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Applying goodwin’s theory less thorough


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Applying goodwin’s theory less thorough

  1. 1. Applying Goodwin’s theory. Amy MacDonald-Mr. Rock and Roll Indie/Alternative Rock
  2. 2. • Close up of the artist.• Live performance of the artist, this matches the genre.• ‘Is on his own again’. Narrative follows the lyrics.• Lots of shots of the band with the main artist in front, very clear on who the singer is.• Fast paced music is matched with sped-up clips of people in a busy street.
  3. 3. Applying Goodwin’s theory.Cassandra Wilson – Time After Time Jazz
  4. 4. • Contrast of dark and light used throughout the video, minimal colours that are peachy and dull/dark.• Slow moving images of different shapes match the slow music.• No visuals to match the lyrics.• Slow dance is incorporated as well as strange shapes.• Flowing dresses worn by dancer. Fading used in transition of images.
  5. 5. Applying Goodwin’s theory.Tawanna Shaunte – Shades Of Colours Soul with blues, world music and reggae influences
  6. 6. • On third beat at the start of the video the camera changes.• Transition is a fade in/fade out effect.• Band performance is shown in between the singer and the narrative.• Close up of the singer in direct mode of address to draw in the audience.• ‘Shades of colours’ matches the black and white narrative and the singer in colour.
  7. 7. Applying Goodwin’s theory.Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal Folk, rock
  8. 8. • Shot changes as tambourine starts.• Shot changes again when the next instrument starts, this is repeated until all instruments are playing.• As the voice rises for a second time on each different shot the shot changes.• When the music picks up the pace so does the video.• No direct mode of address or band performance as there is only a narrative of plastercine figures.