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Kiosk Powerpoint Presentation


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I made this kiosk for my RDG541 class at school. I plan on using this powerpoint to play bingo in my kindergarten class.

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Kiosk Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. Sight Word BINGO! Are you ready to play sight word bingo? Let’s get started! Click on the dog below!
  2. 2. Click on the picture below to start BINGO!
  3. 3. B I N G O come help big for a and down I here can blue funny away go find
  4. 4. B I N G O down here a find big away come I help blue can go and funny for
  5. 5. B I N G O can away help funny and a blue I here come down for big find go
  6. 6. B I N G O in it one little make run not I jump my look red me is play
  7. 7. B I N G O is jump play look me red my I it not little run make in one
  8. 8. B I N G O jump is not me look run one I red play make in little it my
  9. 9. B I N G O two said yellow all the you up I we to three am where see are
  10. 10. B I N G O to see where you three all we I up two the are yellow said am
  11. 11. B I N G O up three are where see yellow two I to am said you all the we