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Exhibit Flooring Solutions offers a complete line of portable floors for temporary or permanent exhibits and trade shows. We stock unique products to meet nearly any need: everything from multi-colored plastic tiles and practical special event turf to our premier all-wood panel flooring system, plush carpets, and raised platform systems.

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EFS Exhibit Flooring Solutions

  1. 1. www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com | toll free: 800.778.8112 Your flooring partner in creating amazing events, displays and exhibits raised flooring systems hardwood flooring exhibit carpet and turf rolled flooring systems interlocking plastic tiles interlocking carpet tiles custom flooring raised flooring rolled flooring modular flooring
  2. 2. 2 Exhibit Flooring Solutions A division of American Turf and Carpet, LLC East: 4030B Benson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21227 Toll Free: 800.778.8112 Direct: 410.644.0734 West: 11323 Shoemaker Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Toll Free: 800.778.8112 Direct: 562.944.9510 South: 350 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL 32824 Toll Free: 800.778.8112 Corporate Headquarters: Signature Systems Group, LLC 50 E. 42nd Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10017 Toll Free: 800.778.8112 Direct: 212.953.1116 sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com VINTAGE AUTO EXHIBITIONREALITY TV PROMOTION IN NYC SUBWAYBERLIN TRADE SHOW we know
  3. 3. 3 Exhibit Flooring Solutions offers a complete line of portable floors for temporary or permanent exhibits and trade shows. We stock unique products to meet nearly any need: everything from multi-colored plastic tiles and practical special event turf to our premier all-wood panel system, plush carpets, and raised flooring systems. Our product line is constantly evolving to capture new trends in the exhibit industry and currently includes nearly every style of exhibit flooring being used today. No matter what you have in mind, we have a flooring solution sure to suit your design and your budget. All of our products are easily transportable and can be installed by unskilled personnel, making them ideally suited for exhibitor use. Our knowledgeable consultants will happily work with you or your exhibit designer to select the right floor for your application and are able to source unique products for unusual applications if necessary. We encourage you to ask questions about our flooring, compare our products to other systems, and ask for samples. Let Exhibit Flooring Solutions be your resource for portable modular exhibit floors and a source of unique ideas for your next display. As manufacturers, EFS is able to offer competitive pricing, a wide range of exciting flooring solutions, and can quickly ship our products to you worldwide. We are proud to offer you our expertise, unparalleled service, selection, and quality. We understand that choosing a floor for your exhibit booth or tradeshow facility is a critical decision and we are here to help! SAN FRANCISCO STREET EVENTROCK STAR CUSTOM HANDCRAFTED RUGBOSTON CHILDREN’S MUSEUM flooring FLOORING FOR ANY OCCASION: FIND OUT WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO • EXHIBITS • TRADE SHOWS • DISPLAYS • ROADSHOWS • POP-UP STORES • PRODUCT INTROS • MOBILE MARKETING • SPONSORSHIPS
  4. 4. 4 boour clients we think out Our business began with a focus on Exhibit Designers and Builders – and we have done tons of great work in this area. As our expertise and product selection expanded, so did our client base. We now work with anyone and everyone who is looking for a short-term, long-term or permanent flooring solution for any type of exhibit, display or event. No client is too big or too small. Here is the shortlist of people we work with – we hope that soon you will be working with us, too. Exhibit Designers and Builders Event Marketers and Agencies Event Planners Store Designers Visual Merchandisers Experiential Marketers Branding Companies Retail Merchandisers Architects and Interior Designers Show Organizers Event Producers Event Designers Facility Managers table of contents: RAISED FLOORING 6 Raised ShowDeckTM 7 EcoDeckTM and UltraDeckTM 8 SupraDeckTM 9 AlphaDeckTM 10 ExpressDeckTM 11 INTRO 2 THE DNA OF EFS 3 ROLLED FLOORING 12 Carpet, Turf and Synthetic Grass 13 SignaFlexTM 14 Roll-A-FloorTM and Roll-Out Mats 15 RubberDeck® 16 MODULAR FLOORING 17 DazzleDeck 18 ShowDeck 19 RubberDeck, Plushlock and WoodFoam 20 TimberDeluxe 21 TimberClick 22 TimberPro 23 T H E D N A O F our products Over the years, we have developed some of the most innovative products in the event industry. We manufacture all of the products we offer so you can be assured of high-quality products for the best possible prices. Come to us while you are in the planning stages and find out what we can provide. If you don’t see it here, please contact us to find out about our infinite custom possibilities. raised flooring hardwood flooring exhibit carpet and turf rolled flooring systems interlocking carpet tiles custom flooring rolled flooring modular flooring raised flooring
  5. 5. 5 our personal approach oth our pedigree side We specialize in creating amazing exhibits, but we are also experts in providing flooring solutions for some of the biggest sporting and entertainment events in the world along with an endless list of corporate events and sponsorships. We don’t limit ourselves to the big jobs though, we handle smaller jobs for our clients every single day. We said it earlier, but it bears repeating – there’s no job too big or too small. Our work speaks for itself, but here are some of the things we can do for you: Every unique design has its challenges. Whether you’re working inside a booth in Vegas, or out in the middle of Times Square, we can help you with selection, design, fabrication and expert consultation. Our team has been together for 25 years and are experts in all types of events – no matter the size, location or scope. Contact us to find out how we can help with your next project. personalized customer service custom flooring design and fabrication expert flooring advice professional installation services trade shows displays exhibits mobile marketing new product rollouts retail stores PR events street events meetings and conferences consumer events sponsorships marketing initiatives the icon key: You will see these icons throughout this brochure. These icons will give you an easy-to-follow snapshot of the benefits of each product. Heavy Duty Cable Management Water Resistant Sound Absorbant Recycled Materials Indoor / Outdoor Anti-Fatigue No Tools Required Matching Edging Hygienic Properties Simple to Install Ideal for Subflooring Easy to Clean Economical high profile entertainment hundreds of products at your fingertips full line of accessories place online orders even for custom logo rugs and logo turf get samples large-scale sporting events amazing exhibits LIVE CHAT WITH A FLOORING EXPERT When you’re not looking for some of our more specialized consultative services and you know exactly what you want, there’s no easier way to get it than by shopping on our online store. Whether you are a DIY’er looking to outfit a small tradeshow booth, or a PR firm looking to floor a multi-city nationwide mobile roadshow – you can shop 24/7 here. www.shop.exhibitflooringsolutions.com our comprehensive online store you think it up. we make it happen!
