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American turf and carpet brochure

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American turf and carpet brochure 2014

  1. 1. The Premier Choice for Premier Events since 1992
  2. 2. ATC IN ACTION ATC transforms a mega tent into a sports fan’s paradise at the big game. Textured sisal carpeting provides a natural element to this elegant outdoor event. A magnificent real wood floor for Mercedes-Benz at Pebble Beach A beautiful custom floor doesn’t have to be expensive. The possibilities are endless. We can change the streets of L.A. into the premiere red carpet event of the year. A nightclub magically appears on an arena floor. 2 2 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE CONTACT US AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET IS THE NATION’S OLDEST AND LARGEST PROVIDER OF FLOOR COVERING PRODUCTS TO THE SPECIAL EVENT INDUSTRY. American Turf and Carpet A division of Signature Systems Group, LLC 50 E. 42nd Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10017 American Turf and Carpet, LLC (ATC) was formed in 1992 by event professionals looking to meet the unique and demanding needs of customers in the special events industry. ATC was founded with the belief that consistent quality, extraordinary service, rapid delivery times, and flexibility would enable it to rise to the top of the special events field. Since then, ATC has grown into the nation’s largest supplier of artificial turf, event carpet, carpet runners, logo rugs, carpet accessories and installation services. From its humble beginnings in 1992, ATC has expanded to four strategically located offices and is now the nation’s only full-service special event floor covering provider offering a comprehensive range of floor covering options chosen to address the specific needs and demands of the tent renter and event professional. In 2008, ATC was acquired by Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems, LLC – the world’s leading manufacturer of event flooring systems, including EventDeck, UltraDeck and ArmorDeck tent flooring, DanceDeck dance floors, AlphaDeck staging and DuraDeck portable roadways. As part of the Signature family, American Turf and Carpet now has access to a wide array of temporary fencing and flooring products and can meet an even broader range of event needs. Staffed by special event professionals with over 20 years experience in the tenting, staging and special event industry, ATC professionals are on call 24/7 to assist our customers. Our commitment to providing industry-leading customer service has been the hallmark of our company for the past two decades and we pledge to maintain this level of service. When it comes to the special event industry, ATC is much more than just another carpet vendor. SALES AND DISTRIBUTION OFFICES East Coast Office 4030B Benson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21227 Toll Free: 800.275.5298 Direct: 410.644.0734 Fax: 410.644.0738 Central Office 350 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL 32824 Toll Free: 800.279.1507 Fax: 407.330.5823 West Coast Office 13707 Marquardt Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Toll Free: 800.584.7475 Toll Free: 800.952.8847 Direct: 562.944.9510 Fax: 562.944.9520 CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Corporate Headquarters Signature Systems Group, LLC 50 E. 42nd Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10017 Toll Free: 800.569.2751 Direct: 212.953.1116 Fax: 212.953.1117 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 33
  4. 4. INSIDE: WHAT WE DO SPORTS We can supply complete turnkey flooring solutions for your large-scale sporting event, from portable roadways and tent subflooring to custom branded VIP suites and hospitality areas. RED CARPET + ENTERTAINMENT We are the preferred provider for many of the most prestigious award shows, movie premiers and charity events. Your projects may not be this big, but they can be just as special. TENT EVENTS+ TRADE SHOWS We do more than just supply products for your special tent event or exhibition. Our company is staffed exclusively with special event professionals with years of experience that can coordinate with you from conception to installation to tear down. BALLROOM We work with some of the best resorts and hotels to completely transform their ballrooms, meeting rooms and lobbies to create a custom décor suited specifically to the event. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION We install everything from small patches of turf to incredibly large stretches of red carpet and everything in between. Our professional installation services aren’t just an added feature of ATC, but a source of pride. 4 4 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 6 8 10 12 14
