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Build a Content Plan

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Build a Content Plan

  1. 1. @spyfu @mrspy Content Planning A step-by-step workflow. Plus, shortcuts, tips and rules of thumb to get things done efficiently.
  2. 2. @spyfu @mrspy Mike Roberts Founder and CEO, SpyFu
  3. 3. @spyfu @mrspy SpyFu in 60 seconds Bootstrapped SaaS company based in Scottsdale,AZ
  4. 4. @spyfu @mrspy What I’m going to talk about. • Goal of your content • Developing your core keywords • Create topics → Write articles → Track results → Improve …and Repeat.
  5. 5. @spyfu @mrspy Always ask this question (out loud) first. What is the goal of all this content?
  6. 6. @spyfu @mrspy Funny thing about that question… Everybody thinks they know the answer, and so it seems like a stupid question. So, nobody asks.
  7. 7. @spyfu @mrspy Here’s a little hack. Ask it this way: “How will we measure the success of this content? Which metrics will we use?...” “…in other words, what is the goal of this content?”
  8. 8. @spyfu @mrspy The overall goal should have something to do with money.
  9. 9. @spyfu @mrspy Does every piece of content need to convert?
  10. 10. @spyfu @mrspy It’s easy bruh, just build REALLY GREAT CONTENT
  11. 11. @spyfu @mrspy Traffic || Authoritative || Conversion !(Traffic &&Authoritative && Conversion) //yes, I’m a nerd. ;)
  12. 12. @spyfu @mrspy Traffic || Authoritative || Conversion Content → Money
  13. 13. @spyfu @mrspy Find your Core Keywords You don’t need to worry about the long-tail right now.
  14. 14. @spyfu @mrspy Divine Edict
  15. 15. @spyfu @mrspy Where do you already have good traction? Google Search Console, SpyFu...etc.
  16. 16. @spyfu @mrspy Gank from your own PPC campaign.
  17. 17. @spyfu @mrspy What has worked for your competitors?
  18. 18. @spyfu @mrspy Two kinds of competitors: 1. Those you want to crush. 2. Those you admire.
  19. 19. @spyfu @mrspy Mine the Keyword Universe
  20. 20. @spyfu @mrspy Mine the Keyword Universe
  21. 21. @spyfu @mrspy Quantify it.
  22. 22. @spyfu @mrspy New Free Tool: Group and Rollup external lists
  23. 23. @spyfu @mrspy Groups and Rollups for any list for free.
  24. 24. @spyfu @mrspy How big should a core keyword be? Enough for about 3-10 pieces of content.
  25. 25. @spyfu @mrspy So… how big should each piece of content be? Rule of thumb: ~300 – 3,000 searches per month
  26. 26. @spyfu @mrspy So, a good sized core keyword is about 5,000 searches per month.
  27. 27. @spyfu @mrspy How much content do I need? Add up the search volume for all of your core keywords. Divide by 1,000.
  28. 28. @spyfu @mrspy How to get from Keywords → Content Ideas
  29. 29. @spyfu @mrspy Start with one of the keywords
  30. 30. @spyfu Two keywords with a similar number of clicks
  31. 31. @spyfu @mrspy Look at the SERP. See what’s ranking. (Ignore the really strong domains.)
  32. 32. @spyfu @mrspy See what else those pages rank on.
  33. 33. @spyfu @mrspy Can you do better? Format, length, quality?
  34. 34. @spyfu @mrspy Shortcut 1: Just start answering questions.
  35. 35. @spyfu @mrspy Imagine there’s an internal subject matter expert on grants…
  36. 36. @spyfu @mrspy Shortcut 2: Start with your competitors’ best content
  37. 37. @spyfu @mrspy Zoom in on the best content for your topic area.
  38. 38. @spyfu @mrspy Zoom in on the best content for your topic area.
  39. 39. @spyfu @mrspy Shortcut 2: Start with your competitors’ best content
  40. 40. @spyfu @mrspy Create topics → Write articles → Track results → Improve …and Repeat.
  41. 41. @spyfu @mrspy Now to “write” the articles.
  42. 42. @spyfu @mrspy You can DIY. But, you don’t have to.
  43. 43. @spyfu @mrspy Leverage the crowd.
  44. 44. @spyfu @mrspy Leverage the crowd. 1. Translate topic into a brief spec. 2. Select a writer. 3. Approve content.
  45. 45. @spyfu @mrspy
  46. 46. @spyfu @mrspy This is the entirety f’ing of the spec.
  47. 47. @spyfu @mrspy That costs about $100 for a 1500 word article.
  48. 48. @spyfu @mrspy You don’t *have* to have them write an entire article.
  49. 49. @spyfu @mrspy Track your results. Remember how I said you didn’t need to worry about the long tail yet? Now is when you do.
