Shine company parichay social media hiring concept


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Shine company parichay social media hiring concept

  1. 1. Introducing Shine MyParichayA combined single window offering that brings India’s largestpool of (Active)Job Seekers and (Passive)Professionals.We help you to stay ahead of your competition in talentacquisition space by pipelining, targeting, branding and engagingcandidates with your organization’s jobs and employerbranding elements.Job Seekers = Active profiles available on all Job portalsProfessionals = Those present on Social Media and in the Employment age band
  2. 2. Company Parichay
  3. 3. brings 1.1 Cr candidates ofwhich half are ‘Active’....and their friends
  5. 5. Top 3 Reasons To Use Social Bar™ onShine.com1. Seamlessly tap into the friends andprofessional network of the candidate whilethe candidate is on Shine.com2. Make EVERY Candidate a Recruiter andScreener for your company.– MyParichay tracks, monitors, informs and incentscandidates thru an Extended Referral System™3. Search and contact other qualified talent onthe candidates social network .
  6. 6. Networking and Referral Incentive
  7. 7. Facebook Page Career TABFacebook Page becomes apowerful tool for1. Building Talent Communitythru Likes2. Allow candidates to searchfor jobs and Apply OR3. Refer friends4. And find connections to GetReferred5. Socialize Jobs and share onFB Linked In and Twitter
  8. 8. MY PARICHAY SOCIAL BAR – to drive external referral
  9. 9. Driving Referral through Reward ProgrammeReward Programme will be run by
  10. 10. Exclusive Facebook Page – Powering JobsLinking Jobs Tab
  11. 11. Recruiter View of Direct and Referral Applications
  12. 12. Increasing Engagement and Generating “Likes”With an objectiveto generate 10,000likes in 60 days
  13. 13. Thank You