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Project Management vs Project intelligence


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Why agile teams need project intelligenece more than ever.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Project Management vs Project intelligence

  1. 1. #toolsforagileProject VS ProjectManagement Intelligence THE SHOWDOWN BEGINS @toolsforagile
  2. 2. #toolsforagileWhat the HECK is Project Management? @toolsforagile
  3. 3. #toolsforagileTracking? @toolsforagile
  4. 4. #toolsforagileMonitoring? @toolsforagile
  5. 5. #toolsforagileMeasuring? @toolsforagile
  6. 6. #toolsforagileProject management is to make sure youdont screw up @toolsforagile
  7. 7. #toolsforagileBut what about doing the right things? @toolsforagile
  8. 8. #toolsforagileGet introduced to Project Intelligence @toolsforagile
  9. 9. #toolsforagileUnderstanding the way you work isproject intelligence The kanban board is a visualisation of the current work in progress. It allows the team to understand the impact of their choices and self organise towards making the right decisions.Screenshot from the Tools For Agile suite @toolsforagile
  10. 10. #toolsforagileUnderstanding what youre building isproject intelligence The story map visualises the project scope in a way that stakeholders understand the big picture of the initiative or portfolio. Parking lot diagrams overlay the story map to visualizeScreenshot from the Tools For Agile suite progress in the context of the overall initiative. @toolsforagile
  11. 11. #toolsforagileUnderstanding the system - and how youcan improve - is project intelligence The cumulative flow graph visualises the flow of work through a system, allowing you to identify and eliminate bottlenecks across the entire system.Screenshot from the Tools For Agile suite @toolsforagile
  12. 12. #toolsforagileThe key to project intelligence isvisualisation Humans process shapes, colours and patterns better than dry tables of data. Visualisation is an act of sensemaking, and promotes learning and understanding.Screenshots from the Tools For Agile suite @toolsforagile
  13. 13. #toolsforagileThere are A LOT of scrum and kanbanproject management tools out there @toolsforagile
  14. 14. #toolsforagileBut there is only one project intelligencetool vendor in the market Project intelligence for ● Scrum teams ● Kanban teams ●Lean product and portfolio management. @toolsforagile
  15. 15. #toolsforagile Tools For Agile Project Intelligence for youRequest a trial at @toolsforagile