  50. 50. @spyfu @mrspy You’ll see the needle moving in the long-tail way before you see it on your core keywords.
  51. 51. @spyfu @mrspy Most of your content is going to suck
  52. 52. @spyfu @mrspy Google Search Console is my favorite to see progress
  53. 53. @spyfu @mrspy Side by side comparison
  54. 54. @spyfu @mrspy Super efficient improvement loop 1. Make sure your Titles and H1s contain your top keyword. 2. Combine and crosslink 3. Expand
  55. 55. @spyfu @mrspy 1. Make sure your Title and H1 match the top keyword
  56. 56. @spyfu @mrspy 2. Combine and Crosslink
  57. 57. @spyfu @mrspy Filter by the top Keyword
  58. 58. @spyfu @mrspy These are your combine and crosslink opportunities
  59. 59. @spyfu @mrspy 3. Expand: Answer questions • Answer questions
  60. 60. @spyfu @mrspy 3. Expand. • Improve the article – go deeper • Add video content – sometimes more than one • Infographics
  61. 61. @spyfu @mrspy Create topics → Write articles → Track results → Improve …and Repeat.
  62. 62. @spyfu @mrspy One last thought: There are 20-50x more clicks available once you’ve got a foothold. …and every spot you move up adds 20-50%
  63. 63. @spyfu @mrspy Questions?
  64. 64. @spyfu @mrspy Let’s say you have 20 core keywords • Average of 5,000 searches per month. • 20 x 5,000 searches = 100,000 impressions.
  65. 65. @spyfu @mrspy That’s how many articles you’ll need to write. 100,000 searches per month / 1,000 = 100 articles
  66. 66. @spyfu @mrspy That’s a good first pass. Measure. Find successes, and double down. Repeat.
  67. 67. @spyfu @mrspy That’s a good first pass. Measure. Find successes, and double down. Repeat.
  68. 68. @spyfu @mrspy How many visitors is this going to get? Rule of thumb: 2-20 visits per month per 1000 impressions.
  69. 69. @spyfu @mrspy More simply Each piece of content adds about 5-10 visitors per month
  70. 70. @spyfu @mrspy
  71. 71. @spyfu @mrspy Assumption: You’re probably going to average somewhere near the bottom of the first page to second page.
  72. 72. @spyfu @mrspy You can improve from there. There are 20-50x more clicks available once you’ve got a foothold.
  73. 73. @spyfu @mrspy Super-convenient little trick: Moving up one spot on the first page will get you 50% more clicks. (Moving up one spot on page 2+ will get you ~20%.)
  74. 74. @spyfu @mrspy Here’s where we are: 20 core keywords → 100k searches → 100 pieces of content → ~1000 visitors per month
  75. 75. @spyfu @mrspy But, it’s a recurring asset. Let’s assume: Evergreen content has an average lifespan of ~5 years.
  76. 76. @spyfu @mrspy What’s the lifetime value of content? 5-10 visitors per month x 60 months = ~500 visitors / article 1000 visitors per month x 60 months = 60,000 total visitors
  77. 77. @spyfu @mrspy What’s the value of a visitor? • YMMV. • What’s the conversion rate of a first time organic visitor to your blog? Multiply that by customer LTV. • What’s your opportunity cost for the same traffic (in PPC dollars)?
  78. 78. @spyfu @mrspy For my company: Between $4 and $8 depending on the method. So, let’s go with $4.
  79. 79. @spyfu @mrspy Lifetime value of content in dollars: 500 visitors per article x $4 per visitor = $2000 per article 60k visitors x $4 per visitor = $240,000 LTV
  80. 80. @spyfu @mrspy GLORY! 60k visitors x $4 per visitor = $240,000 LTV
  81. 81. @spyfu @mrspy BTW, not all content needs to be evergreen. You should still measure value by LTV. 500 visitors today is better than 500 visitors over 5 years.
  82. 82. @spyfu @mrspy In fact, you might be able to use timely content to pay for your evergreen content. Paying $500 per article is operating at a loss for the first year. But a 4:1 mixture of evergreen and timely = break even.
  83. 83. @spyfu @mrspy 6 hours per article… 600 hours. You’ll be done in 15 weeks.
  84. 84. @spyfu @mrspy Hopefully, you’re *extremely* passionate about the topic.
  85. 85. @spyfu @mrspy Similar to the previous one… in that it kinda sucks.
  86. 86. @spyfu @mrspy My advice: Structure it like a hub and spokes. You should personally write the hub content.
  87. 87. @spyfu @mrspy Then the hubs link together
  88. 88. @spyfu @mrspy Then use that to blow up planets.
  89. 89. @spyfu @mrspy Now you only have 20 articles to write… and you have to time to make them “thought-leader” quality.
  90. 90. @spyfu @mrspy How to create the other 80 supporting articles.