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Join CFI and play the "If I were Lokpal" game

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60931285 corruption-free-india-presentation

  1. 1. Corruption Free IndiaBuilding a Consensus to make India Corruption Free
  2. 2. CFI·s Single Point Agenda´ Pass a strong but not necessarily perfect Lokpal Bill in the Monsoon Session, 2011µ while building consensus on real outcomes that are desired from the Lokpal as an institution.
  3. 3. Why Monsoon Session 2011‡ Corruption kills thousands of people every day by depriving them of efficient and low cost goods and services such as food, health, electricity, housing, water etc that they are entitled to.‡ Imagine several Mumbai like tragedies for every day that an effective anti-corruption mechanism is not implemented.‡ Further delay will not give us a perfect bill.‡ Bill can be amended based on experience.
  4. 4. What is a strong but not perfect Lok Pal Bill?‡ A Bill that achieves at least the following outcomes:‡ Outcome #1 ² Creating an environment that will allow the Lokpal to succeed‡ Outcome #2 ² Catching petty corruption‡ Outcome #3 ² Catching big ticket corruption‡ Outcome #4 ² Preventing petty corruption
  5. 5. ‡ Outcome #5- Preventing big ticket corruption‡ Outcome #6 ² Avoiding privacy invasion‡ Outcome #7 ² Accelerating practical projects instead of delaying them‡ Outcome #8 ² No fear for the honest, high fear for the dishonest with strict penalties increasing according to the degree of corruption.‡ Outcome #9 ² Recovering corruption monies from old scams‡ Outcome #10 ² Monitoring the Lokpal to prevent abuse of power
  6. 6. Who is CFI ?Educated young citizens of India (a growingtribe that resides in different parts of thecountry and comes from varied educationalbackgrounds) who passionately want acorruption free India
  7. 7. What will CFI do ?± Public letter to Law Minister dated 26 July, 2011 http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/60931261?acc ess_key=key-1x8wxpy6lxzcde7zhic8± Create a google group: input- cfi@googlegroups.com which anyone can join and where they can view and give their idea-based input.± Prepare weekly summaries of the idea-based inputs and comments received in the group.
  8. 8. Who can join CFI ?‡ Anyone who is in favour of a corruption free India can join and provide an idea-based input.‡ CFI has no structure so it will not endorse a particular idea or person.‡ CFI is only driven by its single point agenda.
  9. 9. Objective and Benefit of getting involved‡ The objective of getting involved is to offer simple, short and implementable ideas/suggestions/examples that may be used in the Bill or may help in formulation of rules and guidelines post passage of the Bill.‡ The benefit of getting involved is the opportunity to present simple, logical and implementable ideas that might significantly reduce corruption and help achieve real outcomes.
  10. 10. Get Involved - Today‡ Join input-cfi@googlegroups.com‡ Get others to join (or help them if they do not know how to join a google-group)‡ Post your idea-based input by playing the simple game: If I were Lokpal‡ Alternatively, generate and communicate an idea in any other way.‡ You may also e-mail your specific comments on the Bill to this group.
  11. 11. If I were Lokpal Game‡ Pick up an existing function of the Lokpal or create one.‡ Describe in bullet points its leadership based objective.‡ Include a real or likely situation in brief and try and define it as petty corruption or big-ticket corruption, systemic corruption or context-specific corruption etc.‡ Examine the effective role played by you in resolving this corruption using a technology, a process etc‡ Mention the specific outcome achieved (need not be from the ten referred to above)
  12. 12. If I were Lokpal Game‡ Do not restrict your thinking.‡ Try and keep the input short and focus on the idea that you have developed.‡ See if you can suggest an idea that is implementable.‡ You are free to modify the game if you so desire.‡ Have you looked at ideas from foreign anti- corruption bureaus?
  13. 13. Playing the Game: Sample Idea 1‡ Corruption Prevention Wing - Staffed by experts who help public servants with prevention plans‡ Situation Before LokPal: Police take bribes for filing FIR s.
  14. 14. Playing the Game: Sample Idea 1‡ After Lokpal - What Changed?: Police prepared a corruption prevention plan with advise from the Prevention Wing and citizens like you. Plan used undercover agents and communication that you could get caught red- handed while taking bribes.‡ Outcome: Bribes for F.I.R s reduced (Note: Focus of this sample idea was use of prevention plans and communication which eliminated corruption without punishing many people)
  15. 15. Playing the Game: Sample Idea 2‡ Objective Have a metric to assess the existing levels of corruption in an institution and measure improvements over time‡ Suggestion Engage third parties to assess through credible survey mechanisms the level of corruption in various institutions on a quarterly basis.
  16. 16. Playing the Game: Sample Idea 2‡ Necessary Provision in the Bill A provision that ties the survey to an implementable action either in the form of an incentive or a penalty on the institution. (Note: Focus of this sample idea was to implement a social audit mechanism)
  17. 17. DO s and DONT s‡ Some guidelines to be followed:‡ Only submit either idea-based inputs or specific comments on the Bill to input-cfi@googlegroups.com‡ Any other communication (e.g. to the administrator) is to be sent to 2011cfi@gmail.com‡ Do not make any vulgar, defamatory or spiteful comments on either group.