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Mastering kubernetes ingress nginx


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Walks you through from basics of Kubernetes Ingress to some of the most important nitty-grity details

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Mastering kubernetes ingress nginx

  1. 1. Mastering Kubernetes Ingress: Nginx Sidhartha Mani Founder and CEO
  2. 2. Ingress In·gress ˈinˌɡres/ Noun the action or fact of going in or entering.
  3. 3. Kubernetes Ingress Network traffic entering into a kubernetes cluster from outside.
  4. 4. Kubernetes Ingress Controller A manager that controls how traffic entering into the cluster is handled.
  5. 5. Kubernetes Controllers Closed circuit control systems
  6. 6. Closed Circuit Ingress? Ingress Controllers do not route traffic
  7. 7. Reverse proxy Reverse Proxy Sits at the edge of network and routes traffic
  8. 8. Reverse proxy Fn of Ingress Controller? Listens for Ingress events and configures routes
  9. 9. Ingress Events Create, update or delete operation on Ingress resource
  10. 10. Ingress resource Maps routes to services
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Routing
  13. 13. Routing Default mode Round Robin
  14. 14. Routing Default mode Round Robin
  15. 15. Routing Default mode Round Robin
  16. 16. Cookies cookie
  17. 17. TLS Termination
  18. 18. TLS Passthrough
  19. 19. Rewrite /app
  20. 20. Rewrite | rewrite ^(/ui)$ $1/ permanent;
  21. 21. Rate limit "1"
  22. 22. Auth basic
  23. 23. Koki Me Twitter @kokster_ @utter_babbage @kokster_ - Medium @kokster @utter_babbage Find us on social media
  24. 24. Authenticated, Secure, Dynamic Ingress This concludes the presentation. Thank you!