  6. 6. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 6 A raised flooring system from Exhibit Flooring Solutions can add dimension, depth, and visual impact to your display or exhibit and allow you to run wires, cables and even plumbing discreetly underneath. Our systems can support extreme weight loads, making them ideal for car shows, heavy machinery, or exhibits when/where you want your product to rise above the rest. learn more about our raised flooring products 8 page • Versatile subfloor • Environmentally friendly • Made from recycled materials • Provides a solid foundation • Transports easily • Easy to set up and reconfigure • Cable-management system • Two different heights available • Carpeted modular staging system • Transports easily • Collapsible risers set up quickly • Easily rearranged for different configurations • Add different levels and construct risers • Staircases, guard rails, and skirting available • Completely modular staging design • Highly adjustable • Easy to assemble and reconfigure • Extremely rugged • For use indoors or outdoors • Complete line of accessories including stairs, ramps, guard rails, skirting • Easily customizable deck surface • Fully custom, top-of-the-line raised flooring system • Can support extremely heavy weights • Each system is custom-built to specifications • Breaks down for easy transport • Edging, steps, and ramps available • Hardwood, carpet, turf, or vinyl surfaces available alphadeck raised showdeck AlphaDeckTM SupraDeckTM ExpressDeckTM supradeckecodeck EcoDeckTM Trade Shows Exhibits Mobile roadshows Public Speaking Platforms Multi-Level Exhibits Raised Runways Retail Displays Trade Shows Public Speaking Platforms Multi-Level Exhibit Floors Retail Display Stands Raised Runways High-end Displays Car Shows Exhibits Recycled, lightweight subflooring system Fully modular staging and platform system Premium, customizable raised flooring system Modular Raised Flooring and Platform System 11 page 9 page 10 page we know raised flooring • Modular subfloor • Easy to assemble and configure • Extremely rugged • For use indoors or outdoors • Cable management • Staple or tape carpet, turf or laminate covering Outdoor Events Large Exhibits or Displays Tradeshows UltraDeckTM Practical and easy to install raised subfloor ultradeck 8 page expressdeck • A variety of colors, including parquet styles • Water-resistant polypropylene base • Easily hide wires under floor • Installs quickly without the use of tools • Easy to transport, store, and clean Raised ShowDeckTM Retail Displays Trade Shows Exhibits Modular, lightweight raised flooring system 7 page
  7. 7. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 7raised flooring Raised ShowDeck™ interlocking vinyl flooring tiles are perfect for your cutting-edge trade show or display booth. They feature integrated cable channels that allow you to run the wires and Ethernet cables powering your display under the floor’s surface, safely hidden away from view and from damage. This enhances both the look and function of your floor: if you can’t see those cables, you can’t trip over them, either! These smooth high gloss tiles feature a palette of 20 contemporary colors that can be combined to create subtle custom designs, wild patterns, or match colors to your company’s logo or theme: these tiles offer you maximum versatility. Your imagination is the only limit! The bases feature a simple to use and very durable snap-and-loop connection system and available sloped edging gives a professional look to the finished floor. • Create dynamic trade show and exhibit floors or retail displays • Available in 20 colors, including wood parquet styles • 12”x12” interlocking tiles • Integrated channels allow cables to be run underneath floor • Durable, hypoallergenic, slip-resistant vinyl • Fun and easy to design, install, and maintain Raised ShowDeckTM MODULAR RAISED FLOORING SYSTEM Lightweight, raised flooring system Material Polypropylene co-polymer High-impact material Module Size 1’ x 1’ x 1.625” high Assembled Size 3’ x 3’ x 1.625” high Weight 1.52 lbs. Connection System Male / Female clip-and-loop Edging 1’ sections snap directly to perimeter of dance floor tile by clip-and-loop system Easy To Clean Easy To Assemble Indoor/ Outdoor Raised ShowDeck vinyl modular tile snap-together construction installs quickly ATAGLANCE Cable Management benefits specs EDGING AND CORNER PIECESCABLE CHANNELS features colors Textured Smooth No Tools Required Matching Edging
  8. 8. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 8 EcoDeck is our innovative raised modular subfloor tiles that overcome the challenges unique to tradeshow exhibitors and create a display subfloor that is affordable, simple to install, and versatile. EcoDeck is made from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. It can be used in booths of nearly any size and is rugged enough to support loads up to 16,000 lbs. After your show, the tiles stack neatly for easy transport to your next show. EcoDeck sets up quickly without tools: the modules lock together securely using innovative plastic connectors. Finish the completed floor with a standard laminate and complete the look with side panels and aluminum frame edging. • Quick and easy to assemble • Modules are 19-3/4” x 19-3/4”, weigh 5.5 lbs. 50% lighter than most wood flooring • Made of 100% recyclable plastic • Easy to reconfigure and ship in convenient pallet-sized panels • Can support up to 16,000 lbs UltraDeck is an extremely versatile, proven raised modular subflooring system that is perfect for trade shows or events where your booth may need to