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Hulu Use Case


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This presentation explains how Signiant enabled NBC to move over 5000 titles in 2 weeks prior to Hulu launch.

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Hulu Use Case

  1. 1. Hulu Use Case: Aggregation and Distribution Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Use Case: Aggregation and Distribution Impact Enabled NBC to move over Content Partner 5000 titles in 2 weeks prior to Hulu launch Hard automatically and as files Drives Hard Drives over the network – savings Video Portal estimated to be $300k Staging Live Content 1 Mb/s Optimized bandwidth by Servers Servers Servers 800% - savings estimated Internet Broadband Networks to be $100,000s annually Content Servers 135 Mb/s Content Suppliers: Signiant Enabled Film Studios Content Partner TV Networks / Channels Sports Kids Programming TV Replay Copyright 2010 Signiant Inc 2 | Proprietary and Confidential