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Sierra Hawkins: Visual Resume


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My Visual Resume. Links for the two animations are below:

Ant 2D Animation:

Ball Kick 3D Animation:

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Sierra Hawkins: Visual Resume

  1. 1. Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. -Walt Disney- h"p://  
  2. 2. I am Sierra Hawkins…
  3. 3. I want future generations to have the same great childhood I had growing up! h"p://     h"p://    
  4. 4. I will always remember the lessons animated movies have taught me. CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Theater  designed  by  Haridass  from  the  Noun  Project  
  5. 5. I want to help create animated movies that will help future generations make better choices. CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Signpost  designed  by  hunoAka  from  the  Noun  Project  
  6. 6. By pushing The Envelope and my Vision I have the ability to form and actualize new Ideas. CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Graphic  Design  designed  byAnna  Weiss  from  the  Noun  Project  
  7. 7. I am known for being a Imagineer and being vigilant CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Thinking  designed  by  Ashley  Fiveash  from  the  Noun  Project   h"p://    
  8. 8. With my understanding of animation I excel by providing insight and inspiration. CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Design  designed  by  Cara  Foster  from  the  Noun  Project   AnimaAon  picture  created  by  me  
  9. 9. I  am:     Punctual         Team  Player       Determined     CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Time  designed  by  SebasAan  Langer  from  the  Noun  Project   CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Sport  Fan  designed  by  Colin  Lawrence  from  the  Noun  Project   CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Turtle  designed  by  Stephen  Borengasser  from  the  Noun  Project  
  10. 10. I have no problem stepping up and being a leader when needed. h"p://  
  11. 11. Co-Leader of the Lee’s Summit North women’s track team for the Sprinters and Jumpers. CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Running  designed  by  Stephen  Borengasser  from  the  Noun  Project  
  12. 12. Chairman of Community Service for our chapter of Skills USA.
  13. 13. I love Both 2D and 3D animation! h"ps://   h"ps://  
  14. 14. I love Drawing and trying new things! CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)  Architect  designed  by  Augusto  Zamperlini  from  the  Noun  Project  
  15. 15. From Traditional… All  three  pictures  belong  to  me  
  16. 16. To Digital! All  four  pictures  belong  to  me  
  17. 17. I enjoy 3D Sculpting Hard  Surface  or   Organic   All  three  pictures  belong  to  me  
  18. 18. And Compositing Picture  was  created  by  me  for  composiAng  final  project  
  19. 19. To be working in an animation studio surrounded by other members creating works of art for people of all ages to enjoy is my definition of success! CreaAve  Commons  –  A"ribuAon  (CC  BY  3.0)Diversity  designed  by  Cara  Foster  from  the  Noun  Project  
  20. 20. ….I don’t always talk about myself but when I do it’s Epic!J