support extremely heavy traffic or equipment. Each tile features integrated cable channels to allow wires and other electrical equipment to run safely beneath the surface of your floor. Installation is quick and does not require trained personnel, special tools or an instruction manual. The assembled floor is extremely durable: when placed on solid ground or on plywood stringers, UltraDeck can support the weight of scissor lifts, forklifts with pneumatic tires, and even light trucks. • No tools required for assembly • Each module is 24” x 12” x 1-1/8” • Vinyl, turf, or carpet can easily be attached to the surface for finished look • Cable management • Very rugged and can support up to 20,000 lbs static load • For use indoors or outdoors EcoDeckTM and UltraDeckTM MODULAR RAISED FLOORING SYSTEMS Lightweight easy-to-assemble subflooring systems EcoDeck / UltraDeck modular raised subfloor assembles quickly cable management supports heavy weights ATAGLANCE ECODECK OPTIONAL 4” FEETECODECK POP-OUT HOLES FOR CABLES Material Recycled plastic. Made of 100% recyclable material Deck Size 19-3/4” x 19-3/4” x 1.5” Weight 5.5 lbs. Connection System Plastic connector pieces joins 2 or 4 decks Edging Optional plastic side panels and aluminum brackets Accessories Optional feet raise floor 4”. A variety of surface lami- nates are available. Heavy Duty Water Resistant Indoor/ Outdoor Cable Management No Tools Required Matching Edging Easy To Clean Easy To Assemble Good Subfloor options benefits specs options
  9. 9. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 9raised flooring SupraDeck If you’re looking for a truly custom, portable floor for your exhibit, our SupraDeck™ is built to your exact specifications and is rugged enough to support the weight of trucks, automobiles and heavy machinery. This premium, heavy-duty raised exhibit flooring system consists of a modular metal understructure that incorporates adjustable foot- pads and is designed to receive a wooden deck. This wooden deck is connected to the sub-structure using specialized locking bolts. Corner sections and transition edges are built to your requirements and are specifically sized to fit your floor. The options available with SupraDeck are only limited by your imagination. • Premium floor built to your specifications • Create any size, shape and design that you can imagine • Customized surfaces include beautiful hardwoods, vinyl, carpet, turf, and many others • Does not require trained personnel or specialized tools • Quick and simple to assemble • Easy to dismantle and store • Breaks down for easy storage and transport • Extremely strong: can support up to 7,000 lbs per sq ft SupraDeckTM MODULAR RAISED FLOORING SYSTEM Premium, customizable raised flooring system Material Frames are made of galvanized steel with plywood sub-surface. Tops are custom made for each customer — including hardwood, carpet, turf and more. Deck Size Custom-made decks. Most commonly used sizes are 2’ x 2’ and 4’ x 4’ Connection System Interlocking structure Options Ramps and edging are available Edging Optional plastic side panels and aluminum brackets Weight Capacity Up to 7000 lb concentrated loads benefits specs features premium raised flooring system completely custom design built to your specs ATAGLANCE Heavy Duty Cable Management RUGGED METAL FRAMECABLE MANAGEMENT
  10. 10. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 10 AlphaDeckTM MODULAR RAISED FLOORING SYSTEM Fully modular raised flooring and decking system The AlphaDeck™ modular staging system is our most popular modular raised flooring option and offers a wide range of adjustability to fit any show or exhibit. This economical elevated flooring can add dimension and visual impact to your display and allows you to run wires, cables and even plumbing underneath for a clean look. Durable metal frames designed specifically for the exhibit industry can support heavy weights, yet are easy to install. The AlphaDeck system consists of 4ft x 4ft or 2ft x 4ft modular deck panels that lock together securely using a simple cam connection system and feature adjustable legs that can be expanded from 4” to 48” high. You can create exciting multi-level display flooring with a combination of our standard platforms raised to different heights. Choose our stock industrial gray plywood finish or add your own top surface for an unlimited range of design possibilities. Order exactly what you need to create your own custom set up and complete your eye-catching, safe, and ADA-compliant raised flooring system with optional guard rails, stairs and ramps. • Use different height platforms to create a multi-level display • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use over uneven surfaces • Optional rubber feet protect sensitive surfaces • Modular decks available in either 4ft x 4ft or 2ft x 4ft sizes • Adjustable legs can be expanded from 4” to 48” high • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly • Plywood inserts easily replaced with custom panels • Optional drop holes allow cable and wiring access CAM LOCK Securely locks decks together DROP HOLE Neatly thread wiring and cables Material Frames are made of galvanized steel, painted black Deck Size 4’ x 4’ 2’ x 4’ Weight 4’ x 4’ : 75 lbs 2’ x 4’ is 51 lbs Loading 160 lbs/sqft Surface Options Gray painted plywood, Gray Carpet, Oak Plank, Maple Plank Options Railings, ramps, skirting, steps, padded feet, cable access Heavy Duty Good Subfloor Easy To Clean Cable Management Indoor / Outdoor benefits AlphaDeck adjustable modular stage indoor and outdoor use rugged construction easily customized ATAGLANCE specs options