  5. 5. WHAT WE SELL SPECIAL EVENT AND TRADE SHOW CARPET For indoor and outdoor events: Movie premieres, galas, weddings, corporate events and trade shows. ARTIFICIAL TURF For indoor or outdoor events, golf tournaments and corporate events. Available in 20+ colors. 16 PORTABLE DANCE FLOORS + STAGING 18 FENCING + CROWD CONTROL barricades for Portable upscale PVC fencing and crowd control 23 PORTABLE FLOORING + ROADWAYS 24 Complete line of modular, portable dance floors and staging for indoor and outdoor events. 22 special events. CUSTOM LOGO + BEVELED RUGS 19 Handcrafted rugs of any size, shape, pattern, design, logo and color. CUSTOM FLOORING + SPECIALTY SURFACES Unique and custom flooring options designed from the ground up around your specific décor needs, we specialize in custom textures and materials specific to your application. Complete line of modular, portable flooring for tents and events and complete line of roadways designed to provide access. 20 COMMERCIAL / CORPORATE CARPET 26 For the ballroom, board room or anything in between. Commerical-grade carpets for hundreds of applications. AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 55
  7. 7. ALWAYS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE, NO MATTER HOW BIG THE GAME ATC is the industry leader for large scale sporting event flooring. SPORTS EVENT PRODUCTS From our portable roadways and temporary tent/stadium flooring products to our custom wood, vinyl and carpet products, we have exactly what you need for your event. ARTIFICIAL TURF • PAGE 18 • Hospitality suites CUSTOM LOGO RUGS • PAGE 19 • VIP skyboxes • Custom corporate branding and sponsor logos • Pedestrian walkways and portable roadways • Raised flooring and risers Most large scale sporting events require custom tents and floors for hospitality areas, VIP skyboxes, etc. These areas are usually corporate sponsored and nothing is more important to your company or client than the promotion of the brand itself. Custom branding should not be limited to graphics on the walls. Why not incorporate your brand into the largest and most visual area of the tent – the floor itself? SPECIALTY FLOORING • PAGE 20 PORTABLE DANCE FLOORS • PAGE 22 MODULAR STAGING • PAGE 22 UPSCALE FENCING • PAGE 23 BARRICADES / CROWD CONTROL • PAGE 23 TENT FLOORING • PAGE 24 PORTABLE FLOORING / ROADWAYS • PAGE 24 ATC can help brand your VIP suite or sponsorship area with an endless variety of floor coverings including: carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl, rubber and even custom synthetic grass to recreate a portion of the sports field surface, complete with a logo inside the tent. SPORTS AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 77
  9. 9. HIGH PROFILE EVENTS ARE NOTHING NEW FOR US Take a glance at our partial client list and you will see that highprofile events are nothing new to ATC. We are the preferred flooring and carpet provider for some of the most prestigious award shows, movie premiers, annual charity galas and private parties in the country. From glamorous red carpet events to cool custom shag lounges, ATC will work with your event producer to create a one-of-a-kind look that will set your event apart. Any venue, any theme – ATC has what you need to complete the look of your event, including: • High-profile events • Movie premiers • High-end weddings • Celebrity and entertainment events • Private parties • Corporate events • Fundraisers / Charity Galas RED CARPET AND ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS SPECIAL EVENT / TRADE SHOW CARPET • PAGE 16 ARTIFICIAL TURF • PAGE 18 SYNTHETIC GRASS • PAGE 18 CUSTOM LOGO RUGS • PAGE 19 SPECIALTY FLOORING • PAGE 20 PORTABLE DANCE FLOORS • PAGE 22 STAGING • PAGE 22 UPSCALE FENCING • PAGE 23 BARRICADES / CROWD CONTROL • PAGE 23 When your event demands the very best in innovative and unique floor coverings, call ATC. RED CARPET AND ENTERTAINMENT AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 99
  11. 11. courtesy of Chattanooga Tent WE REALLY KNOW HOW TO THROW A PARTY ATC works with the nation’s elite tent and rental companies to provide the highest quality temporary event flooring at the best prices. We work daily with tent and event companies and are skilled at handling challenges unique to the event industry. No matter what obstacles arise, ATC will coordinate with your onsite team and other participating vendors to ensure all work is completed on time and to the highest standards. Our company is staffed exclusively by professionals with experience in the special event industry. They have a broad range of backgrounds in tenting, staging, lighting, theatrical production, and scenery, so you can be sure that no matter when or where your event will take place, ATC understands what it will take to make sure it is a success. The possibilities are nearly endless.  Here are just a few of our capabilities: • • Pantone matching • Vinyl or rubber stage and floor coverings • CUSTOM LOGO RUGS • PAGE 19 SPECIALTY FLOORING • PAGE 20 PORTABLE DANCE FLOORS • PAGE 22 STAGING • PAGE 22 UPSCALE FENCING • PAGE 23 Fireproof stage carpet • SYNTHETIC GRASS • PAGE 18 Hardwood flooring and wood-look laminate flooring • ARTIFICIAL TURF • PAGE 18 Synthetic grass / Sports grass • SPECIAL EVENT CARPET • PAGE 16 Catering and utility flooring • TENT EVENTS Custom branded products including: carpet, wood, vinyl, rubber, inlayed or printed options available TENT EVENT PRODUCTS 100% recycled and recyclable green carpet BARRICADES / CROWD CONTROL • PAGE 23 PORTABLE FLOORING / ROADWAYS • PAGE 24 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 1111
