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SideraWorks Workshop Roadshow Guide


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SideraWorks is hitting the road and bringing our latest workshops to a public venue near you....and we're crowdsourcing the cities! Here's how to get involved.

SideraWorks Workshop Roadshow Guide

  1. 1. Sideraworks Roadshow guide Workshop Roadshow 2014 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  2. 2. I want to participate With... MY FRIENDs 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  3. 3. I’m LOOKING for a good time while learning (and a good value wouldn’t hurt either) 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  4. 4. sideraworks has an IDEA getinvolvedin bringingapro workshoptoyour town! 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  5. 5. Let the people do the talking. work with us to pick a date and then crowdsource the funding for the workshop. If enough people are interested, GREAT! If not, then nobody is out any money. We provide advice, materials, and support on how to go about it. Whether it’s a corporate sponsored event, or a public event we can provide the information you need. We have four workshops to choose from, and multiple funding models. see the fAQ section for more information 1 2 3THE IDEA 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  6. 6. ready to get started?… roadshow SUMMER 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  7. 7. contact us at JOIN US 2014 // sideraworks llc //
  8. 8. Q&A Frequently Asked Questions
  9. 9. What are the most important items? The date & a potential Venue. Access to sponsors and/or a large base of users would come in next (clubs, orgs, etc). Naturally we assist with our own networks where applicable. Why do you fund so far in advance? So that funding will be guaranteed before any deposits or travel booking needs to occur. We offset everyones risk that way, you (individually or an organization) are always welcome to take on that risk yourself. Why are certain dates unavailable? We have clients and families and critters who like to see us. the closer your location is to another workshop, the more likely a date can be found near that of the other workshop (and is usually less expensive if we’re already in the area) 1 2 3Q&A 2014 // sideraworks llc // ?
  10. 10. what is the minimum funding required? this varies depending upon geography (travel expense) and which workshop is being done. But as a general rule you should plan on a goal of at least $2000 Why are they so inexpensive compared to your normal prices, and why only four workshops to choose from? we develop new material periodically to use for our client work. this gives us a means of testing that material out with audiences and fine- tuning it while making it available to the public at a bargain basement price what type of venue is ideal, how many people should it hold? We recommend capping the number of people at 75 or so for a workshop. we can customize the interactivity level to some degree to accommodate more people but the value starts to decline in our opinion 4 5 6Q&A 2014 // sideraworks llc // ?
  11. 11. Can you customize the material to fit our audience? To some degree we do that with every workshop since we have to be able to cater to various audiences and we’re very good at feeling out an audience and shifting on the fly (executives, practitioners, etc, as well as verticals). generally it is not the ‘material’ that changes but rather our execution. But there are limits. do you have cities you are already either considering or in process of looking at? St. Louis, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Boston, milwaukee, nashville, bay area, detroit, D.c. - New York Corridor, New orleans, atlanta What type of funding models are you using? They run the gamut from completely crowdsourced, to singly sponsored events, to some combination in-between. we’d love for a ‘master’ sponsor or two to step forward and sponsor all of the cities or a selection of them. it should be noted that these are not really money-making exercises for us. we learn from them, you learn from them, everyone gets value. 7 8 9Q&A 2014 // sideraworks llc // ?
  12. 12. how do we pay you? that varies depending upon how you choose to raise the funds. you can use a crowd funding site and have the funds deposited directly to us (paypal / stripe / etc). Or you can pay us directly in a lump sum via check or credit card. do i have to handle travel arrangements? in most cases no. we will book our own travel. in certain cases where a sponsor is involved (a hotel chain for example.) we will work with you to use those accommodations to minimize expenses where appropriate What other things should i be thinking of? stop thinking and just contact us at 10 11 12 Q&A 2014 // sideraworks llc // ? Do You have an Example? Sure, here’s one example of how st. Louis approached it. x/1630474 13