  11. 11. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 11raised flooring If your trade show exhibit or display calls for a professional-looking raised platform or stage, the ExpressDeck™ modular staging system will allow you to set up what you need quickly and easily. Because ExpressDeck is designed around modular 4’x4’ sections that lock together securely, you have the freedom to build your own custom system and, as your needs change, so can your stage. Platforms can easily be rearranged to suit any application and the collapsible risers set up in moments. Add different levels, move and attach staircases and guard rails, and completely change the configuration of your platforms in a matter of minutes. The rugged, lightweight stage platforms are made of layered high- density plywood with a reinforced aluminum frame and are finished with dark gray carpet that provides a non-slip surface. ExpressDeck is affordable, lightweight, simple to assemble, store and transport but has surprising durability: each platform can hold up to 2,960 lbs. per module and your stage will last for years. • Great for trade shows, exhibits, displays, demonstrations, performances, special events, speeches, rallies and more • Easy to set up, dismantle, transport, and store • Each assembled platform weighs 60 pounds and can support 2,960 lbs • Neighboring platforms lock together to form larger stages • Choose convenient kits or design your own staging system • 8”, 16”, 24”, and 32” risers available • Add guardrails, stairs and skirting • Heavy duty flight-cases are available to transport and store your stage ExpressDeckTM MODULAR RAISED FLOORING SYSTEM Lightweight Portable Aluminum Staging Portable Risers ExpressDeck PLATFORM Size 4’ x 4’ x 1.25” Weight 57.5 lbs (26kg) Materials Layered high density plywood, Aluminum profile, Heavy duty gray carpet surface Weight Capacity Supports up to 185 lbs / sq ft (2960 lbs per 4’ x 4’ platform) Features Integrated interlocking system, reinforced metal corners Heavy Duty Cable Management Easy To Assemble Ideal For Subflooring EASY ASSEMBLY Secures with hex key and is completely modular ENDLESS APPLICATIONS benefits specs features modular staging system carpeted surface sets up quickly wide range of accessories ATAGLANCE RISERS PLATFORM COMPLETE STAGE =+
  12. 12. 12 Exhibit Flooring Solutions can supply you with a broad selection of high-quality rolled flooring options to help you create the perfect, seamless floor for your trade show booth or display. Our rolled floors are durable, install quickly, and roll up easily for transport to the next venue, saving you flooring rental costs on site. These affordable materials come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures. Artificial turf, rolled wood-look vinyl, carpet, industrial vinyl can all be used in imaginative ways to complete the look you want and help reduce the fatigue that results from spending long hours on your feet. learn more about our rolled flooring products 14 page • Rolled vinyl alternative to hardwood • Look and feel of real wood • Shock-absorbent / anti-fatigue • Easily cut to fit space • Very lightweight • Rolls up for easy transport • Shock-absorbent • Anti-slip surface • Rugged and durable • Easy to transport and install • High performance and commercial-grade vinyls • Lightweight • Easy to transport, set up and install • Affordable and practical • Variety of colors and textures • Incredibly versatile • Huge variety of colors, styles and textures • Easy to install using staples, nails or tape • PMS-color matching available for carpet • Custom logos - our specialty! • Variety of colors, styles and textures • Durable, indoor and outdoor use • Custom logos available Carpet Roll-A-FloorTM Roll-Out Mats Turf and Synthetic Grass Rolled RubberTM turf and synthetic grass signaflex SignaFlexTM Exhibit Floors Retail Display Spaces Trade Shows Exhibit Floors Retail Display Spaces Trade Shows Exhibit Floors Retail Display Spaces Trade Shows Exhibit Floors Retail Display Spaces Trade Shows Tents Galas and Events Exhibit Floors Retail Display Spaces Trade Shows Tents Simulated wood, rolled flooring Wide selection of carpet Indoor and outdoor durable synthetic flooring Durable rubber flooring Economical Vinyl Flooring Options 16 page 13 page 15 page 13 page we know rolled flooring roll-a-floor and roll-out mats rolled rubber carpet
  13. 13. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 13rolled flooring CARPET: Whether you need to cover the floor of a standard trade show booth or an entire exhibit hall, we have a range of carpet styles designed specifically to handle the intense use they will experience during a long season of shows. These materials are economical, can cover large areas quickly, and will help attract visitors with a wide selection of vivid colors that complement the design and style of your space. ARTIFICIAL TURF: Exhibit Flooring Solutions provides top-of-the-line Artificial Turf products for your exhibit space. We are a world-leading provider of creative solutions for many different industry exhibits and displays for sports products, construction and landscaping equipment, industrial products, and many others. We offer a complete line of products to suit every floor covering need, application, and budget. Many more standard colors available Many more standard colors available SYNTHETIC GRASS: Synthetic Grass is a durable surface designed to simulate the beauty of natural grass and is soft, silky, resilient, and durable. Its porous, heavy-duty backing makes it ideal for outdoor trade shows because it allows water, spills and rainfall