  13. 13. WE CHANGE BALLROOMS INTO UNFORGETTABLE EVENTS How often have you found a venue that’s perfect in almost every regard, but the carpet in place is a dated, geometric pattern that just does not work with your chosen theme? Instead of scrapping the venue altogether or settling on a less than perfect design, have ATC come in and transform that ballroom into the perfect pure white backdrop for your winter themed wedding or go with a sleek metallic color for your high end celebrity event. We can even transform the entire ballroom into a natural grass themed area with our lifelike synthetic grass products. There is no limit to the possibilities we can provide and best of all, there is no need to remove or alter the existing carpet in in any way. Our specially developed installation and removal techniques will have the carpet looking like a permanent installation for the duration of the event, then gone without a trace once it is over. BALLROOM CONVERSIONS ATC has a nationwide full service installation team that specializes in carpet-on-carpet installations and ballroom transformations. BALLROOM CONVERSION PRODUCTS We work with some of the most prestigious resorts and hotels in the US to completely transform their ballrooms, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies and banquet halls to better suit the theme or décor of each event. SPECIAL EVENT CARPET • PAGE 16 ATC’s expert staff works directly with the venue or event coordinator from concept to completion by completely transforming the existing carpet or flooring with a wide array of textures, colors and styles of carpet – including custom pantone matching and corporate logos or custom branding. Our dedicated national team will professionally install the carpet within your exact time specifications. Overnight and holiday installations are commonplace for us. Our team is comprised 100% of special event exclusive installers and account executives, who understand that no two events are the same. SPECIALTY FLOORING • PAGE 20 CUSTOM LOGO RUGS • PAGE 19 PORTABLE DANCE FLOORS • PAGE 22 PORTABLE STAGING • PAGE 22 When it comes to the finished look of the event, nobody does it better than ATC. Our competitors often re-use carpet well past what is acceptable or use taping methods that leave seams extremely visible and shoddy looking while damaging the existing subfloor or hotel carpet. ATC uses only brand new looking carpet every time and we professionally heat weld every seam, finish every entrance with custom binding and surging, and leave the venue looking as if the carpet has always been there. We provide a superior level of quality and “polish” to any event décor. AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 1313
  14. 14. OVER 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE NATIONWIDE SERVICES CARPET, TURF, WOOD AND SPECIALTY SURFACE INSTALLATIONS SIMPLE TO COMPLEX CONFIGURATIONS PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION SERVICES THE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE TO MAKE YOUR EVENT A SUCCESS American Turf and Carpet has been installing commercial and event carpet, turf, hardwood, and vinyl flooring for over 20 years. Many members of our installation crew have been with us for over 10 years and have extensive experience catering to the unique needs of upscale special events. Our technicians are familiar with all major flooring installation techniques, including hot-seaming, taping, and heat-welding. They are extremely professional in both appearance and conduct and will work alongside your crew to accommodate the event’s ever-changing needs and requirements. ATC provides expert turf, carpet, hardwood, and vinyl flooring installation services nationwide, freeing up your manpower for other projects. We can help, no matter where your event will take place: East Cost, West Coast, or anywhere in between. We are experienced with tent sites, stair installations, carpet-over-carpet installs for ballrooms, and have provided our services to many of the most prestigious events. Our team is comfortable working with projects of all shapes and sizes. From simple tradeshow floors that cover only a small area to complex installations with unique configurations that cover thousands of square feet, American Turf and Carpet is your one-stop installation source. Contact us for your next installation, large or small. 1414 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET INSTALLATION SERVICES
  15. 15. WHAT WE SELL ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PICK THE PERFECT FLOORING 16 SPECIAL EVENT AND TRADE SHOW CARPET 20 CUSTOM FLOORING 23 FENCING AND CROWD CONTROL We are very proud of our diverse, high-quality flooring options and we know that no matter what sort of project you have in the works, we have the right product for you. If you are unable find exactly what you want, keep in mind that we do spectacular custom work every day to help our high-profile clients design and develop incredible events. Take a look through our product pages and give us a call when you are ready to create something truly amazing! 18 ARTIFICIAL TURF AND SYNTHETIC GRASS 21 SPECIALTY SURFACES 24 PORTABLE FLOORING AND ROADWAYS 19 CUSTOM LOGO AND BEVEL RUGS 22 DANCE FLOORS AND STAGING 26 COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE FLOORING AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 1515
