Transforming the service layer telus-sigma


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Transforming the service layer telus-sigma

  1. 1. Shane Logan<br /> Director, Services Architecture<br />Transforming the service layer to maintain competitive advantage.<br />
  2. 2. Who are we . . .<br />HSPA, CDMA, iDEN<br />Voice, both PSTN and VoIP<br />34 million population, 72% Penetration<br />IPTV and HSIA<br />
  3. 3. Today's challenges . . .<br />Developers; cheaper/faster access to our base<br />Carriers; faster access to cheaper innovation <br />Subscribers; access to more affordable niche apps<br />We need a <br />“Service Delivery Framework” <br />
  4. 4. Why do we want it . . .<br />Web 2.0<br />SDF<br />SOA<br />Technology<br /><ul><li>Principles: SOA, Re-use and connectivity . . . Improve Time and Cost
  5. 5. Lessons: Web2.0, Harness Collective Intelligence . . . External Innovation
  6. 6. Technology: Any device, anywhere and any time . . . Flexibility</li></li></ul><li>So, what is it . . .<br />Policy Engine<br />$$$<br />IT Abstraction<br />(WS Gateway)<br /> Service Delivery Framework<br />Partner Settlement<br />LDAP<br />LDAP<br />Identity<br />Network<br />Activation<br />Top-Up<br />Orchestration<br />Mobility Abstraction<br />(OSA/Parlay Gateway)<br />OA&M<br />Reporting<br />&<br />SLA<br />Security<br />Payments<br />(Reserve)<br />Service<br />Authorization<br />Service<br /> Profile<br />MM7<br />(MMS)<br />SMPP<br />(SMS)<br />3PRM<br />PAP<br />(WAP Push)<br />Channel<br />Listing<br />MLP<br />(Location)<br />Web Services<br />Mission Statement<br />“One SDF to rule them all, One SDF to find them, One SDF to bring them all, and in darkness bind them.”<br />Open Interface<br />Business <br />Logic<br />Abstraction<br />
  7. 7. Who wants it . . .<br />Partner<br />Partner<br />Partner <br />Partner <br />Partner<br />Partner<br />WSDL<br />SDF (Central Access, Policy & 3PRM)<br />Real time<br />Billing I/f<br />SMPP<br />MLP<br />MM7<br />PAP<br />MM7<br />SMPP<br />MLP<br />PAP<br />PPG<br />MMSC<br />MPC<br />SMSC<br />PPG<br />MMSC<br />MPC<br />SMSC<br />Infranet<br />Lasagna Mode of Operation<br />Spaghetti Mode of Operation<br />The Network Manager wants;<br /><ul><li>A network that is manageable, (complex troubleshooting)
  8. 8. To expose network enablers, (more funding)
  9. 9. To focus on network enabler, (less work) </li></li></ul><li>Who wants it . . .<br /> Applications<br /> SDF Business Case <br />The Product Manager wants;<br /><ul><li>Cheaper and quicker time to market, via automation
  10. 10. A ‘Long Tail’ business model approach to applications
  11. 11. Share risk on application creation and innovation </li></li></ul><li>Who wants it . . .<br />The Partners want;<br /><ul><li>The commercial are important, they need to see value . . . Think rev share %
  12. 12. To use their own tooling, the rest they can figure out as they are innovative folks
  13. 13. Time to market, reduced risk and cost and improve time to cash
  14. 14. To get paid accurately and on time !!</li></li></ul><li>The new face of Service Delivery . . .<br /><br />
  15. 15. Lessons learned . . .<br />SDF Successes<br />reduce cost through efficiencies and service re-use<br />improve time-to-market through service re-use<br />free up engineering resources to focus on core capabilities <br />encourage innovation, promote collaboration externally and internally<br />SDF Challenges<br /><ul><li>when you abstract you will also abstract the problems
  16. 16. educate the partners, quietly exposing is not enough
  17. 17. do you have a product managers per API or for the framework
  18. 18. define performance characteristics, remember it not a box</li></ul>SDF Advice<br /><ul><li>Take small steps with a clearly defined scope
  19. 19. Have senior buy-in and think Governance
  20. 20. The success outweigh the challenges !!!</li></li></ul><li>
  21. 21. Sigma Systems – Company Profile<br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems - Company Confidential<br />Chart - 12<br />Experts in Provisioning the Evolution of New Services<br />15+ years of dedicated OSS development and deployment experience in Cable, Telco, and Mobile<br />Privately held, headquartered in Toronto, with Global Sales and Services offices in London, Japan, Portugal, Brazil and India<br />50+ deployments worldwide; more than 150 million Voice, Video, Data and Mobile services under management<br />320+ employees dedicated to OSS Service Management and Fulfillment design, development and deployment<br />Ongoing commitment to Research and Development, aligned with key industry standards <br />12<br />
  22. 22. Sigma SMP and TMForumFrameworx<br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems – 2011 - Company Confidential<br />Chart - 13<br />
  23. 23. Service Layer Solution at Telus<br />Abstracts service delivery technologies from upstream systems<br />TMF Standards-based Interfaces<br />Common Technical/Service Catalog across all classes of Service<br />Integrated Order Management, Provisioning and Activation<br />Facilitates Rapid Product & Service Creation <br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems - 2011- Company Confidential<br />Chart - 14<br />CDMA<br />Access<br />iDEN<br />Access<br />SDPs:<br />RIM,<br />Messaging<br />LBS<br />Other:<br />Paging,<br />CDPD<br />CDMA<br />Access<br />iDEN<br />Access<br />SDPs:<br />RIM,<br />Messaging<br />LBS<br />Other:<br />Paging,<br />CDPD<br />
  24. 24. Business and Operational Benefits Realized<br />Architectural goals achieved<br />Data integrity issues removed<br />Managed the service-subscriber-topology relationships<br />Avoided “back-door” operational activities<br />Reduced the provisioning errors<br />< 1% after commercial deployment<br />Reduced call-center support volumes…<br />“$millions worth of benefits in customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction”<br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems – 2011 - Company Confidential<br />Chart - 15<br />
  25. 25. Network Evolution<br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems – 2011 - Company Confidential<br />Chart - 16<br />In 2008 Telus announced plan to construct a national High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network <br />Tight timeline<br />Need to be running for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics<br />True Test of the Service Layer architecture<br />
  26. 26. Service Layer Passes the Test<br />Effective abstraction layer masked most activation complexities from upstream systems<br />Simplified integration of HSPA technology<br />Re-use of provisioning logic for SDPs on top of HPSA access<br />Ready for “Activation as a Service”<br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems - 2011- Company Confidential<br />Chart - 17<br />CDMA<br />Access<br />iDEN<br />Access<br />SDPs:<br />RIM,<br />Messaging<br />LBS<br />Other:<br />Paging,<br />CDPD<br />HSPA<br />Access<br />
  27. 27. Thank You<br />Shane Logan<br />Director, Services Enablement<br />Telus<br /><br />May 24, 2011<br />© Sigma Systems – 2011 - Company Confidential<br />Chart - 18<br />Brian Cappellani<br />CTO & VP of Engineering<br />Sigma Systems<br /><br />