to easily drain. It is simple to care for and will not fade, even after years in direct sunlight. Carpet, Turf and Synthetic Grass We offer an extensive selection of high-quality exhibit carpet turf and synthetic grass Anti Fatigue Economical Sound Absorbent Landscape Light Pet TurfNylon Putting Green Carpet, Turf and Synthetic Grass Anti Fatigue Economical Sound Absorbent Easy to Clean Anti Fatigue Economical Sound Absorbent Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Easy to Clean carpet colors turf colors synthetic grass benefits Carpet • Variety of styles and construction • Wide range of colors • 10’ wide rolls fit easily into booths • Stain and fade resistant • Flame retardant • Custom color matching and inlaid logos available • Pre-cut carpet runners ready to ship Turf and Synthetic Grass • Provides look of realistic grass • Variety of styles and textures to fit any budget • Extremely durable • Can be used indoors or outdoors • Flame retardant • Realistic grass look • Inlaid logos available 13
  14. 14. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 14 SignaFlexTM ROLLED VINYL FLOORING Simulated wood floors that roll out quickly to create an elegant exhibit floor Create a beautiful trade show flooring that feels great underfoot, too! Our SignaFlex™ rolled vinyl flooring trade show flooring material is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to allow for great flexibility when you’re planning an eye-catching display and provides an affordable alternative to heavy wood flooring. If you prefer a solid color to a wood-look, SignaFlex also comes in several attractive colors. SignaFlex deploys quickly and easily using double-sided grip tape, and the finished surface provides a beautiful hardwood look and excellent shock- absorption. You’ll save on shipping and costly convention labor as it is installed easily by one person and weighs less than 1 pound per square foot. The material can be cut to any size as required: standard rolls are 6.5mm thick and come in 5’11” rolls that are 49’ long. SignaFlex is an ideal flooring option for those looking for an attractive, durable, practical, and easy-to-install alternative to carpet or more expensive wood flooring. SignaFlex looks like real wood flexible and cushioned durable easy to install ATAGLANCE Top Material Polyurethane top coat / 100% vinyl wear layer Middle Material Graphic layer and reinforced woven glassfiber inner layer Bottom Material Closed cell foam backing Loading 160 lbs/sqft Standard Roll Sizes 4.5mm x 5’11” x 65’6” 6.4mm x 5’11” x 49’, 8mm x 5’11” x 36’ Anti Fatigue Easy To CleanHygienic Sound Absorbant benefits colors specs Vinyl wear layer for superior durability Beautiful graphic layer for greater aesthetics. Bottom layer is a closed cell foam backing for excellent cushion, support and stability - no shifting underfoot. Middle layer is reinforced woven glassfiber for dimensional stability. how it works
  15. 15. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 15rolled flooring Roll-A-Floor™ and Roll-Out Mats are easy-to-install flooring options that come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to match the look of your display and add visual impact. These anti-fatigue flooring solutions provide cushioning for long trade show days and, when the show is over, you can simply roll up your floor and bring it to the next location. Our rolled floors are made from durable materials and will last for many years of repeated installation, use, transportation, and storage. Why waste money renting worn out, generic flooring at each trade show you attend when you can simply roll out a floor that perfectly matches the design of your exhibit? For elegant style with a cushioned feel, take a look at our Roll-A-Floor. If your exhibit calls for a more industrial look, choose the rugged anti- fatigue Roll-Out Mats. Roll-A-Floor: • Affordable and practical alternative to wood flooring • Several colors/styles to match your décor • Absorbs shock, reduces fatigue • Durable UltraTec™ vinyl laminate • Lays flat, easily secured with double-sided tape • 12’ wide and custom cut to your specified length • Easily handled by one person • Stain, mold, and mildew resistant • Contributes to good indoor air quality: FloorScore™ Certified Roll-Out Mats: • Textured commercial-grade polyvinyl flooring • Chemical resistant • Durable, lightweight and easy-to-install • Rugged, industrial look • Variety of available colors and textures • Lays flat, easily secured with double-sided tape • Easy to clean Roll-A-Floor Roll-Out Mats ROLL-A-FLOOR Material Vinyl laminate top with closed cell foam backing Roll Size 12’ wide x 100’ long. Rolls can be custom cut lengthwise Thickness 1.85mm Weight .30 lbs/sq ft ROLL-OUT MATS Material 100% PVC Roll Size 10ft wide x 24ft long. Custom cuts are available. Weight 161-170 lbs, depending on pattern Thickness .075” Roll-A-Floor Roll-Out Mats Anti Fatigue Heavy Duty Anti Fatigue Easy To Clean Easy To Clean benefits specs affordable easy to install shock-absorbent durable ATAGLANCE colors Roll-A-FloorTM and Roll-Out Mats ECONOMICAL ROLLED VINYL FLOORING OPTIONS Practical, cushioned vinyl floors that fit into any budget Hygienic Water Resistant Easy To Assemble No Tools Required Indoor/ Outdoor
