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Poetry explication project


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Mrs. Weirs class of Spring 2012.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Poetry explication project

  1. 1. POETRY EXPLICATION PROJECT Sierra White Spring 2012
  2. 2. TO BRIANA Dear Briana.I know I told you this was a simple project I needed you to take a look at but I also hope you truly read everything I wrote. It is a collection of poems that remind me of you in a way with your relationships, there are also poems that point out how no matter what everything can get better! I hope you enjoy this “Book of poems” and I cannot wait till we are finally able to meet as friends!
  3. 3. WHERE? BY: SIERRA WHITE One, Two Three Four Here I go out the door Where I have no idea,Lets have a few adventures this year. To the Car with keys in hand, “Where?” you may ask. To Explore the land, Start the Engine, Drive down the road, Where to go, I do not know I look at the gas gauge And to my dismay, The adventure today A trip to the Gas station Where I must pay.
  4. 4. WHERE? EXPLICATIONWritten in the year 2012 by the unpublished author Sierra White Where is a simplistic poem that tells of an everyday adventure everyone experiences a few times a week. As you begin to read the poem the first four words are structured in a un uniform pattern that take your eyes on an adventure of their own. Just the start off with simple counting makes you wonder where this poem will go. There are a few different tones through this poem; itstarts out with anticipation where the person is not sure where exactly they will be going for the day. That anticipation turns to excitement at the idea of exploring the land both known and unknown places. Near the end of the poem the tone turns to dismay and disappointment at the fact that she cannot go on much of trip because of the need for gas.The speaker of this poem could be a person of any age, while the author is only 16 and just most likely just starting to experience the fun of paying for her own gas. This poem could be focused towards anyone of any age looking for an adventure. The title of the poem really explains the poem to the reader, no one knows exactly where they will go once they leave their house. They have an idea, maybe a destination they have to reach but once they leave their comfort of their home the question of , where, I s open to any answer. The rhyme scheme of this poem is not organized, it has a random effect and again leads you wondering where the poem will go next. The structure in in one main body, no broken stanzas just one long body of the poem.
  5. 5. THE RED SHOES BY SIERRA WHITE I know they‟re here But where is here Are they in a corner Or on a shelf, Did I lend them to someone else? I love those shoes They make me feel free Little Red Shoes, COME TO ME! Mom is yelling “Its time to go out the door” I scan the floor looking for them, Then I spot them once again.Just sitting there looking for a friend, On my feet they go with ease These little red shoes, make me feel free
  6. 6. THE RED SHOES EXPLICATION This poem was written sometime in the fall of 2010 by the young author SierraWhite. At the time she was only 15 and still figuring out her identity and how she wasapplying herself to her own sense of style. This poem tells about her favorite pair of shoes and one of the many times she had misplaced her shoes in her room. The speaker is that of a teenager talking to her shoes, like most of us do at a time when we loose something we need, for instance our shoes, keys wallet or any other inanimate object. The tone of the poem is playful and fun, but it also has a sense of urgency where the speaker actually calls out to the pair of shoes out of desperation. The rhyme scheme to this poem is AABCCDEDEFGHHHEDE While this is a sporatic rhyme scheme with no general Patten this is a typical trait of White, she never particularly enjoyed having exact rhyme schemes.The poem is not broken into stanzas and paragraphs for organization, instead it has a simple body, all of the lines group together in the center. This pattern causes the reader to continue on with the poem, it also shows the story line of this poem. Thetitle of this poem tells people what the subject of the poem it, it may not mean much to a person who would just read the poem. After taking a moment to read the story behind the title you realize that White wrote the poem because the red shoes were a part of her personality and it seemingly made her feel like a different person.
  7. 7. MILES DON’T MATTER BY: SIERRA WHITE Those three words that make us Phone calls, survive. Emails, They make us look forward to the Skype through I-pads next day we talk. Miles wont get between us. Miles Dont Matter Friends dont understand why we try The truth is we dont denyNo matter the distance between our hands The trust we feel No matter the time between our The Miles we dont see. touch No matter the miles between us. Miles Dont matter if the love is We dont let it stop us. strongMiles dont stop the Love we have.
  8. 8. MILES DON’T This poem is one that speaks volumes in the matter of long distance relationships. The Title of this poem, Miles Don‟t Matter, helps explain the meaning of the poem. In this poem you see a set of three stands each between three and four lines. While the last sentence of the poem is more ofa statement it closes the poem. The speaker of this poem would most likely be a young teenager or a person who has been in a long distance relationship at any age. It is noticeable that there is one point in the poem where it talksabout technology, this makes me believe that the speaker, is a teenager or adult who is very knowledgeable with technology. When you look at the poem you can see the true love between two people who are willing to put in the time and energy for the relationship to last.
