Smart City Expo: Moving Around


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Presentación de José M. Tejera en el Smart City Congress sobre movilidad eficiente.

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Smart City Expo: Moving Around

  1. 1. José M. Tejera Barcelona, 2/12/2011 SMART CITY CONGRESS © Siemens S.A. 2011Page 1 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  2. 2. What is exactly moving around? Our green mobility solutions help people to move around in an efficient way …. But first of all, what is moving around?ThesaurusVerb1. move around - pass to theother side of; "turn the corner"; "movearound the obstacle"Verb2. move around - travel fromplace to place, as for the purpose offinding work, preaching, or acting as ajudge … and now we are going to show you how we get that! © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 2 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  3. 3. Answers for Smart Cities:Why it is crucial efficient mobility? Siemens answers for Smart Cities New Efficiency through mobility networking concepts 20 % of the energy-related greenhouse gas emissions Optimal energy use Efficient 40 % of the energy buildings consumption worldwide and 21 % of all generated CO2 greenhouse gas emissions Intelligent Safeguarding energy power for the future supply grids © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 3 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  4. 4. Efficient “moving around”is a key sucess factor for operators © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 4 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  5. 5. How can we help them to move around? How can I get home after a tiringbusiness trip in the most sustainable way? Mary How can I get home in the most comfortable way and being a model of friendly to environment friendly? © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 5 John Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  6. 6. Some answers © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 6 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  7. 7. Siemens answers: Let’s take a look at our friend Mary again… Our BHS in T4 Barajas, has been awardedHow can I get home after a tiring business with AENA’s Sustainability Prize – reduction trip in the most sustainable way? of energy consumption up to 30% Baggage handled / day: 30.000 – 50.000 Departure and 14.000 – 20.000 Arrivals Airport Belt speed: up to 10m/s – 40km/h Reliability 99,999% Trainguard MT train control system can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10,000 tons annually on a typical metro line thanks to energy- Metro optimization. It permits 50 % more traffic. It used to be that an average of 20 trains per hour could use a metro track, and now it is 30. The components and materials of the Oslo Metro are 94.7 percent recyclable. And its Tram consistent lightweight construction and regenerative braking system means it also uses 30 percent less energy than predecessor vehicles. The Avenio with its 500+ passenger capacity and its innovative Sitras HES hybrid energy storage system sets important environmental Home standards. It uses 30 % less energy and offers 100 % comfort. © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 7 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  8. 8. And now, at John… How can I get home in the most comfortable Siemens is working in several areas of e- mobility: on environmentally compatible power way and being environment friendly? generation and distribution, efficient drive systems and charging stations and the intelligent integration of electric vehicles into overall traffic. Innovations such as these not only make electric mobility possible, but help eCharging reduce CO2 emissions in cities. Office E-vehicle In Halle, Germany, more than 50 %of drivers have switched to trams since the introduction of an intermodal traffic concept. The system Traffic informs drivers of the current traffic situation and management free parking spaces as well as the departure time of the next tram. With its city toll, the British capital of London Toll systems has reduced the number of vehicles per day by 60,000 and emissions per year by 150,000 tons. The system records license plate numbers and compare them to a database, thus determining whether the toll was paid. Home © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 8 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  9. 9. Road, rail and logistics solutions for moving people within cities Complete rail solution for urban mobility As a single source supplier and system integrator, Office eCharging Airport Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in urban mobility. Reliability, safety, attractiveness and efficiency E-vehicle are our top priorities – which benefit the operators Traffic management and the environment. Parking management Metro Complete road and logistics solutions for urban mobility Tram Dynamic adaptation to changing traffic situations ensures that traffic control systems demonstrate the desired effects immediately – contributing to increased safety. Siemens supplies all the necessary elements from a single source, keeping Home urban and long-distance traffic moving around the globe. © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 9 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  10. 10. Networking improves efficiency 1) Including e-cars, e-buses © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 10 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  11. 11. Upps, I almost forgot introducing you to Peter…. My letter to Santa!!! The sooner, the better!!! When sorting standard letters, the new integrated reading and video coding systems from Siemens use 55 % less energy than predecessor models. Post office Home © Siemens S.A. 2011 Page 11 Infrastructure & Cities Sector
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention! © Siemens S.A. 2011Page 12 Infrastructure & Cities Sector