  16. 16. SPECIAL EVENT+ TRADE SHOW CARPET THE HIGHEST QUALITY CARPET FOR EVERY OCCASION American Turf and Carpet offers a complete selection of carpet for use indoors and under tents. We offer only the best carpet, exclusively designed for the rigors of the event and trade show industries. From industrial carpet in standard colors to plush carpet in the hottest decorator colors, we stock whatever style carpet you need. When it comes to carpet, green is the new red. We are proud to offer a wide range of environmentally friendly carpet lines, made from recycled or renewable resources. All of our carpet lines are recyclable or repurposed whenever possible. Ask us about our national partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and whether your gently used carpet is eligible for our donation program. We look forward to working with you on your next green carpet event. With American Turf and Carpet you don’t just get mill-direct prices, you also get the added ATC service that only true event professionals can provide. No other supplier can offer the pricing, convenience, turnaround, and customer service that has made American Turf and Carpet the nation’s leading event carpet supplier. Ask us for sample boards to see and feel the available options. We offer carpet in over 50 standard colors and can even custom match a PMS color for your unique and demanding project. Call us with your most exotic and unusual requests: we welcome the challenge! HIGH -PROFILE EVENTS MOVIE PREMIERS HIGH-END WEDDINGS CELEBRITY AND ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS PRIVATE PARTIES CORPORATE EVENTS FUNDRAISERS / CHARITY GALAS TRADE SHOWS / EXHIBITIONS 1616 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET SPECIAL EVENT CARPET
  17. 17. EVENT CARPETS A complete selection for special events TRADE SHOW CARPETS Made especially for trade shows and exhibits EVENT / STUDIO — OUR MOST POPULAR CARPET STYLE Whether you need to carpet a standard trade show booth or the entire exhibit hall, we have a range of carpet lines designed specifically with trade shows in mind. These carpets are economical, cover large areas quickly and come in exciting colors that will draw visitors like moths to a flame. Event and Studio carpet is used for all types of special events including movie premieres, red carpet arrivals, and corporate functions. This carpet is suitable for quick overnight installations and looks great at high-end events. Event and Studio are cut-pile carpets with no twist in the yarn. Both styles feature our woven polypropylene Action Back™ carpet backing which eliminates wrinkling, allows sections to lay flatter, and installs easily for special events. PROLINE – FIREPROOF “GREEN” CARPET IN RICH COLORS Our Plush carpet wears better than other event carpet choices and is particularly suitable for high-end events where a rich, expensive look is preferred. Because of its cut pile, twisted yarn design, this carpet is thicker and plusher than alternatives, is available in richer, brighter colors, and features our heavy duty Action Back carpet backing. ProLine is ideal for large trade show displays and exhibition halls. This felted 3.5 needle-punch carpet is durable yet economical and features an impregnated fireproof backing. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, this polypropylene floor covering is also completely recyclable, making it one of our most environmentally friendly options. ProLine presents a soft, ribbed surface available in a range of exciting saturated colors that can be customized with any design or logo. PARTY TIME/AFTER HOURS — FUN TEXTURES AND VIBRANT COLORS EXPOPRO PLUS PLUSH — STRONGER AND MORE ATTRACTIVE CARPET Looking for a really standout carpet that makes a bold statement? Try our Party Time/After Hours carpet. It is available in both deep (similar to shag) and medium piles in a variety of wild colors. MAGNUM - INDUSTRIAL — LARGE JOB, HEAVY-USE CARPET Magnum can handle the rigors of heavy-duty use because of its continuous level-loop yarn construction. This economical, yet durable style is the preferred material for larger jobs such as golf tournaments and other sporting events, but is also ideal for stages and the RV industry. MAJESTIC — LOW-COST, HIGH QUALITY CARPET Majestic carpet is an indoor/outdoor carpet made from 100% olefin fiber. Perfect for stages, outdoor runners and tents, Majestic is light weight and installs quickly without the need to match direction, custom cut or heat weld seams. CHAMPION — OUR MOST VERSATILE CARPET Champion is a versatile line of carpet with options to suit your every need.  