  9. 9. ROMANTIC HOW? Roses are Red and they draw blood too Violets are Blue Violets look pretty How is that romantic? And have nice colors, I have no clue But no fragrance to encouragePeople hear those words Romance in a poem They always think, I don’t think so Oh what a poet. I will take daisies Romance and love And pretty flamingos.that’s the way to show it I do not understand nor do I want to. Roses have thorns
  10. 10. ROMANTIC HOW EXPLICATION The poem “Romantic How?” has a unique personality. Yes poems can have personalities! In a way there seems to be a situation where the speaker may betalking to a good friend or acquaintance explaining why he/she does not think certain things are romantic. You are given multiple images as you read this poem, the first two lines “Roses are Red/Violets are Blue” you are given avisual picture of flowers that most people receive on special occasions. Those first two lines also bring forth the typical beginning to a romantic poem. Asyou continue on the poem you see lines that state “Roses have thorns/and theydraw blood too. / Violets look pretty / And have nice colors/ but no fragrance to encourage. ” Reading those lines you do not see as romantic of a picture as you did with the first two lines of the poem. This poem is not organized into separate stanzas but instead a large body, the tone of this poem is playing ful and joking. You are able to notice this tone especially when you get to the last two lines. “I will take daisies/ and pretty flamingos.”
  11. 11. FRIENDS BY: SIERRA WHITE Faithful till the endReady to talk when you need them Insure that you stay on track Everyready to listen Never Put you down Depend on you for things Sunshine on cloudy days
  12. 12. FRIENDS EXPLICATION This poem is not only a sweet poem but it is known as an acrostic poem meaning there is a word spelled from the first letter in each line. In this poem you can see that word is friends. As you read this poem you see what the author views true friendship as. The tone ofthis poem would be serious and sweet at the same time. As you readyou only see positive things, giving you an image of what true friends should be like for example, “Ever ready to listen/ Never put you down” those are two statements that tell you what that person expects from a friend.
  13. 13. MIX THEM TOGETHER SIERRA WHITE White and black Add them together Night and day And you create something, See They do not mix Or do they When you only look At one or anotherWhat do you call gray You are missing a world Or twilight time Unlike any other Why don’t you readIn-between the lines Mix things together, Create something new Things are different See the whole world Yes I agree In a new point of view
  14. 14. MIX THEM TOGETHER EXPLICATIONWhen you first read the title of this poem the first thought that may jump intoyour mind is that of a recipe for a cookie mix. That‟s not what the title of thispoem is talking about. In this poem you are given a set of stanzas that create atone of seriousness but at the same time happiness. This speaker of this poemwould be seen as and older person who has had years of expierence explaining to a younger child or even teen that you should see things just in black and white. A few of the images that you are given in this poem include that of a sky in between the daytime and the night time. The colors white and black mixed together to create the color gray. The title of this poem gives you the symbolism that you can mix anything together, people, colors, or time of day, to create something new and different.
  15. 15. HEART, WE WILL FORGET HIM BY: EMILY DICKINSON Heart, we will forget him, You and I, tonight!You must forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light. When you have done pray tell me, Then I, my thoughts, will dim. Haste! „lest while you‟re lagging I may remember him!
  16. 16. “ Heart, We Will Forget Him,” is written by Emily Dickinson and the title describes the main theme of this poem. While this poem is only a few lines long you are able to receive the impression that Dickinson had recently been through a breakup that left her trying to forget the relationship. When you read this poem you see the speaker is a female, possible of any age that has a broken and hurt heart. The speaker is talking directly to their heart creating personification within this poem. Whilereading this poem you are able to see that the speaker is talking about a man that she requests her heartto forget, and the speaker tells the heart exactly what to forget. In the like “You (the heart) must forget the warmth he gave” the impression that the speaker lover made her feel warm and secure is brought to you mind. There is also a mental image of a man possible giving a women his coat or holding her close on a cold night to create the image of warmth. In the next like “I will forget the light” the speaker puts in how she herself will attempt to forget the man whom she was so fond of. This brings forth a mental image of someone important and you is placed first above everyone else. The tone of this poem is sorrow, but at the same time hopefulness. There is sorrow in this poem because the speaker is attempting to forget someone who made and impression on her heart mind and soul in a way that she will have a hard time forgetting. There is a hopeful tone to this poem in the last few lines, “Then I, my thought will dim./Haste! „least while you‟re lagging / I may remember him!” You see a person who is willing to remember who they want their heart to forget, or she is willing to try and stop her feelings of love, but until them she wants to remember all of the good things that happened.The Rhyme scheme of this poem is ABCBDAEA, with the organization being one body not separating the lines into separate stanzas. This creates a more unified look to the poem showing that the thought process between the speaker and her heart are connected and flowing continuously.
  17. 17. MY MISTRESS’ EYES WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE My mistress‟ eyes are nothing like the sun Coral is far more red than her lips‟ red, If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun,If hairs be wires, black wires grow upon her head. I have seen roses damasked, red and white, But no such roses see I in her cheeks, And in some perfumes is there more delight, Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks. I love to hear her speak: yet well I know That music hath a far more pleasing sound, I grant I never saw a goddess go,My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground, And yet by heaven, I think my love as rare, As any she belied with false compare.
