Advanced Kanban Boards


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Slides from the July Tools For Agile Webinar on Advanced Kanban Board Patterns -

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Advanced Kanban Boards

  1. 1. #enterprisekanban Advanced Kanban Boards Siddharta Govindaraj @toolsforagile
  2. 2. #enterprisekanbanThis webinar is being recordedSlides will be made availableUse #enterprisekanban to tag your tweets @toolsforagile
  3. 3. #enterprisekanban Siddharta Govindaraj Director, Silver Stripe Software Pvt Ltd Email: Twitter: @toolsforagile
  4. 4. #enterprisekanban Siddharta Govindaraj 6 years of experience with Agile, Scrum and Lean Organiser of the Chennai Agile User Group Nominated for the Brickell Key award in 2011 Speaker at - Lean Systems And Software Conference, Long Beach 2011 - Lean Systems And Software Conference, Atlanta 2010 - AgileNCR 2010 - Agile India Bangalore - NASSCOM Friday 2.0 - Symphony Agile @toolsforagile
  5. 5. #enterprisekanban Silver Catalyst Online electronic boards for Scrum and Kanban Silver Stories Online user story mapping and enterprise kanban @toolsforagile
  6. 6. #enterprisekanbanBasic FlowMotivation: You want to improve visibility of alinear flow @toolsforagile
  7. 7. #enterprisekanbanBasic Flow @toolsforagile
  8. 8. #enterprisekanbanDoing-DoneMotivation: Team members need an easy way toidentify which work items are ready to be pulled @toolsforagile
  9. 9. #enterprisekanbanDoing-Done @toolsforagile
  10. 10. #enterprisekanbanInterruption LaneMotivation: The team is faced with interruptionsas they work on other work items @toolsforagile
  11. 11. #enterprisekanbanInterruption Lane @toolsforagile
  12. 12. #enterprisekanbanPlanned/Unplanned SectionsMotivation: The team works on both planned andunplanned work items @toolsforagile
  13. 13. #enterprisekanbanPlanned/Unplanned Sections @toolsforagile
  14. 14. #enterprisekanbanScheduled WorkMotivation: Some work items need to be picked upon specific dates @toolsforagile
  15. 15. #enterprisekanbanScheduled Work @toolsforagile
  16. 16. #enterprisekanbanDiscrete StepsMotivation: Some steps in the workflow arecomposed of smaller steps @toolsforagile
  17. 17. #enterprisekanbanDiscrete Steps @toolsforagile
  18. 18. #enterprisekanbanMultiple FlowsMotivation: Different work items go throughdifferent workflows @toolsforagile
  19. 19. #enterprisekanbanMultiple Flows @toolsforagile
  20. 20. #enterprisekanbanParallel WorkMotivation: Different aspects of a work item areworked on simultaneously @toolsforagile
  21. 21. #enterprisekanbanParallel Work @toolsforagile
  22. 22. #enterprisekanbanTeam Member SpacesMotivation: Limit work per-team member and getmore visibility on what each person is working on @toolsforagile
  23. 23. #enterprisekanbanTeam Member Spaces @toolsforagile
  24. 24. #enterprisekanbanTwo Tier KanbanMotivation: There is a need to break down workitems into smaller parts in certain parts of the flow @toolsforagile
  25. 25. #enterprisekanbanTwo Tier Kanban @toolsforagile
  26. 26. #enterprisekanbanInput QueuesMotivation: Teams need to choose betweendifferent types of work @toolsforagile
  27. 27. #enterprisekanbanInput Queues @toolsforagile
  28. 28. #enterprisekanbanHolding SpaceMotivation: There is a need to track work itemsthat have been handed off to other teams or arewaiting on third parties @toolsforagile
  29. 29. #enterprisekanbanHolding Space @toolsforagile
  30. 30. #enterprisekanbanCONWIPMotivation: The team should not get overloaded @toolsforagile
  31. 31. #enterprisekanbanCONWIP @toolsforagile
  32. 32. #enterprisekanbanExamples @toolsforagile
  33. 33. #enterprisekanbanCombining PatternsMemes for Work Visualization in Kanban Boards- Alisson Vale @toolsforagile
  34. 34. #enterprisekanbanVisualise Patterns @toolsforagile
  35. 35. #enterprisekanbanVisualise Flow @toolsforagile
  36. 36. #enterprisekanbanIn SummaryBoards can be composed of patterns that solvecommon workflow situationsNot every column need to correspond to workflowsteps – the idea is visualisation, not modelingDont over engineer the board :) @toolsforagile
  37. 37. #enterprisekanban Questions? Director, Silver Stripe Software Pvt Ltd Email: Twitter: @toolsforagile