Bookworm Quiz 2014- finals


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This is the second edition of the bookworm quiz.
Organized by the Gk club of Loyola School Jamshedpur.

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Bookworm Quiz 2014- finals

  1. 1. The Bookworm Quiz
  2. 2. Round 1 “BOOKWORM”
  3. 3. Rules • The word “Bookworm” has 8 letters. • Chose any 1. The answer to the corresponding question starts with the same letter. • Direct: +15 • Pass: +10 • No negative marking.
  4. 4. B O O K W O R M
  5. 5. B This is the family tree of X. Identify him.
  6. 6. Answer: Bilbo Baggins
  7. 7. O X is a large and hideous looking fictional creature, whose name is derived from the last biblical giant. In children’s novels, X first made it’s appearance in Charles Perrault’s Puss in Boots. It later began to appear in hundreds of story books, including some famous ones like Jack and the Beanstalk. Identify X.
  8. 8. Answer: Ogres
  9. 9. O This famous author has been switching jobs for a long time. In 1931, he began working at the First National Bank of Austria as a teller and a bookeeper. This bank was operated informally and he was apparently careless in keeping books and may have embezzled funds. In 1894, he was accused by the bank of embezzlement and lost his job. A federal indictment followed and he was arrested on charges of embezzlement. It was during his tenure in jail that he met a prison guard whose name he later adopted as his pseudonym. Name the author.
  10. 10. Answer:
  11. 11. K The Rudyard Kipling book was first published serially in McClure’s Magazines and Casell’s Magazine in 1901. The protagonist’s name is also the name of the book. The protagonist is th orphaned son of an Irish soldier and a poor Irish mother who both have died in poverty. He befriends an aged Tibetan Lama who is on a quest to free himself from the wheels of things by finding the legendary river of the Arrow. This boy becomes his chela or disciple and accompanies him in his journey .The rest of the story is about this journey. In 2003 this book was listed on BBC’s The Big Read Poll of the UK’s “best loved novel”. Identify the novel
  12. 12. Answer:
  13. 13. W This person possesses quite a few weapons, including the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and, in some stories, an invisible airplane. The alter ego of this person is ‘Diana Prince’. Who am I talking about?
  14. 14. Answer: Wonder woman
  15. 15. O The story begins with Roderigo, a rich and dissolute gentleman, complaining to Iago, an ensign, that Iago has not told him about the secret marriage between Desdemona, the daughter of a Senator named Brabantio, and X, a Moorish general in the Venetian army. He is upset by this development because he loves Desdemona and had previously asked her father for her hand in marriage. Identify X.
  16. 16. Answer: Othello
  17. 17. R This novel was written by Daniel Defoe in 1719. As was the procedure in those days, this novel had a ridiculously long name: “The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of X, Of York, Mariner: Who lived Eight and Twenty Years, all alone in an un-inhabited Island on the Coast of America, near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque; Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Men perished but himself. With An Account how he was at last as strangely deliver'd by Pyrates”. Identify X.
  18. 18. Answer: Robinson Crusoe
  19. 19. M In the Oxford Dictionary, this word is defined as “A person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill”. The Urban Dictionary defines it as a colloquial term for marijuana. It has, however, an entirely different meaning in the world of fantasy. Which word am I talking about?
  20. 20. Answer: Muggles
  22. 22. RULES • A Simple Buzzer round. • Minimal Posters appear on screen, +10 for a right answer and -10 for a wrong answer.
  23. 23. Q1.Q1.
  25. 25. Q2.Q2.
  27. 27. Q3.Q3.
  29. 29. Q4.Q4.
  31. 31. Q5Q5
  33. 33. Q6Q6
  35. 35. Q7.Q7.
  37. 37. Scores After the first two rounds
  38. 38. Rectilinear Propagation Round 3
  39. 39. RULESRULES • A direct round • +10 on a direct answer • +5 on a pass • First 6 would be Clockwise and the next 6 anticlockwise
  40. 40. CLOCKWISE ---->
  41. 41. Q1. Whose Autobiography ?
  42. 42. Answer
  43. 43. Q2. • As a teenager X wanted to become a writer. Upon telling his mother this she responded with “My dear your father is an engineer a logical, a reasonable man with a clear vision of this world .Do you actually know what it means to be a writer ?”. After researching X concluded that a writer “always wears glasses and never combs his hair” and has a “duty and obligation never to be understood by his generation”, amongst other things. • Between the ages of 16-20 he was committed in a mental asylum from where he ran away 3times. • His book revolves around the themes of self-improvement, spirituality and personal growth. • Identify the author
  44. 44. Q3 • The book X looks at a futuristic American society where books are banned. It is named X after the temperature at which paper catches fire. The book burnings during the Nazi regime is said to have inspired the author into writing this book. • Id the book.
