Francois Langur are arboreal primates.
  8. 8. Male gorilla sitting after being
  9. 9. Playful touching and touching between two gorillas.
  10. 10. Kelly, the alpha male gorilla looking to stay cool in the shade.
  11. 11. Gorilla drinking water by using only its mouth.
  12. 12. Gorilla eating lettuce and sitting on the hind legs on top of a rock.