SKY and Signiant


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This presentation delivered by SKY's Fraser Stirling. He explains SKY's video and audio media standards.

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  • We chose the secondEasier to manage and is easier on the system.
  • AVCGood intra frame motion estimation and compensationUnbalanced encode decode modelLarge amount of development is carried out around AVC8x8 macro block with Context Adaptive VLCDiracVC2 At the time there was some interest from manufacturers and broadcastersBalanced model for encode decodeFilter is done on the picture before the entropy encodeOpen source beginningDnXHDVC3DCT based algorithm similar algorithm to MPEG 2Avid main contributors to codec development,Dnx version fixed bit rate according to bit depth, res and chromalumaJP2kFPGA chat4 times the amount of proc powerGod pic qualityAVC can meet the power and PQ of JPEGNot god in TL enviroment
  • SKY and Signiant

    1. 1. Sky<br />Fraser StirlingTapelessMedia Standards<br />
    2. 2. Sky Media StandardsPick a Codec any Codec<br />There are two main concepts when considering media standards for Video and audio<br />Accept and store a variety of different standards for HD and SD, transcoding when required<br />Use an HD codec and SD codec which can be handled natively by the platform as a whole<br />
    3. 3. Sky Media StandardsPick a Codec any Codec<br />More analysis was required for the HD codec decision<br />MPEG 2 was discounted due to it’s limited bit depth<br />Pro-Res was discounted on interoperability grounds<br />The following codec’s were considered;<br />
    4. 4. Sky Media StandardsConclusions<br />A detailed evaluation process of the codecs was performed based on;<br />Picture Quality<br />Interoperability<br />Industry adoption<br />AVC Intra 100 was chosen for HD content<br />IMX 50 was chosen for SD content<br />MXF Op1a standard is being used to wrap video, audio and ancillaries<br />
    5. 5. Sky Media StandardsDon’t Forget Audio<br />Audio is something that Sky takes great pride in<br />A commitment has been made to work with uncompressed audio throughout the chain<br />Multichannel audio metadata will be catered for by using S2020 and S436m<br />This approach will allow us a far more content orientated approach to dynamic range and loudness<br />Dolby D will still be used as transmission format<br />
    6. 6. Sky Media StandardsHow Does This Help File Delivery<br />If files can be delivered in the format which is handled natively to your system then it has great benefits to your output<br />Improvements in processing power is allowing high quality ‘mezzanine’ video formats to be created on a greater percentages of computers<br />Products like Signiant offer integration with the Edit platform vendors making it easier for HD programming to be created and delivered without using tape<br />