  45. 45. Fahrenheit 451
  46. 46. Q4. • What am I talking about? • House Baratheon - Ours is the Fury • House Greyjoy - We Do Not Sow • House X - Hear Me Roar! • House Stark - Winter is Coming • House Tully - Family, Duty, Honor • House Piper - Brave and Beautiful
  47. 47. House mottos in Game of Thrones X= Lannister
  48. 48. Q5) • Identify the comics
  49. 49. 6. Who’s the Author of these books? • Break with a Banshee • Gadding with Ghouls • Holidays with Hags • Marauding with Monsters • Travels with Trolls • Voyages with Vampires • Wanderings with Werewolves • Who Am I? • Dancing with the Wailing Widow
  50. 50. Gilderoy Lockhart
  51. 51. ANTICLOCKWISE <---
  52. 52. Q7. Identify this novel on which an Oscar winning movie is based.
  53. 53. Q8.Identify the author of the book
  54. 54. Answer- LINUX TORVALDS
  55. 55. Q8 • Described as “one of the most sinister Disney villains”, whose character is being portrayed by Angelina Jolie.
  56. 56. Answer
  57. 57. Q9.What is this ?
  58. 58. Answer • Sirius Black’s family tree
  59. 59. Q10. • Which celebrity’s biography is entitled ‘First step 2 Forever: My Story’? • On the back cover of this book it is written “My family tells me to always be thankful. So thank you. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. I see you from the stage; now you can see me as I really am. This is how my world changed so much, so fast thanks to your undying support. This is me….and it is just the ‘First Step 2 Forever’.”
  60. 60. ANSWER
  61. 61. Q11. One of the most famous people of all time, this author wrote just the 6 poems. Name him. • Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? • Sonnet 116 • The Rape of Lucrece • A Lover's Complaint • Sonnet 130 • Sonnet 1
  62. 62. Answer:- William Shakespeare
  63. 63. Q12. Identify the author ?
  65. 65. Audience. Why is this swimming pool a tourist spot ?
  66. 66. Answer • This is the swimming pool in Puducherry, from where the myth about the origin of name “Pi Patel “ has come.
  67. 67. Audience. Identify this villain
  68. 68. Answer
  69. 69. Audience- Which recent bollywood movie is inspired from this book ?
  70. 70. Connect Round 4
  71. 71. RULES • Pictures appear on screen you need to tell me the connect between them. • Buzzer round • +10 if you give me the connect and +5 for explanation. Each question has a value of 15 points. • -10 for a wrong answer
  72. 72. Q1Q1
  73. 73. ANSWER
  74. 74. Q2
  75. 75. ANSWER
  76. 76. • CONNECT ? Q3Q3
  77. 77. ANSWER
  78. 78. Q4.
  79. 79. ANSWER
  80. 80. Q5.
  81. 81. Answer- BOND JAMES BOND
  82. 82. Q6.
  83. 83. Answer- Enid Blyton
  84. 84. Q7. What are these ?
  86. 86. Q8. AUDIENCE
  87. 87. Answer
  88. 88. Scores After the four rounds of quizzing
  89. 89. ROUND 5 Boomerang
  90. 90. ROUND 6 Google Doodles
  91. 91. Rules 1. A simple buzzer round. 2. +10 if you get it right and -10 if you get it wrong. 3. Identify the author or the character on whom the doodle is based
  92. 92. Q1.Identify the author
  93. 93. Answer-JULES VERNE
  94. 94. Q2.Identify the character
  95. 95. Answer
  96. 96. Q3. Identify the AUTHOR
  97. 97. Answer- BRAM STROKER
  98. 98. Q4.Identify the book or the author
  99. 99. Answer-DOUGLAS ADAMS who wrote the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.
  100. 100. Q5. Identify the AUTHOR
  101. 101. Answer- OSCAR WILDE
  102. 102. Q6. Identify the AUTHOR
  103. 103. Answer :- MARK TWAIN
  104. 104. Audience
  105. 105. Answer- Agatha Christie
  106. 106. Clues Round 7
  107. 107. Scores After 6 rounds
  108. 108. RULES • A direct round. • Clues appear one by one, +15 if you get it right on the first clue. +10 on the second and +5 on the third. • If the team is not able to answer after the third clue then the question passes clockwise. • +5 for a passed question
  109. 109. Q1. • A statue of one of the characters created by him sits on a rock in the Copenhagen harbor in Langelinie. This small and unimposing statue is a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction.
  110. 110. Clue 2 • The 2013 Walt Disney movie “FROZEN” is based on his fairy tale “The Snow Queen”
  111. 111. Clue 3 • April 2, his birthday, is celebrated as International Children's Book Day.
  113. 113. Q2 At age sixteen, he released his first substantial poems under a pseudonym which in English means "Sun Lion“.
