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With a billion users its hard to ignore social media as a critical part of your marketing plan. This presentation provides an overview of the basic strategies, tools and techniques for integrating social media into your markeitng strategy.

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Social Media Marketing 101 - Sigma College of Small Business

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing 101 Provided by Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  2. 2. What is  Social Media ?What is “Social Media”?Networking Online• Making New Contacts • Utilizing Online Tools• Building Relationships Building Relationships – Blogs – Adding Value – Social Sites (Facebook) – Trust and Credibility – Micro Blogs (Twitter) – Email• Leveraging the Network h k – Aggregation sites – Business – Entertainment • Benefits – Charity – Audience Reach – Interactivity – Flexibility Social Media Marketing 101 2 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  3. 3. Why Social Media for Business?Why Social Media for Business?• Communication Channel – Flexible Communication – Incredible Reach – High Interactivity• How does it equate to revenue? – Direct Revenue • Ads, products and subscriptions – Indirect Revenue • Generate leads and referrals – Build Attitude, Trust and Credibility• Monitor and Manage the Brand – Customer service – Public relations ub c e at o s Social Media Marketing 101 3 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  4. 4. The Value of Networking The Value of Networking• Making ONE solid Making ONE solid  connection YOU Networking  Contact• Links you to HUNDREDS  of potential connections Social Media Marketing 101 4 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  5. 5. The Value of Online Social NetworkingThe Value of Online Social Networking • Links you to THOUSANDS of  p potential customers….Repeatedly! p y• Making ONE solid  connection Networking YOU Contact Contacts are  “Opt‐In”!!! Social Media Marketing 101 5 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  6. 6. Start Here!Cash Cheap, Time ExpensiveC h Ch i i Social Media Marketing 101 6 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  7. 7. Aliza Sherman, Web Worker Daily Social Media Marketing 101 7 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  8. 8. Nothing NewMarketing BasicsAudience Objectives• Segment the Market • Awareness – Geographic – Change level of awareness – Demographic – Psychographic • Attitude – Behavioral – Modify audience perception• Priorities and Needs o t es a d eeds • Behavior• Buying Behavior – Generate specific actionMessage Show Value Differentiate Close Social Media Marketing 101 8 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  9. 9. The Social Media ProcessThe Social Media Process The Social  The Social Set Up  Set Up Add Value  Add Value Media Plan Accounts with Content • Audience,  • Choosing the  • Sticking to the  Objectives,  right titles, URLs,  message Message email and  • Frequency and  • Choosing the  usernames Timing Right Tools Ri ht T l • Li ki Linking accountst •MMessage Mix Mi • RESOURCES • Using Social  • The Media  • Integrated with  Media Tools Calendar Marketing  Marketing • Campaigns Campaigns,  Message connecting and  interacting Social Media Marketing 101 9 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  10. 10. Social Media Tools Social Media ToolsPrimary Tools Accessories• Social Networks • Email – Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace,  • Web Site Meet‐up ee up • A Aggregation Tools i T l• Content Sites – Hootsuite, TweetDeck,  – YouTube, SlideShare, Ustream FacebookConnect• “Status” Networks • Bookmarking – Twitter, Foursquare – Delicious• Blogs – Shareaholic Social Media Marketing 101 10 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  11. 11. Facebook• Primary Marketing Objectives – Broadcast Advertising to build brand – Information Resource Site• Friend Page – Personal page – Friends d • Can see personal info and posts of friends and their friends • “Like” a business fan page to see their content on your news feed• Fan Page Fan Page – Business or organization page • Admin has personal account – Fans “Like” your page • Can only see fan page • Can’t see Admin personal page or other fan info The GOAL is to get your fans to share your message across their network! g y f y g Social Media Marketing 101 11 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  12. 12. Why do They FollowWhy do They Follow1. 40% want to receive discounts and promotions2.2 37% want to show support for the brand/company 37% want to show support for the brand/company3. 36% hope (want) to get free samples, a coupon (a.k.a. freebies)4. 34% want to stay informed about the activities of the company5. 33% want to get updates on future products6. 30% want to get updates and information on future sales7.7 27% like to get fun and entertainment out of it 27% like to get fun and entertainment out of it8. 25% want to get access to exclusive content9. 22% mentioned they were referred by someone to follow this  brand/company10. 21% want just to learn more about the company The top‐10 reasons why consumers follow a company on Facebook Posted January 11, 2011 by Ralph Paglia‐10‐reasons‐why‐consumers‐following‐company‐facebook Social Media Marketing 101 12 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  13. 13. LinkedIn• Primary Marketing Objective Primary Marketing Objective – Relationship Selling• More Professional, Career Site , – Connections and Links – Access people through direct connections• Complete Profile l fl – History of jobs is searchable – Recommendations• Business Page – People can link to your business p y Social Media Marketing 101 13 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  14. 14. TwitterBe Relevant in 140 Characters• Primary Marketing Objective – Attitude Improvement – Reach• “Followers” Followers – Not as personal as Facebook – Easy to un‐follow – Use “Lists”• “Tweet” your Message• Replies and Re‐tweets Replies and Re tweets – Important part of being effective – Build Credibility – Add Value Social Media Marketing 101 14 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  15. 15. Blogging• Primary Marketing Objective – Attitude – Expertise and Credibility – “The Draw” – Content that draws people• Content and linking – Provides searchable content that is updated d h bl h d d – Value of content drives traffic • Use to build expertise and credibility – Link back to yours and network sites Link back to yours and network sites• Personal or company blog – Who do you want to brand• Free v Hosted Free v. Hosted – Free good for content – Hosted recommended for more interactive blog Social Media Marketing 101 15 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  16. 16. Setting Up Accounts g p • What and Who are  You Promoting – Business v. Personal l – Company or Product Brand • Titles, URLs, Usernames and emails – Identifiable to you or company Identifiable to you or company – Short and concise – Common across media • Setup Accounts – Setup username in all potential accounts • Reserves even if immediate use is unlikely • Customize to Brand • Initial Entries Initial Entries – About, Introduction, First Article – Recent “Writings” • Linking Accounts Social Media Marketing 101 16Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  17. 17. The Social Media CalendarThe Social Media Calendar• Build consistent, credible messaging , g g• List “post‐worthy” events and information – Events, products, community, education – Create campaigns• Set number of associated posts and base  message• Write posts – Write out the actual post with any links p y – Adjust timing • Schedule and post Social Media Marketing 101 17 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  18. 18. Social Media ToolsSocial Media Tools• Aggregators – Manage multiple streams – See and post to Twitter See and post to Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… – Tweetdeck Hootsuite Tweetdeck, Hootsuite – Schedule functionality• Share Tools Share Tools – Add social links to web site Social Media Marketing 101 18 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.
  19. 19. Social Media Marketing 101Social Media Marketing 101• Social Media is a Very Effective Marketing Tool Social Media is a Very Effective Marketing Tool• Build it into Your Marketing Plan – Audience Objectives Message Audience, Objectives, Message – Plan the time and resources – Use the best tools for your business Use the best tools for your business• Interact and Communicate – Comment Retweet Reply Comment, Retweet, Reply Social Media Marketing 101 19 Copyright 2012 Sigma College of Small Business, Inc.