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Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation - Profile


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Organization Profile of Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation
"We believe Life can be Engineered"

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Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation - Profile

  1. 1. We believe LIFE can be Engineered For Earth – For Humanity
  3. 3. Budiardjo Sosrosukarto Chairman of Trustee – KI Care Foundation ““By caring the people surrounding us, we would like to contribute to enhance the quality of life through developing people so that we can grow together with the society for a better Indonesia”
  4. 4. VISION - MISSION Our Vision •As non-profit organization that concerning to increase corporate social responsibility especially for company’s surrounding community Our Mission •Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders to create bottom up social programs •Providing social contributions through the use of KOMATSU core technologies and resources (e.g., disaster relief) •Contributing to local communities where KOMATSU do business •Strengthening KOMATSU corporate governance and compliance •Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, and social norms within our group and among business partners
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Board of Trustee •Chairman : Budiardjo Sosrosukarto •Member : Bambang Haryanto •Member : Satoru Tanaka Board of Supervisory •Chairman : Risdhianto B. Irawan •Member : Donny Whisnu •Member : Cahyono Nurhadi Board of Executive •Chairman : Rofiur Rutab •Secretary : Irfan M. Irvyant •Treasury : Kunjono Arianto Operation Team •Op. Manager : Sidi Rana Menggala •Adm. Coord : Rini Marlina
  6. 6. PHILOSOPHYIs an initial of Human Power and Love that describes a unity and empowerment as a symbol of a human productivity which is moved dynamically to get best value of life. It’s also indicates of K & I letter centered by Y letter. The human was background by yellow circle that meant of under equal shelter of the Komatsu Power for one final destination (one for all-all for one) which also put Sakura flower that mean of supported by Japan Solidarity. Is an initial of Komatsu Limited that describes contribution and support from company in the names of Management and Employees from their soul, strength and spirit into the implemented program which is covered company’s vision and mission all over the world especially for every single company’s surrounding community Is an initial of Komatsu Limited that describes contribution and support from company in the names of Management and Employees from their soul, strength and spirit into the implemented program which is covered company’s vision and mission all over the world especially for every single company’s surrounding community
  7. 7. ABOUT KI CARE FOUNDATION Who Are We? •Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation (KI Care Foundation) is an independent, non-profit, social foundation that was established in June 2006. We conducted various activities of Corporate Social Responsibilities of Komatsu Indonesia. There are three main activities, that consist of; Development of Surrounding Community, Education Concern and Humanity Aids. Establishment Background - Based On Care Value to Share •KI Care Foundation an asset of the country •Aware & care for all issues of social, economy, culture even more education and religion
  8. 8. Independent and Sustainable Funding Komatsu Indonesia through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are mostly funded and donate for YKIP. The source of revenue strengthen YKIP’s independence and support the long-term sustainability of our programs by ensuring funding stability. Komatsu Indonesia, is a global manufacturing company on heavy equipment and was establish on 1982, with now total employee of 1500 people. Audit YKIP financial statements have been and will be audited mainly by Morison International (Tjahjadi & Tamara) Gedung Jaya 4th Floor Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 12 Jakarta 10340-Indonesia
  9. 9. Legal Aspects •Established on 12th June 2006 •Notary Document No. 1 by Sorta Rohana Siregar, SH •Legalized by Indonesia Law and Human Right Minister, No. C-1887. HT. 01.02 – TH 2006 •State Foundation Law & Regulation No. 16-2001, No. 28 – 2004 and No. 18 - 2009
  10. 10. JOURNEY OF LIFE Company Surrounding Community Development Improvement of Public Facilities Income Generating Program Education Care Surrounding Community Komatsu Indonesia Scholarship Sponsorship Humanitarian Aid Natural Disaster Support indigenous communities
  11. 11. We believe in their future to come SUPPORT US
  12. 12. Who is Our Target? •The target of our poverty alleviation program is to increase company’s surrounding community, with a focus of youth population between 17 – 25 years old.
  13. 13. What Do We Do? • At the time that we were founded, initial main focus was on conducting Komatsu Indonesia social activities programs in the communities through social aid, education and health. Further- on developing years, we grew to service Indonesian perspective for poverty alleviation such as education, community development and humanitarian aid. •Our community building efforts gradually evolved towards economic development as a preventive strategy against the poverty that result of social condition. Under that condition, YKIP and partners had delivered a project and pioneered micro- finance program in Sukapura District with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship for a self-sufficient and prosperous community in the long term.
  14. 14. We commit to achieve social changes for the betterment of those who are socially, economically and educationally disenfranchised SUPPORT US
  16. 16. KI Scholarship Komatsu Indonesia Scholarship for employees’ children is one of the programs that company takes care and implement with the aim to appreciate employees' children who have good academic achievement in their school. Education Aid for Surrounding Community YKPI delivered Education Aid for thousands children from elementary school, junior high school and senior high school from 10 schools around Komatsu Indonesia since 2006. General Education Equipment Aid Program YKIP delivered Computer as the Education Equipment Aid Program for the high schools all around Indonesia since 2006. Apprenticeship Program for Vocational High School and University Student YKIP on behalf of company provide opportunity for vocational high school and university to take their advantage by participating in apprenticeship program. Sponsorship YKIP sponsored several cultural & education Japan activities since many of students and supporters of those program were coming from different community of the students and the sponsorship program of Festival regarding to strengthen its relation both friendship and diplomatic. EDUCATION CONCERN
  17. 17. EDUCATION We want to make Indonesia a better place to live in SUPPORT US
  18. 18. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Community Care To keep and maintain good communication with the surrounding community and care of their condition, PT Komatsu Indonesia through the Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation provides social donation in the form of various donation. This donation is intended to be used by the local public community especially in neighborhoods of Sukapura regency in several activities where PT Komatsu Indonesia located. One of YKIP and community aim is to stabilize a conducive climate of social and economic atmosphere in both party side by side of company’s surrounding community. Ex Employee and Family Care Share with Ex-employee’s family care is YKIP important program since the late employees significantly contributed to grow with Komatsu Indonesia business entity. They whom already passed away when they worked in the company, YKIP aims as social institution which is established by the company have to support their late family especially to continue their children’s education and health treatment.
  19. 19. We believe in the Future SUPPORT US
  20. 20. HUMANITARIAN AID – DISASTER RELIEF Situ Gintung Dam Disaster Earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra Tsunami at Mentawai Volcanic Eruption at Mount Merapi Massive flooding in Jakarta Volcanic Eruption Flood relief efforts Jakarta Earthquake at Yogyakarta Tsunami Relief Effort at Aceh and Nias Jakarta’s Flood Victims in Bekasi, West Jakarta
  21. 21. CONTACT US Headquarters (North Jakarta) Komatsu Indonesia Care Foundation Pusat Pengembangan Industri Komatsu Indonesia Gdg. ESC – PT. Komatsu Indonesia Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Km. 4, Jakarta 14140 P:+ (62) 21.4400.611 F: + (62) 21.4483.3106 Find us on