  18. 18. MY MISTRESS’ EYES EXPLICATION William Shakespeare is known for his works as a playwright and a poet. In his poem “My Mistress‟ Eyes” you see something that some may call unromantic and in one way or another mean. That is because they may not be looking at the right lines within this poem. In this poem the speaker is someone who is in love with a mistress whom others may look at ill. The speaker would seem to be an older gentleman who is probably speaking with a good friend who he is able to trust. In the poem the speaker is explaining what his mistress looks like and why he fancies her.This poem is filled with images all based around a single subject, the speakers mistress. In this poem you are given exactly what the mistress looks like, in the first line of the poem, “My mistress‟ eyes are nothing likethe sun.” The speaker starts off by saying that the eyes that normally are bright and cheerful in a person arenot like that for his mistress. Then he continues by describing how she looks, he states that Coral is redder than her lips, and that her chest is paler than snow. As he says this you start to see am image of a palewomen who is not very attractive in today‟s standard. Then the speaker goes on describing the way her black hair, looks more like wires placed on her head. She has no blush to her cheeks and her breath is not something you would want to smell, he also states that while he loves to hear her speak the sound is worse than music. Through most of the poem you see a women who no one could possible fall in love with orwho no one could fancy, but then you continue reading. In the last few lines of the poem the speaker stateshow he things his love with his mistress is rare and no one is able to compare with his love. This shows that no matter what you look like or who you see there is someone who appreciates you for who you are. The rhyme scheme in this poem is ABABCDCDEFEFGG, this poem is also organized into a single body instead of separate paragraphs also known as stanzas. By having this poem as a body instead of multiple short paragraphs you are able to see how the entire poem is talking about one person and how everything flow together within the poem.
  19. 19. MY PRETTY ROSE TREE WILLIAM BLAKE A flower was offered to me: Such a flower as May never bore. But I said "I‟ve a Pretty Rose-tree", And I passed the sweet flower o‟er. Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree To tend her by day and by night.But my Rose turn‟d away with jealousy:And her thorns were my only delight.
  20. 20. “My Pretty Rose Tree” is a poem who main subject is a rose tree. The rose tree is not a literal rose tree that grows in a flower garden but a women who can be compared to a rose tree for how the speaker treated her. The speaker in this poem would seem to be a man who lost something who was dear to him and is trying to figure out what happened and why he no longer has the, pretty rose, he loved to dearly. In this poem you see a few images the first you see is in the second line where the speaker was given a flower, and in the third line it describes how the flower was so pretty it was never seen before. You also see how the speaker tended to this rosetree night and day, and in the end the Rose he was tending to decide to lash out with jealousy and only let him have her thorns. Through the course of the poem you see a story of a love broken apart by jealously. The tone of this poem is confusing, in the beginning of the poem you see a happiness that someone offered him a flower that had beauty and radiance, but he decided to turn away that flower because he had his own rose tree. Then the poem turns to confusion because all while he turned down the flower offered to him the speakers Rose decided to leave out of jealously. The speaker is questioning where the relationship went wrong between him and his Rose, because hewas there and tended to the every need both night and day but in the end she decidedly left. Thepoem has a very night pattern to it with the rhyme scheme of ABABACAC. While there are onlytwo stanzas the split of the stanzas comes at the point where the tone of the poem also changes.
  21. 21. A FRIEND LIKE YOU BY: NATASHA Everyone should have a friend like you You are so much fun to be with And you are such a good person You crack me up with laughterAnd touch my heart with your kindness You have a wonderful ability To know when to offer advice And when to sit in quiet support Time after time Youve come to my rescue And brightend so many Of my routine days And time after time Ive realized how fortunate I am that my life includes you I really do believe thatEverybody should have a friend like you But so far it looks like You are one of a kind!
  22. 22. A FRIEND LIKE YOU EXPLICATION This poem is not written by a classical author who is known across the worldbut by a person who I believe was looking at our relationship as she wrote thispoem. This poem speaks volumes to anyone who has a friend and who wants to let them know how much of a friend they are. Instead of there being multiple stanzas there is one large body paragraph built up of all the line in the poem. As you read the poem you see a picture being drawn of all the qualities you may want in a friend, from the quiet support, to brightening upthe day. The tone of the poem is a tone of truthfulness and love. As a personreads this names may start coming to mind of people who fulfill the meaningof “A friend Like You.”The Rhyme Scheme of this poem is simple, there is no real rhyme scheme. As a poem on friendship the words flow together with there not needing to be a rhyme scheme.
  23. 23. CLOSINGAs a final note, I know there are not many poems here, but as our friendshipgrows so will this book of Poems, I love you like a Sister Bri! And you know it. Sierra