  16. 16. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 16 RubberDeck® ROLLED RUBBER FLOORING Practical, shock-absorbent vinyl rolls RubberDeck™ offers an ideal solution for your exhibit booth when cushioning is necessary to keep your visitors happy and the staff working at optimal performance. RubberDeck mats are designed to handle the torque and stresses of heavy use, making them perfect for heavily trafficked show floors and are a suitable base for equipment and vehicles. These heavy-duty rolls are made from environmentally- friendly, 100% recycled rubber. RubberDeck is available in solid black and a wide variety of flecked colors to match the design of your exhibit or booth. If you prefer, we can also custom-match PMS colors, although custom colors require a minimum order size and are subject to a small up-charge. If you need RubberDeck’s anti-fatigue properties but want a different look for your display, you can easily apply carpet or turf to the surface of your floor. • Provides excellent cushioned support • Very easy to set up and transport • Made from 100% recycled rubber • Available in rolls or interlocking tiles (refer to p. 20) • Solid black or a variety of flecked colors • Available in 6mm or 9mm thicknesses RubberDeck shock-absorbent anti-slip surface rugged easy to install ATAGLANCE Material Recycled rubber and polymer binding agents Thicknesses 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8” Standard Roll Sizes 48” x 25’ and 48” x 50’ Anti Fatigue Easy To CleanHygienic Sound Absorbent benefits colors specs
  17. 17. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 17modular flooring A modular trade show or exhibit floor from Exhibit Flooring Solutions offers tremendous versatility and gives you the ability to quickly set up, break down, and transport your trade show booth from venue to venue with a minimum of hassle. Our flooring products will allow you to create a style that will highlight your wares or services: warm or industrial, sophisticated or casual, EFS has a solution to fit your style and budget. learn more about our modular flooring products 18 page • Interlocking plastic tiles • Variety of colors and surface textures • Mix and match colors and styles • Create a custom look on a budget • Elegant, real wood parquet • Snap-together modular base tile • Installs quickly • Portable • Easy to maintain • Hardwood or vinyl laminate • Elegant, classic look • Simple installation • Works with or without a subfloor • Large-panel modular hardwood system • Top-of-the-line event floor • Professional, high-quality finish • Matching solid wood edging • Colorful, low-cost solution • Shock absorbent / anti-fatigue • Interlocking tiles set up quickly • Lightweight • Easy to transport • Vinyl interlocking floor tiles • Wide variety of colors • Innovative and fun • Raised version available timberpro PlushLockTM RubberDeckTM Wood FoamTM Tiles TimberDeluxeTM TimberClickTM TimberProTM ShowDeckTM DazzleDeckTM Retail Displays Exhibit Floors Trade Shows Car Shows Retail Displays Exhibit Floors Trade Shows Retail Displays Exhibit Floors Trade Shows High-End Retail Displays Exhibit Floors Trade Shows Mobile roadshows Retail displays Tradeshows Retail Displays Exhibit Floors Trade Shows Interlocking plastic tiles for exhibit floors Lightweght, shock-absorbent interlocking tiles Interlocking, colorful vinyl tiles Interlocking parquet wood tile system Interlocking plank-style wood system Interlocking premium wood panel system 19 page 21 page 22 page 23 page 20 page we know modular flooring timberdeluxe showdeck interlocking tiles dazzledeck timberclick
  18. 18. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 18 DazzleDeckTM INTERLOCKING PLASTIC TILES Mix and match tiles to create a truly unique and multi-purpose display floor Our DazzleDeck™ interlocking plastic tiles offer tremendous versatility when designing your exhibit. Available in 3 different surface textures and 14 colors to fit the look of your booth or event, you can match corporate colors, simulate an industrial site with our diamond plate design, or build a striking black and white floor. Customize the look of your exhibit: mix Diamond, Mesh, and Smooth tiles to create a truly unique and multi-purpose display. The options are endless! Each 1’x1’ tile sits on over 900 ribbed support pillars for kinetic impact and shock absorption. These ribs help distribute weight and allow water and other liquids to flow underneath. DazzleDeck is made out of a high-impact polypropylene co-polymer material that requires no tools to assemble and features 7 connections per edge, more than are available on any other system. This simple snap-connection system requires no tools and installs in minutes. • Sturdy 1’x1’ tiles allow maximum versatility • Easy to set up and break down • Lightweight design suitable for indoor or outdoor use • Requires no tools to connect or disconnect tiles • Durable and simple-to-use 7-loop connection system • High-impact polypropylene co-polymer construction • Chemical, oil, and heat resistant • Transport carts and matching edge pieces available The sturdy, interlocking DazzleDeck tiles can support heavy weights and are a great option for auto shows, outdoor events, or displays where dirt or fluids may be a concern: all of the DazzleDeck tiles are chemical, oil, and heat resistant. For a truly unique exhibit, we can even custom-match PMS colors. Please note that custom colors require a minimum order size and are subject to a small up-charge. DazzleDeck colorful and durable easy to install chemical resistant lightweight design ATAGLANCE Tile Size 1’ x 1’ x .45” Weight Diamond: 1 lb. Mesh: .725 lbs. Smooth: .9 lbs. Edging Black plastic edging is available Easy To Clean Economical Water Resistant benefits colors specs No Tools Required Easy To Assemble Matching Edging Indoor/ Outdoor mesh smooth diamond provides an industrial look all purpose, general use provides drainage and a sporty look CONNECTION SYSTEM details CUSTOM POSSIBILITIES
