Cisco launching asr 1000 series router using social media


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Cisco launching asr 1000 series router using social media

  1. 1. Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Networking
  2. 2. CISCO – Founded in 1984- World wide leader in networking for the Internet CISCO – March 2008- ASR(Aggregation services Router) 1000 Series Edge Router Visually – Virtually- Virally Digital Marketing:  Web 2 applications  Social Media Networking
  3. 3. Market Place Trends  Rising demand for edge Handling  Survey 2007- 70 percent of corporations expected to increase the bandwidth  43 percent expecting an increase of more than 20 percent in next 24 months
  4. 4.  Video Sharing site You tube accounted for almost 10 percent of all internet traffic  Five of the Top 10 websites were Social networks  More than 100 million blog were in existence  120000 new blogs were being launched every day  1.5 million postings were being made to blogs every day Reasons for Selecting Digital Marketing
  5. 5. Digital Tactics for ASR 1000 Router Launch  Microsite for Uber Users - Launched teaser message – Network would get “ Better for Everyone”  Videos - You tube , Yahoo, Google video  Facebook community - Feb 27, 2008 attracted – 547 Users  Interactive web tools -Price comparison, Environmental Calculator  Edge quest 3D Game - Online game to attract IT professionals  CISCO Blogs and Forums - Viral pick of Messages
  6. 6. Measuring success Cisco relates the overall success of a project by measuring three specific areas 1. Operational Success 2. Mission Success 3. Technology Success
  7. 7. Operational Success •Only 1/6th of the traditional cost •Saved more than $100,000 •No travel •Saved 42000 gallons of gas •Saved carbon emission equal to 188 tons •Marketing expense decreased by $120 million in 2009 compared to 2008
  8. 8. Mission Success Mission:- To build a sustainable relationship with the customer, by reaching everywhere the customers are there on the web and having a two way interactive dialogue and creating organic content. • Edge Quest Game:- 40,000 participants • 2500+ Video Views • Facebook community and 500+ likes • 1000+ blogposts • 40 million online impressions • Leading Lights award for Best Marketing Traditional launch method 100+ audience Social media Launch 9000 people from 128 countries, 90 times more attendees than in the past Industry and financial Broader, more tech savvy press/analysts and service and included consumers providers
  9. 9. Technological success • Just 3 month process • Saved $120 million in the following year • Reached remote users from 128 different countries • Changed the entire outlook of product marketing
  10. 10. 22 external Infographics of Current Trends 475000 views/quarter 108 2 million Cisco feeds 100,000+ fans 79 groups followers
  11. 11. 300+ channels 2000+ videos 4 million views 150000 50+ events 300+ photos 400000 views visitors
  12. 12. Y digital media? Social media have become one of the most important trends in media evolution • Video sharing site- accounted for 10%of all internet traffic • 5 out of top ten websites were social networks • >100million blogs were in existence • 120000- new blogs launched everyday • 1.5 million postings- made to blogs everyday
  13. 13. Philosophical shift in approach to marketing in web 2.0 • One way communication to 2 way • From launch events to building sustained relationships with customers • From building websites to building communities • From advertising as interruption to advertising as integration with the viewers context • From market generated content to organic generated content • From being in your domain to being everywhere your customers were on web
  14. 14. Goals of the launch • Increase in awareness and interest in Cisco ASR 1000series • Create a cool factor, show fun and human side • Deliver an online-only launch that would build and sustain over time • Increase Cisco’s share of voice online
  15. 15. SLOGAN- Virtually Visually Virally Promotion Through videos, social networking, gaming Drawback what about the traditional viewers?? Are they loosing some customers??? These are new ways of marketing.. What if they fail??
  16. 16. Tactics • Teaser videos- drawback: will it offend some community?? • Social media widget • Facebook group • Edge quest 3-D game • virtual world- Second Life • Total cost of ownership calculator • Discussion groups: Ask the expert
  17. 17. Advertising tactic Reach Microsite for uber users Videos- YouTube, Google, yahoo 2000views Social media release Include media widget, face book- >1300 hits on Google Media widget: small applications designed to provide quick access to specific content that could be easily embedded onto sites and blogs Video widget is viewed 35000 times within a month of its release Face book community 546 users Edge quest 3-D game >40000 participated in the game Second life presence >1000 Cisco employees are there in second life, so it will be able to target technical audience it needed
  18. 18. Other tactics • Cost of ownership calculator • Cisco blogs • Online launch event: it launched ASR1000 series online-live event broadcast, all tactics are done prior to launch to improve the number of attending people
  19. 19. Which tactic is apt? • As Cisco’s main target is IT professionals, we think edge quest 3-D game is apt and it reached many people, nearly 40000 participated in the game- reach is high • Through this game interaction with customers increased and it’s a unique way to market the product and it even reveals the benefits of products
  20. 20. 1) Breach of the organization's security as the result of an attack originating through the use of social media 2) Potential legal risk associated with social engineering and spoofing attacks against users or "fans" of an organization's social media presence 3) Legal consequences of leakage of third party confidential information as a result of social media use.
  21. 21. Thank You