The continuous filament olefin construction is available with indoor or outdoor backings and Champion installs quickly without any need for heat welding or custom seam trimming, making it a smart choice for large full-hall installations and can easily be cut to size for custom booths. ExpoPro Plus is an excellent choice for trade show booths that require a slightly more indulgent feel. This 15oz. carpet is available in a variety of colors and the 10’ wide rolls will fit right into any standard size display space. The PET construction will stand up to the high volume foot traffic that will be generated by your luxurious display and the action backing will keep it from wrinkling or curling. EXPOPRO PREMIUM ExpoPro Premium is the perfect upgrade to standard trade show booth carpet. This 28oz. carpet is more plush and elegant than other booth carpets, but is certainly not more delicate. The 10’ roll width eliminates the need to cut or overlap layers of carpet in standard sized booths and the action backing allows carpet to roll out flat. CHAMPION – AFFORDABLE TRADE SHOW CARPET Champion is a versatile line of carpet with options to suit your every need. You can choose between woven polypropylene and continuous filament olefin construction, as well as between indoor and outdoor backings. Champion installs quickly without any need for heat welding or custom seam trimming, making it a smart choice for large full-hall installations and can easily be cut to size for individual booths. SISAL ELEGANCE, SEAGRASS AND OTHER UNIQUE OPTIONS — NATURAL, TROPICAL-LOOKING CARPET Our Sisal Elegance carpet has an organic, woven texture with the look of real sisal, but at a price that is affordable for special events. Seagrass is our real sisal option and is manufactured from an all natural fiber that has an exotic, handcrafted look. CARPET RUNNERS We offer carpet runners in any of the above styles and can provide these to you unbound or bound with high quality polyester binding tape. Our standard runners utilize our Plush style carpet, which provides a robust and rich look. SPECIAL EVENT CARPET AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 1717
  18. 18. ARTIFICIAL TURF + SYNTHETIC GRASS ARTIFICIAL TURF AND SYNTHETIC GRASS FOR YOUR BUSINESS, EVENT OR HOME American Turf and Carpet is a world leading provider of artificial turf for special events. Our turf can be seen at prestigious golf tournaments, corporate events, and tented functions nationwide. Not all artifical turf is created equal, so American Turf and Carpet offers a complete line of artificial turf products to suit every floor covering need, application, and budget. From thick, heavy-duty artificial turf, to high-quality synthetic grass, we offer offer several different styles of turf to suit your application: PREMIERTURF™ — OUR HIGH-QUALITY TURF OPTION For upscale events, where the look and feel of your turf is particularly important and where a plush, luxurious feeling is required, our PremierTurf is the perfect choice. PremierTurf provides a richer feeling underfoot than other offerings, much closer to carpet then to traditional turf. Pile height is higher, turf is more full bodied, and color is richer. Acoustics are better and sections lay flatter and more uniformly than other turf products. This unique product takes event turf to a whole new level and rewrites the rules of the game. From the minute you and your customers walk on this product, you will feel the quality difference. No other supplier has an offering that comes close to ATC’s PremierTurf. VALUETURF™ — OUR MID-GRADE EVENT TURF PRODUCT ATC’s ValueTurf option offers the perfect balance between cost and quality. This turf provides a uniform and wrinkle-free appearance. The pile density is robust and rigid, so sections lie more evenly, adjust easily, and appear more level when in place. ValueTurf may be used indoors and outdoors and will not shrink when wet. It may be reused and is available in a number of popular colors to match your needs. SYNTHETIC GRASS Synthetic Grass is a durable, resilient surface that is engineered to simulate the look and feel of real grass without the hassle. It is easy to maintain and will not fade, even after years in bright sunlight. We have four different types of Synthetic Grass that can be used for temporary events and functions, as well as permanent installations, especially in hot weather areas with frequent water usage restrictions. 1818 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET ARTIFICIAL TURF
  19. 19. CUSTOM LOGO + BEVEL RUGS CUSTOM LOGO RUGS DESIGNED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS Make your first impression a lasting one with a beautiful handcrafted ATC Logo Rug. Supply us with a logo and we will design and craft a rug in any size, shape, and color you desire. There is very little we cannot match or duplicate and we offer speedy turnaround times to meet tight deadlines. ATC also offers custom beveled rugs and a range of custom cutting options. We can cut your rug to nearly any shape and use unique beveled texturing to add depth and create a new tactile dimension to your design. Our expert designers are also available to assist you in creating the perfect logo and beveled rug design for yourself or your client. ATC has provided custom rugs for all types of prestigious customers, including automobile manufacturers, technology companies, professional sports teams, schools, and government agencies. We can even use our Artificial Turf or Synthetic Grass to create a rug that simulates a portion of a professional athletic field like the one we designed for the NFL Draft Store. No matter what your project requires, American Turf and Carpet can provide for your branding and corporate identity needs. CUSTOM LOGO AND BEVEL RUGS AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 1919
