Smart City Expo: An opportunity for liveable cities


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Presentación de Rosa García, CEO de Siemens España, en el Smart City Congress sobre los retos del futuro y las soluciones Siemens para mejorar la calidad de vida de las ciudades. Barcelona, Londres, Madrid o Singapore son algunos casos reales sobre como las ciudades pueden mejorar su sostenibilidad.

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Smart City Expo: An opportunity for liveable cities

  1. 1. Living & PeopleSmart Cities: an opportunity for liveable citiesRosa GarcíaCEO Siemens Spain. Barcelona, November 29th, 2011
  2. 2. The world is changing and need answers to these burning questions PopulationPopulation growth Increasing Demographic Change-More than 50% of the worlds life expectancy - 65+ generation will nearly doublepopulation is living in cities, an by 2030 (from 7% to 12%)will increase from 3.5 B to 4.7 - Need adequate infrastructures asB until 2030 well as health- and elder care CO2 C) Difference from 1850–1899 (° 0.7 76 °C + 0, emissions 0.5 0.0 -0.5 1850 1900 1950 2000 Major energy and climate factor Powerhouses Rising - 75% of energy consumed in - 50% of world GDP is temperatures cities produced in cities with a population over 750.000 GDP increase in - 80% of CO2 emissions are developing countries produced in cities
  3. 3. Cities need pioneering solutions to solve theirproblems How to get enough electric power? How to reduce the energy consumption and emissions? How to manage the ever increasing traffic? How to bring enough goods into the city? How to ensure security and safety of people? How can we provide personalized & early detection healthcare for everyone? How to finance all this?From closed island solutions and single products to cross-linked intelligentinfrastructure solutions
  4. 4. Solutions for better cities are already available Energy Renewable energy generation Smart grids Security Efficiency Affordable Smart Building Water treatment Healthcare technology Mobility
  5. 5. London innovative solutions City Tolling- 30% congestion reduction Intermodal Traffic Management-20% traffic Smart Grid Pilot- more than 8 million customers
  6. 6. Barcelona´s sustainable urban mobility Driverless technology Metro- Europe´s longest line project Retrofit Hybrid Bus- 30% fuel reduction
  7. 7. Singapore the water city expertWaste Water Treatment Plant- 228,000 cubic meters ofpure drinking water per day by 2012
  8. 8. Madrid integrated solutions Madrid paperless hospitals SATE- Baggage Handling System Barajas Airport UNIPOST- automotive letter classification Retrofit Hybrid Bus- 30% fuel reduction
  9. 9. Thank