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Permanent Address: Courtpara, Ward No-4, Arambagh, Hooghly, WEST-BENGAL, INDIA(Pin-712601)
E-mail ID- siddh...
LABORATORY ENGINEER - INDIA - April 2012 to November 2013.
Job responsibilities:
 Successfully Designed ...
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  1. 1. SIDDHARTHA RAY Permanent Address: Courtpara, Ward No-4, Arambagh, Hooghly, WEST-BENGAL, INDIA(Pin-712601) E-mail ID- Contact No: +91 7602444112 OBJECTIVE: Secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my technical and management skills to the organization that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. . KEY SKILL  Extensive knowledge in Engineering Techniques and practices in Drilling & workover operation.  Expertise in oil & gas project management & provide administrative support.  Strong Knowledge in Directional drilling technology & various positive displacement motors.  Experienced in Cement slurry and hydro fracturing fluid designing.  Field experience in different cementing techniques like Conventional, Multi stage, plug & squeeze.  Experienced in drilling engineering calculation like ECD, Casing Shoe pressure, preparation of kill sheet, etc.  Well understanding of designing BHA to maximize Drilling rate & bit life.  Basic Knowledge about oil & gas well testing methods, Tools & data acquisition.  Well versed in LWD and MWD downhole tools &technologies, working method and data acquisition & analysis.  Field experience in Cased hole fishing & Milling operation. Worked with various cased hole fishing tools.  Strong understanding about wireline logging operation( Electrical, GR, SP, Sonic etc), data acquisition and interpretation  Field Experience in working with various mechanical and hydraulic system. Ability to understand mechanical Drawing & Electrical schematics.  Comprehensive technical report writing ability & presentation skill.  Proficient in using Advance MS office.  Strong Organizational, communication and time management skills.  Ability to accommodate flexible work schedule. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: KINGSTON OILFIELD SERVICES: Currently working a “Project Coordinator” in Durgapur INDIA from February 2014 to till Date Job Responsibilities:  Responsible for maintain the daily operation in site as per plan Coordinative with client & take action in variation.  Troubleshoot any operational problem arises during operation any make sure operation continue.  Preparation & correction of monthly invoice from the daily operation report.  Responsible for timely submission of workover daily report, Well completion report, performance and job quality Report, safety inspection of rig and preventive maintenance report to the operator and management.  Handling Rig maintenance issues like check hydraulics, Rig engine condition, Mud pump condition, BOP Testing.  Maintain and follow safety standard during operation and provide LTI free workplace.  Supervising interlocation movement of the rig and other equipment and ensure the safety protocol has been followed.  Arranging tools and tackle require for the operation.  Provide Logistics support to the operation & maintain inventory up to date.  Tracked budget and expenditure for draft informative reports for the management.
  2. 2. BAKER HUGHES Inc LABORATORY ENGINEER - INDIA - April 2012 to November 2013. Job responsibilities:  Successfully Designed & Tested different types of cement slurry for Vertical ,Horizontal, CBM well and Deepwater HPHT well.  Experience in designing of primary and remedial cementing job of more than 30 wells with cement slurries Ranging from 11ppg light weight to 18 ppg heavy weight.  Experienced in various cement additives handling and use of it in economical manner.  Testing of drilling Mud.  Experienced in designing, Testing and field application of Hydro frac fluid for different types of formation both Onshore and offshore.  Several field experience in cementing operation like Pump line up, manifold setting, mix fluid preparation etc.  Successfully designed various types of spacer and preflush.  Experienced in conducting of compatibility test for mud spacer and cement.  Part of R& D team which develops new types of cost effective cement slurry and hydro frac fluid system for Different types of formation.  Prepare post job testing report by calculating water required, plastic viscosity, yield etc. by using BHI cemfac Software.  Testing and quality control analysis of various Proppant sand used in Hydro frac.  Maintenance, troubleshoot and calibration different lab equipment like consistometer, gas flow tester etc.  Maintain and follow API Standard in Lab & provide high quality service. GTC OIL FIELD SERVICES PVT LTD: PETROLEUM ENGINEER –Ahmedabad (INDIA)- September 2010 to March 2012, Job responsibilities:  Provided on site supervision to monitor and execute drilling & workover program & inform client.  Experienced in working with Caterpillar & Cummins engine & triplex Mud pump.  Successfully run and installed different types of Artificial lift system like ESP, GLV etc & other downhole tool  Experienced in Well head & X-Mass tree installation.  Provided full technical support in resolving the problems in the drilling equipment as well as in respect of the Drilling program and well control situation.  Successfully run different types of completion strings with TCP guns.  Manage site operating expenditure and maintain it within the budget.  Giving technical specification of the material to be purchased & follow up with the purchase department for Timely delivery of the material.  Prepare daily operation report, Preventive maintenance report, safety inspection report etc.  Acted as a Safety Leader ensuring the ongoing identification of hazards and the implementation of controls to manage the associated risks. EDUCATION: B. Tech - PETROL.EUM ENGINEERING (2005- 2009) ANNA UNIVERSITY, INDIA