  114. 114. Clue 2 • He despised rote classroom schooling which he called the "The Parrot's Training", a bird is caged and force-fed textbook pages—to death. So, he visiting Santa Barbara, conceived a new type of university and named it Santiniketan.
  115. 115. Clue 3 • He is the only person in the world who has written the national anthem of two countries.
  116. 116. Answer- RABINDRANATH TAGORE
  117. 117. Q3 • While at Oxford, He volunteered to spy on the French for the German secret service, and wrote for the notoriously Right-wing and anti- Semitic journal The Patriot.
  118. 118. Clue 2 • A 4 day International Festival takes place in the writer's home town of Berkhamsted (England) on dates as close as possible to the anniversary of his birth (2 October).
  119. 119. Clue 3 •He was the person who helped R K Narayan publish his most famous book Swami And His Friends.
  120. 120. Answer- GRAHAM GREENE
  121. 121. Q4. • He is notable for his depiction of the lives of the poorer castes in traditional Indian society. Hence, he is referred to as the “Charles Dickens of India.” Q4.
  122. 122. • His first book, The Untouchables, was inspired by his aunt's experience when she had a meal with a Muslim woman and was treated as an outcast by his family. It depicts a day in the life of Bakha, a young "sweeper", who is "untouchable" due to his work cleaning latrines.
  123. 123. • His famous work, Morning Face, has won him the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1971.
  124. 124. Answer- MULK RAJ ANAND
  125. 125. Q5. •Established in 1954, the award comprises a plaque and a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.
  126. 126. • The 2013 award was presented in mid-2014. Among the winners is a Rajya Sabha MP, for his work of poetry in Urdu titled "Lava".
  127. 127. • It is also known as India's National Academy of Letters.
  129. 129. Q5. • This book has been challenged for content dealing with sexually explicit situations. Two teachers at Depew High School near Buffalo, New York, used the book for eleventh grade instruction. A letter was sent to parents advising the book contained controversial content.
  130. 130. Clue 2 • Chip Martin, Takumi Hikohito, Lara Buterskaya and Mr. Starnes are the main characters of this book.
  131. 131. Clue 3 • This is John Green’s first novel which won the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library Association.
  132. 132. Answer- LOOKING FOR ALASKA
  133. 133. The Finale Round 8
  134. 134. Rules! • 10 questions on the buzzer. • A game-changing 150 points at stake. • +15/-10
  135. 135. 1. Lord Tywin (father) Ser Jaime (brother) Cersei (sister) Ser Kevan (uncle) Joffrey Baratheon (nephew) Tommen Baratheon (nephew) Myrcella Baratheon (niece) Who am I talking about?
  136. 136. Answer: Tyrion Lannister
  137. 137. 2. Written by Jeff Kinney, the series comprises of 9 books. The names of the 2nd to 9th books are Rodrick Rules, The Last Straw, Dog Days, The Ugly Truth, Cabin Fever, The Third Wheel, Hard Luck and The Long Haul. Name the first book of the series.
  138. 138. Answer: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  139. 139. 3. What’s this?
  140. 140. Answer: Spiderman’s web shooter
  141. 141. 4. Written by David Morrell in 1972, the protagonist of this book is X, a Vietnam War veteran. He is being hunted down by Captain Sam Trautman and Sheriff Teasle. This book was later adapted into a 1982 movie starring Sylvester Stallone. Which book am I talking about?
  142. 142. Answer: First Blood
  143. 143. 5. First copy of which book?
  144. 144. Answer: 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  145. 145. 6. Jack Canfield founded the Self Esteem group. This group aims at improving a persons respect for one’s self. The author implemented a few ideas from this group into his series of books which is also based on this concept. Name the series.
  146. 146. Answer: Chicken Soup
  147. 147. 7. This is the symbol of Cirth no. 19 ‘G’, the trademark of a certain wizard of the Istari order. Name him.
  148. 148. Answer: Gandalf
  149. 149. 8. XKCD parody of which famous short story?
  150. 150. Answer: The Gift of the Magi
  151. 151. 9. X was the penname adopted by a certain author. X was, incidentally, also the name of the cupbearer in Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. Thus, references to the Rubaiyat is made in many of X’s stories, the “Reginald on Christmas Presents” in particular. Identify X.
  152. 152. Answer: Saki
  153. 153. 10. Name the book.
  154. 154. Answer: The Prestige
  155. 155. Scores
  156. 156. TIE BREAKERS
  157. 157. Tie Breaker 1 • This particular fictional character was originally depicted as suffering from a form of arithmomania. • The best way to ward them off was to spill salt or seeds over them. This creature would den fall under a compulsion to count each grain of salt or the number of seeds. • Identify this character
  158. 158. Answer- VAMPIRES
  159. 159. What is this ?
  160. 160. Answer • Tripods or fighting-machines from the H. G. Wells' classic novel The War of the Worlds .