  21. 21. American Turf and Carpet’s Specialty and Custom Flooring category is in this catalog to describe flooring that normally defies description or does not yet exist. We aren’t limited to stock on hand: our resources allow us to create vivid and outrageous solutions for your wildest ideas. If you can dream it, we can do it. Are you trying to recreate a portion of your favorite athletic field for an event using synthetic grass, like the floor we designed for the NFL Draft Store? Do you need a few thousand square feet of wood-grained vinyl for your political party’s event or a genuine hardwood floor for a tent? Are you looking for pure white turf to suggest snow for an indoor ski-simulator you’ve built? Have you been dreaming about long rolls of bright yellow vinyl for a Wizard of Oz themed party? We can put turf on top of your turf, or carpet on top of your carpet. We can run carpet straight up your walls and across your ceiling, or put it under a giant, twenty-foot tall fiberglass shoe you happen to have on site. Is your furniture boring? Would it look more appropriate for your event covered in grassy turf? We’ve done that, too. Strange products you’d like for your project but have never been able to find, unusual texture and color combinations, one-of-a-kind designs and custom applications: it’s all possible with ATC. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EXPERTISE AND CREATIVITY VINYL FLOORING Vinyl sheet and tile flooring materials are available in countless styles and colors and allow for great flexibility when designing eye-catching spaces. Different textures, simulated wood or stone, wild colors: it’s all possible. We have years of experience creating inlaid designs for logos and can mix vinyl with many other materials to create unique installations. RUBBER FLOORING If you’re looking for something striking and unexpected, you might want to consider rubber. Not only is it easy for our expert team to install, but you can choose between rolled rubber that works well for permanent installs or interlocking tiles that can be easily set up and broken down. Because rubber is easily cut, unusual designs, logos or specialty branding can be incorporated into the finished floor. HARDWOOD / LAMINATE FLOORING To make a truly elegant statement, take advantage of our expertise in working with temporary and permanent hardwood products.  We’ve done everything from an enormous round dance floor with an inset starburst design to an entire ballroom covered with inlaid logos of darker wood. Hardwoods can also take your outdoor tent event to another level. SPECIALTY TURFS AND SYNTHETIC GRASS Ordinary flooring products can be used in new and unusual ways: we can use synthetic turf to turn a ballroom floor into grassy forest ground that is so seamless you’ll swear you’re outside. In fact, we can cover pretty much anything in turf: floors, walls, ceilings, even furniture can be covered in synthetic grass to achieve a garden party topiary effect. CARPET Our extensive experience installing quality carpet also allows us to do some unusual and eye-catching things with it. Anything is possible: we can mix piles and types of carpet to add texture and interest, run stripes of carpet right up the walls, and create completely custom designs, no matter how large or complex the space. UNCONVENTIONAL CARPET There is no limit to what we can do for you: we are not limited by stock on hand, standard colors, or popular styles. Let your imagination run wild, or give us a call and let ours do all the work for you. CUSTOM FLOORING / SPECIALTY SURFACES AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 2121
  22. 22. DANCE FLOORS +STAGING MODULAR AND PORTABLE FLOORS AND STAGING Signature’s complete line of portable dance floors offers an ideal solution for every type of event, facility or venue. Choose from three styles, depending on your application and budget. All are lightweight and easy for one person to manage. DanceDeck portable dance floors are durable, simple to maintain and will last for years with proper care. DANCEDECK® — THE LOOK OF WOOD WITH THE PRACTICALITY OF VINYL DanceDeck DanceDeck (DK) is a vinyl modular tile that incorporates an easy-to-clean, simulated wood grain or solid-colored vinyl laminate inset into a sturdy and water-resistant polypropylene base. DANCEDECK DELUXE™ — REAL WOOD PARQUET IN A CONVENIENT 1FT X 1FT INTERLOCKING TILE Each DanceDeck Deluxe tile consists of a real wood parquet top inset into a durable polypropylene base. This combination offers the elegance of wood along with a lightweight, easy to assemble tile. DANCEDECK PRO™ — PREMIERE SOLID WOOD PANEL SYSTEM DanceDeck Pro (DK Pro) is Signature’s top-of-the-line modular dance floor. The solid maple or oak panels create a truly spectacular dance floor, suitable for the most upscale wedding and black-tie events. Signature’s modular staging systems allow you to quickly and easily create a performance space or raised floor without the time and expense of having one custom-built. There are two different systems available, depending on your needs. DanceDeck Deluxe DanceDeck Pro ALPHADECK PROFESSIONAL MODULAR STAGING SYSTEM AlphaDeck is a rugged, adjustable staging system that is ideal for bandstands, sound/lighting equipment, performances, tables, chairs and guests.  