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Beyond just event management software


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Learn what the industry's best-in-class are doing right. How are they achieving 73% higher realized and implemented cost savings? Consider your needs and determine how you can drive visibility, efficiency and savings like these leaders.

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Beyond just event management software

  1. 1. Beyond JustEvent Management SoftwareHow you can join theStrategic Meetings Management Industry’sBest-In-Class
  2. 2. Take it to the next level!Drive even more value &visibility to your eventsby adding more powerfultools!
  3. 3. What the B.I.C. are doing rightThe most successful eventprofessionals are utilizingtechnology beyond just EventManagement Systems (EMS)So what are they doing???
  4. 4. Secret WeaponsEvent Travel Spend Mobile
  5. 5. Travel ManagementThe U.S. Travel Association accounts for$99 billion spent on meetings,events and incentive travel.
  6. 6. Travel Management ToolsThe most reliable management platform to supportyour efforts, increase control and compliance. Direct GDS integration with major booking tools Up-to-the-minute reporting Flight tracking with FlightStats integration Unparalleled transportation logistics Positive attendee experiences Integrate into Event Management SystemThink savings … time & money!
  7. 7. Benefits for You Improved travel logistics Increased corporate compliance to policy Happy attendees Reduced attrition Instant reports
  8. 8. Benefits for Attendees Strong, professional first impressions Less stress with arrivals and departures Reduced wait times for ground transportation Ability to book travel with Single Sign On (SSO)
  9. 9. Spend ManagementWhat makes your meeting or event successful?Revenue generated?Lift in Attendance rates?Lead gen?Brand awareness?Education?Strategic Meetings Management Programs offerunparalleled visibility into all aspects of yourmeetings with an opportunity to recognizeunprecedented savings.
  10. 10. Spend Management ToolExperience powerful SMMP features &functionality including… Sourcing/Negotiations Strategic Planning Custom Workflows Expense Management ROI Analytics Budget vs. Actuals Improved compliance
  11. 11. Event Mobile AppsIndustry best practice.Not a trend. Here to stay!The app will allow for significantly improvedattendee experiences. Integrating your eventapp with your event management softwareallows for a seamless integration of eventspecifics without having to duplicate your efforts.
  12. 12. Brand. Build. Engage. Measure.Brand your event app with the same look and feel as your company website andevent registration site.Build your app with a user-friendly mentality. Create highly interactive native appsfor iPhones, iPads and Android devices without the need for developers or understandinghow to code – No HTML knowledge needed.Engage in two ways: Drive attendee app adoption and attendee socialization.Promote your app prior to and during the event, even offer incentives and mobilegamification to drive both participation and interaction. Improve the attendee experienceand help attendees network before and during the event.Measure your event app usage and adoption with integrated app analytics.How are attendees interacting with your app? And who, when, and where? These analyticswill assist you in further improving your events.
  13. 13. Don’t wait for the VIP invite!A common issue among event professionals isgetting the SMM technology buy-in fromprocurement and upper management so taking itto the next level can present a challenge.
  14. 14. Up for the challenge“I want it, I want it!” won’t get you anywhere…“I need it, I need it!” will!But How?
  15. 15. . . . Stats Don’t LiePresent key stakeholders withfacts they cannot resist! Youknow you’re awesome at whatyou do. You just need the toolsto achieve more.Time to join the ranks …
  16. 16. Things that make you goHmmmUsers of end-to-end technology experience 73% higherrealized and implemented cost savings than all other companies.In comparison to non-users, they also see: 59% higher consistent sourcing processes 50% more real-time visibility into enterprise-wide calendar ofevents 46% more visibility into event spend against budget 42% higher ability to leverage attendee information for futureevents
  17. 17. Have Questions?Want to Learn More?*Reference Beyond EMS SlideShare