  19. 19. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 19 ShowDeckTM INTERLOCKING VINYL TILES Mix and match tiles to create a truly unique and multi-purpose display floor modular flooring Our colorful ShowDeck™ interlocking vinyl flooring tiles will change the way you think about exhibit flooring forever and offer a myriad of creative opportunities. Design a spectacular floor for your trade show or exhibit space that will showcase your product or services: the results can be subtle or wild. ShowDeck is ideal for any type of special event, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is extremely popular for retail displays, trade shows and exhibitions. DIY’ers will love ShowDeck’s simplicity and affordable price; pros will appreciate the design possibilities the tiles offer. Hundreds of patterns can be created using a wide selection of contemporary colors, including two different styles of simulated parquet wood. The modular floor tiles are 1ft x 1ft x ½” weighing less than 2 lbs each, and use our industry-leading, 7-loop snap-connection system for a simple installation without tools. The small tile size allows you to create any size display floor you want and can wrap neatly around poles or corners – an advantage over a large-panel system. ShowDeck is available in two heights - our standard 3/8” tray and our Raised version with a 1.625” tray - which allows you to run wires and cables underneath (see p. 11 for more info on Raised ShowDeck). This simple concept is a revolution in vinyl tile, introducing a myriad of designs, and the flexibility to complement any design aesthetic or color scheme with a custom floor covering. The design process is fun, the results are spectacular, and the possibilities are endless. • Create dynamic trade show and exhibit floors or retail window displays • 12” x 12” interlocking tiles available in a variety of colors • 1.625”-high Raised ShowDeck allows cables to be run safely under floor • Durable, slip-resistant vinyl • Hypoallergenic • Easy to design, install, and maintain • Mix and match 20 colors • Smooth and textured finishes ShowDeck benefits specs premium modular tiles wide range of colors easy to install lightweight ATAGLANCE Matching Edging Easy To Assemble No Tools Required Tile Size 1’ x 1’ x .45” Weight 1.25 lbs. Edging Black plastic edging is available CONNECTION SYSTEM details PLASTIC EDGING colors Textured Smooth
  20. 20. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 20 RubberDeckTM , PlushLockTM and Wood FoamTM Tiles INTERLOCKING TILES Modular flooring in three different materials to suit your project Interlocking Carpet, Rubber and Wood Foam Tiles provide an extremely shock absorbent, anti-fatigue surface for your exhibit or trade show booth. These products offer different styles to match your display and are simple to transport and install. RubberDeck is ideal when cushioning is necessary to keep your visitors happy and your staff working efficiently. RubberDeck interlocking tiles are designed to handle the torque and stresses of heavy use, making them the perfect choice for heavily trafficked show floors and are a suitable base for equipment and vehicles. These interlocking 24”x 24” tiles are simple to install, are available in a variety of colors, provide a nearly seamless surface once assembled, and are made from environmentally-friendly 100% recycled rubber. Our 6mm RubberDeck is also conveniently available to purchase online in boxes of 9 tiles (23” x 23” each, 33 total sq/ft) in your choice of black, black with blue flecks, and black with gray flecks. If you spend long days working at a tradeshow, you know how important it is to have something comfortable underfoot. Our PlushLock interlocking carpet tiles are an extremely lightweight, inexpensive way to provide an attractive, shock-absorbent floor for your exhibit. A 100 sq.ft floor weighs only 20 pounds and can be shipped via UPS. The interlocking carpet tiles do not require tools to install and the puzzle-style connections make set up and break down a snap: a 10’x 10’ exhibit space takes less than 10 minutes to install. If desired, the tiles can easily be trimmed to fit any size or shape exhibit space. PlushLock trade show carpet tiles are comprised of 2 layers. The top layer is polyester carpet fiber and the bottom layer is made of EVA foam. EVA makes an ideal sub-surface for portable tiles as they are non-toxic, waterproof and do not emit any type of odor common to rubber tiles. Plus the EVA foam sub-surface provides cushion, insulation and sound absorption. Wood Foam Tiles are very similar to our PlushLock tiles and have the same shock-absorbing qualities, but with a realistic wood look that will lend a warm, elegant feel to your trade show exhibit or booth. The tiles are also comprised of two layers: a top vinyl layer with highly realistic, printed wood designs and a durable layer of shock-absorbent foam that reduces fatigue caused by long hours spent standing at an event or trade show. Interlocking Tiles shock absorbent affordable variety of colors and styles ATAGLANCE Easy To Clean Economical benefits specs No Tools Required Easy To Assemble PLUSHLOCK INTERLOCKING CARPET Size 23” x 23” 25 pieces make up 100 sq. ft (including edging) Thickness 5/8” Weight 1.2 lbs. each Edging Matching edging is included RUBBERDECK INTERLOCKING TILES Material Recycled rubber and polymer binding agents Tile Size 3/8” x 24” x 24” Weight 2 lbs/sq ft RD In A Box 6mm x 23” x 23” WOOD FOAM INTERLOCKING TILES Material Top vinyl layer. Bottom layer is high-density closed cell EVA foam Tile Size 5/8” x 2’ x 2’ Weight 1.28 lbs.
