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Johor bahru - Town of Johor

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My home sustainability

  1. 1. KKKH4284 PERANCANGAN BANDAR LESTARI Task 2: My hometown sustainability Name: Yong Siew Feng No. Matrik: A133075 Lecturer:Prof.Ir. Dr. RizaAtiq Abdullah Dr. MuhamadNazriBin Borhan Hometown: Johor Bahru
  2. 2. Population growth • One of Southeast Asia's most populous urban areas, Johor Bahru is an important industrial, tourist and commercial hub for Southern Peninsular Malaysia. With a population slightly above 1 million in the city, the population growth rate is among the highest in Malaysia.
  3. 3. Indicator Set Environmental Basket Air quality
  4. 4. Environmental monitoring : Ambient Air in JB • Malaysian Meteorological Department- JB • Applied Air Quality Specialists Sdn Bhd • Allied Chemists Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.
  5. 5. Biodiversity Protected National parks and forest reserves which preserve virgin rainforests of JB • Gunung Ledang National Park • Tanjung Piai National Park • Pulau Kukup National Park • Mersing Marine Park • Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest • Gunung Arong Recreational Forest • Etc..
  6. 6. Eco footprint (Impact of the development, services, housing, transport and consumable on the environment) On going and coming huge project • Johor-Singapore MRT RTS Link • Iskandar Malaysia It is believe that there will be huge human pressure on nature of JB.
  7. 7. Waste and recycling In Johor Bahru, residents generate 1,300 tons of waste every day • Unilever Malaysia Environmental Awareness Campaign • No plastic bag day Provide a lot of waste and recycling services centre such as Diamond waste management sdn.bhd, southern waste management (j) sdn bhd.
  8. 8. Quality of life basket Employment Employment data 2010-2012 Low unemployment rate in JB
  9. 9. Transport Common transport in JB
  10. 10. Education • Primary education • Secondary education • Tertiary education (local : UTM , Private : Sunway etc)
  11. 11. Green Space (the percentage of local residents who felt that parks and open spaces had improved or stayed the same over the past 3 years) Stadium JB Airport, Senai JB
  12. 12. Health and Healthcare Below are some government and private healthcare centre in JB • Hospital Sultanah Aminah JB • KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital • BP Healthcare JB • Watson , Guardian
  13. 13. Future proofing basket Climate change The average annual rainfall is 1778 mm with average temperatures ranging between 25.5 °C (78 °F) and 27.8 °C (82 °F). Humidity is between 82 and 86%.
  14. 14. Food Cuisine in Johor is influenced by Arabs and cultures of the surrounding Maritime Southeast Asia. Below are some of the food can be found in JB. • Laksa Johor • Mee rebus • Otak-otak • Tauhu bakar • Mee bakso • Etc..
  15. 15. • Johor Bahru is an important industrial, logistical, and commercial centre. • Its major industries include electronics, resource and petrochemical refinery, and shipbuilding • The presence of Singapore-owned companies and tourists is significant. • Johor Bahru enjoys a close economic relationship with Singapore. Economic base
  16. 16. Spider Chart 0 2 4 6 8 10 Population growth Air quality Biodiversity Waste and cycling Eco footprint Transport Education Health and Healthcare Green space Climate change Food Economic base Employment Series 1
  17. 17. Thank You