The panels have a gray plywood top with a non-slip finish, although carpeting, turf and other coverings can easily be stapled to the surface if you prefer a different look or style. ADA-compliant guard rails, ramps, stairs, skirts, and rubber feet are available to finish off your stage and adjustable-height legs allow you to create a dynamic multilevel stage at a moment’s notice. EXPRESSDECK PORTABLE STAGING SYSTEM AlphaDeck Staging The ExpressDeck staging system is very different in design: its collapsible riser construction allows it to be set up and broken down very quickly. Stage platforms are made of layered high-density plywood with a reinforced aluminum frame and are finished with dark grey carpet that provides a non-slip surface. Many options are available to customize ExpressDeck, depending on your needs, along with heavy-duty flight cases to store and transport your stage. ExpressDeck Staging 2222 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET DANCE FLOORS AND STAGING
  23. 23. FENCING +CROWD CONTROL SPECIAL EVENT FENCING AND CROWD CONTROL BARRICADES Our SignaturePanel portable event fencing is the world’s premier crowd control and special event product. From professional golf tournaments and professional auto races to stadiums and theme parks, SignaturePanels have proven themselves at thousands of events and locations worldwide. SignaturePanels are a welcome alternative to traditional heavy wood or metal barricades. The sturdy, freestanding PVC sections delineate traffic flow while enhancing the image of your event. Their upscale design is the perfect choice to spice up your next event and create the right image for your facility. Signature panels are durable, maintenance free, and constructed from PVC that contains high impact modifiers and superior UV inhibitors to increase their longevity. They have no rough surfaces or sharp edges that might injure spectators or participants, lowering your event’s liability. The panels are easy to keep looking sharp with common household cleaners, will never need painting, and will not rot, warp, rust or corrode. They are environmentally safe, recyclable and non-toxic. Each pre-assembled panel is easy to maneuver and use: SignaturePanels can be deployed in minutes without tools and store flat for easy storage and transportation. The CrowdStopper® barricade by Signature is ideal when a more durable, heavy-duty product is required. Built to proven design standards, the CrowdStopper is constructed from high quality carbon steel and is available with a hot-dipped galvanized finish or durable vinyl coating to ensure long-term weather resistance. All CrowdStopper frames are made from durable 1.5” OD 16-gauge or 1.25” OD 14-gauge steel tubing, while uprights are made from 1/2” OD 16-gauge steel tubing. Uprights are fully welded to the frame to provide extraordinary strength. Choose from two foot systems: a detachable bridge foot, or a detachable flat foot. Barricades interlock using the industry standard hook and half-loop fastening system. Signature’s CrowdStopper barricades have proven themselves at events worldwide, including the Beijing Olympics and thousands of other high profile events. FENCING AND CROWD CONTROL AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 2323
  25. 25. EventDeck® is Signature Flooring’s entry level tent flooring system. It has been used in thousands of tents and at prestigious events and facilities worldwide. EventDeck is designed to provide a rigid, dry, and attractive support base for tables, chairs, and other equipment. It is ideal for use over level grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and dirt surfaces, and will contour to fit sub-surfaces and prevent “see-sawing.” EventDeck will not warp, rot, crack or fade, and is an ideal substitute to lay-down plywood floors. Choose between ED1 with drainage and ventilation holes for added grass protection, and ED2 without holes, depending on your needs. EventDeck modules attach on all four sides using Signature’s easy-to-use connection system. This interlocking design allows for rapid installation and removal with minimal labor and no equipment. The modules use drainage holes and hidden channels to allow water running down tent sidewalls to flow underneath the floor. An integrated cable channel is included underneath each module for running wires and power cords to center poles and other in-tent areas. You can remove individual EventDeck sections to accommodate support poles or guy ropes, and transitional edge pieces are available to provide a more attractive finished look. For upscale events, you can fasten carpet or synthetic turf to the surface of EventDeck. ArmorDeck™ (AD) is Signature’s premium special event flooring and turf protection system. It is an ideal large-panel solution for heavy-duty tent and special events and also a robust temporary roadway system. ArmorDeck is the most advanced special event flooring system on the market today. Its large panels help to level the surface and eliminate smaller contours and imperfections. AD is designed to provide a rigid and uniform surface underfoot and is the industry’s most attractive modular surface. ArmorDeck’s unique integrated aluminum cam-lock system is self-aligning and creates a very secure connection. ArmorDeck also features optional drainage and aeration holes, optional cable-channels, and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42” x 