  21. 21. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 21 Material Oak parquet wood insert into a PVC tray Tile Size 1’ x 1’ x .787” (transportable in 3’ x 3’ sections Weight 1.91 lbs. each Connection Male-female 7-loop snap connection Edging 1’ long black and matching colored plastic edging available modular flooring The TimberDeluxe™ snap-together interlocking tile system will give the warm look and feel of real wood to your tradeshow or exhibit and is our simplest real-wood flooring system to install and maintain. It uses real dark or light oak parquet set into in a color-matching polypropylene co-polymer base that is 1’ x 1’ x ½’’ and comes pre- assembled into 3’ x 3’ panel sections to simplify installation. Each tile weighs less than 2 pounds and comes with beveled plastic edging. TimberDeluxe is distinguished by its unique construction. Unlike other wood tiles on the market, it offers a snap-and- loop connection system that features an industry-leading 7 connections per edge to ensure that your exhibit floor will hold up over time. The snap-and- loop connection system also allows for easy installation without tools or training: two people can complete a 10’ x 10’ exhibit space in less than 10 minutes. The plastic base tray is resistant to water and moisture, conforms to most surfaces, and is light enough to carry from tradeshow to tradeshow. Channels underneath the tray allow for drainage in the event of an accidental spill. Edging is available for all borders and corners if necessary and cleaning TimberDeluxe is easy, especially with our specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner. • Elegant, real-wood parquet surface • Snap-together modular base tile • Installs quickly • Portable, easy-to-maintain • Available color-matched sloped edging • Lightweight for easy transport • Several colors available • Works with our wheeled transport cart TimberDeluxe Easy To Clean Economical benefits specs classic and elegant solid wood surface simple to install color-matched edging ATAGLANCE TimberDeluxeTM INTERLOCKING HARDWOOD FLOORING Modular parquet wood floor tiles with a durable plastic base Matching Edging Easy To Assemble No Tools Required colors CONNECTION SYSTEM PLASTIC EDGING details
  22. 22. EFS EXHIBIT FLOORING SOLUTIONS | toll free: 800.778.8112 east coast direct: 410.644.0734 west coast direct: 562.944.9510 22 TimberClickTM MODULAR PLANK FLOORING Practical and elegant hardwood display flooring TimberClick modular plank-style exhibit flooring system has a spectacular look and is very simple to install. No tools or adhesives are required to assemble this unique tongue-and-groove display floor. Plank flooring has a classic style and the floor is low-profile, making it perfect for use on top of your existing AlphaDeck modular stage or EcoDeck subfloor. Sloped edging is available to finish your completed floor if you prefer and the system’s light weight makes it exceptionally easy to transport and store. TimberClick is available in 2 styles – practical vinyl laminate and elegant real hardwood. • The unmistakable look and feel of real wood • Planks are 3.25” wide x 18”-48” long x 0.375” thick • Scotchguard™ Advanced Repel Technology • Easy to install and dismantle without tools or adhesives TimberClick lightweight design no tools required transports and stores compactly ATAGLANCE TimberClick Wood Material Hardwood Plank Size 3.25” wide x 3/8” thick. Lengths available from 18” x 48” Connection Tongue-and-groove. No tools. Edging Match edging is available TimberClick Laminate Material Wood base with vinyl laminate top Plank Size 7.5” wide x 5/16” thick x 47.5” long Connection Tongue-and-grove. No tools. Edging Match edging is available benefits specs Easy To Clean Easy To Assemble colors HARDWOOD VINYL
  23. 23. sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com | www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com 23 Material Solid Oak Size 39” x 39” x .75”h Weight 25 lbs. Connection Choose Slide and Snap System or Cam Lock System Edging Matching solid wood edging is available modular flooring TimberPro modular hardwood flooring is our top-of-the-line product, with a gorgeous, high-quality professional finish that will bring your display to life. Each hand-crafted tile is 39’’ x 39’’ x ¾’’ solid oak, maple or espresso finish attached to an aluminum frame and weighs only 25 pounds. TimberPro is the only portable hardwood floor that offers matching wood edging to finish off the floor Set up is simple: choose between our aluminum cam- lock connection system and our unique slide-and- snap system that does not require any tools for assembly. Neither system requires special skills to install or dismantle, saving you valuable set up time on site. In addition to its unparalleled style, TimberPro is also a sprung or “floating” floor and will provide a softer feel underfoot for your employees and the attendees visiting your exhibit space. • Large-panel modular hardwood system • Top-of-the-line event floor • Beautiful, high quality professional finish • Matching wood edging • Only 25 lbs. per panel • Panels are 39” x 39” x ¾” for compact storage • All aluminum extrusions for lighter weight • Custom transport carts hold up to 25 panels • Long life and low maintenance TimberPro benefits specs real wood surface large-panel system shock absorbent ATAGLANCE TimberProTM INTERLOCKING WOOD FLOOR PANELS Premium interlocking wooden floor system Matching Edging No Tools Required colors features REAL WOOD EDGINGSIMPLE CONNECTION SYSTEM
  24. 24. www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com | toll free: 800.778.8112 raised flooring systems hardwood flooring exhibit carpet and turf rolled flooring systems interlocking plastic tiles interlocking carpet tiles custom flooring Exhibit Flooring Solutions 4030B Benson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21227 Your flooring partner in creating amazing events, displays and exhibits toll free: 800.778.8112 sales@exhibitflooringsolutions.com www.exhibitflooringsolutions.com A division of American Turf and Carpet, LLC