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Sift Media Customer Experience Playbook


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A B2B publisher's approach to client experience. This playbook outlines our CX aspirations and, when we get it right, our reality.
Read more about our client experience strategy here:

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Sift Media Customer Experience Playbook

  1. 1. CX playbook
  2. 2. “In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people to take the actions that improve their lives and livelihoods every day” CX playbook
  3. 3. Culture code CX playbook
  4. 4. 1. Put people first 2. Stay focused 3. Obsess over audiences 4. Inspire action CX playbook 5. Be curious 6. Measure what matters 7. Be honest 8. Have fun
  5. 5. CX playbook 4 pillars of client experience
  6. 6. 1. communication CX playbook
  7. 7. 2. attention to detail CX playbook
  8. 8. 3. expectations CX playbook
  9. 9. 4. roles & responsibilities CX playbook
  10. 10. CX playbook
  11. 11. At the point of sale we don’t think about products... CX playbook
  12. 12. WHAT? CX playbook
  13. 13. CX playbook
  14. 14. CX playbook
  15. 15. CX playbook
  16. 16. CX playbook
  17. 17. CX playbook
  18. 18. CX playbook
  19. 19. CX playbook
  20. 20. with clients, with each other CX playbook
  21. 21. CX playbook
  22. 22. we’ve got our delivery process nailed. CX playbook
  23. 23. CX playbook
  24. 24. CX playbook
  25. 25. and they always deliver CX playbook
  26. 26. CX playbook
  27. 27. CX playbook
  28. 28. clients feel they are part of our team. CX playbook
  29. 29. CX playbook
  30. 30. CX playbook
  31. 31. CX playbook
  32. 32. CX playbook
  33. 33. examples of our client experience in action CX playbook
  34. 34. CX playbook we measure it like this
  35. 35. Happy with EOC report and insights included. Followed up campaign to discuss results. Wants to work with us again, “seamless execution” “easiest partner we’ve ever worked with” Strong handover. Clarity around who looks after what. What is needed when. Did what we said, when we said we’d do it. - No chasing Stats sent through regularly (weekly) Happy with results - surpassed expectations R - Sales A - Pub C - Editor / Campaigns I - Finance / Mktg R - Campaigns A - Sales C - Dev/ Editors/ Events/ Insights/ Sales/ Mktg I - Publisher / Finance R - Campaigns A - Sales C - Insights I - Publisher / Finance R - Sales A - Sales C - Campaigns I - Publisher Ex: Conceptual expectations discussed, Client measuring success by registrations on their tracking link - but no idea of volume. Comms: meeting - follow up emails & phone. Ex: communicated in handover. All v smooth. Comms: Email Ex: did what we said when we said. results good. A2D: Happy with report detail & insights Comms: Weekly reports by email. No need for extra comms (clients) Ex: Met throughout campaign. Surpassed sign up expectations A2D: Happy with report detail. & insight Comms: Email roundup with EOC report. Sift Media customer journey map: Meeting Phone calls Email Handover email & kick off call. Email with deadlines & reminders Weekly email with report and recommendations Mid campaign call Event based touchpoint for successes / improvements EOC report & email Follow up call R - Sales A - Pub C - Mktg / Campaigns / Editor I - Campaigns Initial ideas “brainstormed” in coffee shop. Lots of insight / advice from us at this stage for new ways to approach. Handed over to delivery team client side to deliver Discussed expectations and some metrics. Nothing v specific though as trying something new - so didn’t know what to expect. (based on real client feedback - July 2015)
  36. 36. CX playbook
  37. 37. rebookpre sale service deliverypurchase post delivery Sift Media customer journey map: “seamless execution” “easiest partner we’ve ever worked with” CX playbook
  38. 38. rebookpre sale service deliverypurchase post delivery Sift Media customer journey map: CX playbook
  39. 39. and if things go wrong, a bit like this... CX playbook
  40. 40. rebookpre sale service deliverypurchase post delivery Sift Media customer journey map: CX playbook
  41. 41. our entire organisation is committed to delivering amazing client experience CX playbook
  42. 42. “I organised an editorial education day to help my client learn about content strategy.” Stu, Commercial Manager, MyCustomer CX playbook
  43. 43. CX playbook “I take one of my clients out for cake every time we meet” Bertie, Commercial Manager, SMB
  44. 44. “I gave one of our clients advice on PR firms to approach for their communications requirements” Neil, Editor CX playbook
  45. 45. CX playbook “I organised & hosted a masterclass in proof reading for my client’s team” Rachel, Account Manager, Enterprise team
  46. 46. CX playbook “I sent one of my clients an entire box of Cadbury crunchies to say thanks.” Ben, Publisher, AccountingWEB
  47. 47. CX playbook “I make sure we provide an excellent experience for event delegates with dietary requirements - from vegetarians to gastric bands” Hannah, Events Coordinator
  48. 48. CX playbook “I helped an applicant having technical difficulties complete her competition entry on time by manually typing her application answers into our system.” Triana, Marketing Programme Manager CX playbook
  49. 49. CX playbook “One our clients is a huge Liverpool FC fan so we’re taking them to Anfield next year.” Stu, Commercial Manager, MyCustomer
  50. 50. “I delivered a presentation to our clients on what makes great content marketing and what they should be aiming for.” Jamie, Editor HRZone CX playbook
  51. 51. CX playbookCX playbook “We created detailed mockups and wireframes to help a client visualise our suggestions for a bespoke campaign solution” Kate, Project Manager
  52. 52. “I took one of our key accounts to see a West End show.” Gemma, Head of Campaigns CX playbook
  53. 53. CX playbook “I set up a video recording at our offices to help a client who didn’t have the resource in house.” Yiuwin, Publisher, SMB
  54. 54. CX playbook “I phone my clients to thank them personally for survey feedback.” Helena, Campaign planner CX playbook
  55. 55. “I build custom reports for clients to turn their campaign results into meaningful insights” Clementine, Account Manager, AccountingWEB CX playbook
  56. 56. “I sent my client a gift package when she went on maternity leave.” James, Commercial Manager, MyCustomer CX playbook
  57. 57. “I spent a whole day working with different teams in my client’s office to really understand their business” Ben, Publisher, AccountingWEB CX playbook
  58. 58. “I send boxes of cupcakes to our key agencies at Christmas.” Alison, Head of Agency CX playbook
  59. 59. and this is how we do client experience. CX playbook