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5 Decisions for Strategic Business Planning Success


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Strategic Business Planning is about DECISIONS! Working with small and medium business owners in all kinds of industries, it is clear that business planning and strategy is not about the written end product, it’s about the decision process leading up to that document. Whether you are in manufacturing, integration, professional services, retail or even government contracting, there are Five Decisions for Strategic Business Success!
The Exit Strategy Decision - Your Exit Strategy is the starting point of almost every other business planning decision.
The Market Position Decision - Determining your desired Market Position provides the vision, the mission and the top line strategic goals for the organization.
The Business Model Decision - The Business Model defines the tangible organization and operations of the company – it’s how things get done
The Annual Goal Decision - The Annual Goals simply become a manifestation of the STRATEGIC decisions that have already been made
The Financial Decision - Ahhh, the money! The Financial Decision or Budget is where the dream becomes reality – it enables the accomplishment of the vision

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5 Decisions for Strategic Business Planning Success

  1. 1. DecisionsFor Strategic Business Success Sigma Business Management, Inc.
  2. 2. Great Business Decisions!• Build a business planning process based on  consistently great business decisions• Five Core Business Planning Decisions – The Exit Strategy Decision – The Market Position Decision – The Business Model Decision – The Annual Goal Decision – The Financial Decision “We facilitate your company through the core decisions that create a plan.”
  3. 3. The Exit Strategy • When to exit • How to exit • How Much return“Your Exit Strategy is the starting point of almost every other business  planning decision”
  4. 4. Market Position • What value do you offer • What can we be BEST at • How big do we grow“Determining your desired Market Position provides the vision, the mission  and the top line strategic goals for the organization”
  5. 5. Business Model • What products and services • How to make and deliver • How to market and sell“The Business Model defines the tangible organization and operations of  the company – it’s how things get done.”
  6. 6. Annual Goals • What happens this year • How to make it happen“The Annual Goals simply become a manifestation of the STRATEGIC  decisions that have already been made.”
  7. 7. Financial = Budget • How much will it cost • Who makes it happen“Ahhh, the money!  The Financial Decision or Budget is where the dream  becomes reality – it enables the accomplishment of the vision.”
  8. 8. Sigma Business Management, Inc. Jamie Gorman, Founder and CEO Fridays at 11 am – BeBetterAtBusiness/TV