42” and is 2” thick – thus providing maximum rigidity and surface protection. ArmorDeck is ideal for nearly any type of large tent or special event. It can also be used as a temporary roadway as it can support the weight of scissor lifts, equipment, forklifts, staging, vehicles, and other moving loads. If your project requires even more support, our ArmorDeck3 is available with an additional bottom panel that increases panel rigidity. No other system has been as comprehensively engineered to handle the rigors of the tent and special event industry or incorporates the functionality, features, and weight-loading capabilities of the ArmorDeck. EventDeck is shipped pre-assembled in large sheets that are easily and compactly stacked on pallets for storage and shipment. UltraDeck is Signature’s mid-range tent flooring system, ideal for most tent flooring applications. UltraDeck is meant as a true substitute for plywood floors. It provides a rigid and uniform feel underfoot and is suitable for upscale/high-end events. DuraDeck® is Signature’s heaviest duty tent flooring and roadway system. It consists of 4ft x 8ft sheets of super-strong, high-density polyethylene sheets that can be connected to each other to form a uniform tent floor or vehicle roadway. UltraDeck can be set up directly over most ground surfaces, leveled with plywood stringers and shims, or raised on multiple layers of stringers as required to create a level surface. Each DuraDeck panel features an attractive tread pattern that provides traction and can be laid flat on the ground or raised up on stringers. This enables the system to be used in place of conventional plywood sheets, but without the problems associated with wood: DuraDeck will not rot, splinter, warp, or get waterlogged. UltraDeck is suitable for rugged environments, where greater heights and rigidity are required. Sections can handle a wide range of uneven ground surfaces since modules are 2ft wide x 1ft long x 1.2” tall. Ribbed reinforcements provide tremendous strength and weight loading capabilities, and larger cable channels allow heavy gauge power cables to be run underneath the floor. Sections do not need to be screwed or anchored down and connect to each other using our DuraLink connector system or our more durable DuraDeck Locking Plate connectors for heavy duty roadway use. UltraDeck is ideal for pole tents, frame tents, and clearspan structures. It provides an attractive and event-friendly look and, as with EventDeck, carpet and artificial turf can be stapled to UltraDeck for upscale/formal events. DuraDeck is perfect for heavy-duty warehouse tent flooring and can also be used to protect sensitive turf from cars, trucks, and forklifts. It is ideal for backstage areas, temporary access roadways, or parking areas, and stores compactly for easy transport between event sites. When placed on firm, level ground, UltraDeck can support the weight of scissor lifts, forklifts with pneumatic tires, and light trucks. This makes UltraDeck ideal for larger tents where equipment is required for the hanging of lighting, placement of decorations, and for the transport of equipment. Use DuraDeck to bring trucks into an event site, transport equipment over soft ground, or to provide a firm, dry support base for all types of events. From pedestrian walkways to full-fledged vehicle roadways, DuraDeck is perfect for your next demanding event. Signature System Group, LLC’s UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.’s affiliates or subsidiaries. PORTABLE FLOORING AND ROADWAYS AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 2525
  26. 26. COMMERCIAL + CORPORATE COMMERICAL-GRADE CARPETS SUITED FOR ALL INDUSTRIES From ballroom to boardroom to hospitality tent, American Turf & Carpet has an extensive line of commercial grade carpets suited for all industries. With our broad range of solid colors, patterns, and textures, ATC can accommodate all your carpeting needs. Need to carpet a ballroom, stadium club, or convention center? Have a project that requires industrial carpet? Interested in a specialized logo or pattern for a permanent carpet installation? ATC can do all of this and more. Our experience with the rigorous demands of the special events business makes us the ideal candidate for large commercial projects. We understand timelines, budgets, and quality requirements and will work closely with you to meet your specific commercial carpet needs. With sales offices and warehouses in major cities nationwide, American Turf & Carpet is conveniently located near major ports, business districts, resort and trade show destinations. Contact an office near you for further information on products and services. 2626 AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET PORTABLE FLOORING AND ROADWAYS
  27. 27. ATC IN ACTION Custom flooring instantly changes any space into an upscale event. ATC custom carpet is featured in a replica Pan Am airplane cabin. Let your product shine with a subdued backdrop of elegant carpet. Turn the focus to the floor for maximum impact for your next event. Green is the new Black. Grass is the new carpet. Need we say more? ATC gets the award for the best red carpet. AMERICAN TURF AND CARPET 2727
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