4 Easy Steps to Using Technology in Your Classroom


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How to Start Using Blended Learning Today.

In this Slideshare we break down blended learning into 4 easy steps so you can get started with using technology in your classroom today.

Step 1: Define your goals and objectives
Step 2: Resources on different methodologies of using technology for learning including flipped learning, or the flipped classroom, flexed learning, online teaching, self-blend, online lab and more.
Step 3: Choose your platform from Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity, StudySoup and more.
Step 4: Survey, asses, self reflect and then modify the process to meet the needs of your students.

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  • Source: International Association for K-12 Online Learning “Transforming K-12 Rural Education through Blended Learning: Barriers and Promising Practices” 2013.
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  • 4 Easy Steps to Using Technology in Your Classroom

    1. 1. How to Start Using Blended Learning Today 4 easy steps to using technology in your classroom. Sieva Kozinsky @StudySoup Info@StudySoup.com 805-284-9433
    2. 2. “The factory model of education is the wrong model for the 21st century. Today, our schools must prepare all students for college and careers-and do far more to personalize instruction and employ the smart use of technology” - Arne Duncan. U.S Secretary of Education StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    3. 3. New Technologies Can be Overwhelming. StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    4. 4. 84% of Your Peers Say: “Using Technology in The Classroom” 1. Increases the teacher’s ability to innovate 2. Allows students to learn at their own pace StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    5. 5. Where do YOU Start? StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    6. 6. Step 1. Know Your Goals Define Your Objective. Increase student engagement Better classroom attendance Develop critical thinking Improve test scores Personalized instruction Self-paced learning Overarching Measurable StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    7. 7. “By 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses will be delivered online” - Clayton Christensen in Disrupting Class StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    8. 8. Step 2. Choose Your Model Online Education Self-Blend Online Lab Flex Rotation Teacher contact Learning Location Virtual Both Classroom Both Classroom Popularity (2013) Learning Curve School Investment Example School More Less eCademy Alburquerque, NM Rocketship MI Virtual School Virtual Learning Labs AdvancePath Williamsburg, VA San Jose, CA Lansing, MI Orlando, FL StudySoup.com
    9. 9. Join a Community Learn tips & tricks from your peers Flippedclassroom.org BlendmyLearning.com Blended Learning Professionals Blended Learning Forum 21st Century Education #EdChat #FlipClass #BlendedLearning Jon Bergmann Podcast StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    10. 10. Step 3. Start Small No need to re-invent the wheel. Use ready made solutions at first All in one Complete Flexibility StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    11. 11. Step 4. The Feedback Loop Expert creation comes from a constant form of measurement Surveys Tests Suggestions Self-reflection Reviews StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    12. 12. Recap 1. Know your goals. 2. Choose your model. 3. Choose your platform. 4. Gather feedback. StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    13. 13. Use StudySoup 1.Create your course 2.Publish 3.Collect royalties StudySoup.com @StudySoup
    14. 14. Start Building Your Course Today www.StudySoup.com Questions? Need help getting started? Sieva Kozinsky info@StudySoup.com 805-284-9433 @StudySoup